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I saw her on the dancefloor - blonde, petite and wearing sunglasses with blue lenses. She was a goddess and in my drunken state I was just standing there, staring at her.

Eventually she saw me and smiled at me. My heart skipped a beat and I felt the blood rushing to my groin. I indicated that I liked her sunglasses via a succession of gestures & she smiled again.

Then to my surprise, she started coming my way. Before I knew what was heppening, she was right next to me and started dancing with me.

God she was gorgeous.Blonde hair in bangs over her face, those amazing shades. A tight shirt that displayed her small, round breasts perfectly and tight, tight jeans that revealed a perfect ass.

She was looking at me as we danced, a half-smile playing across her lips. She then turned around and began to grind that ass against me. I was hard instantly, as she moved. She leant hard against me, twisting her head and throwing her arms around me neck. I lowered my head so that our lips brushed. The way she moved so expertly sensual, I guessed she must be a dancer or stripper and couldn't believe my luck that she had picked me out.

"Come with me," she shouted into my ear before grabbing my hand & leading me towards the exit.
I just stared at her fantastic body as we pushed through the crowd, trying to keep close to her so my erection wasn't too obvious.

We finally stepped outside into the club carpark, she lead me past some dumpsters into a sort of alley/alcove that was pretty dark. Before I could say a word, we were kissing, her hands pawing my pants to release my rampant cock.
"God, you're gorgeous," I moaned as I felt her cool hand wrap around my shaft. I tried to put a hand on her breast but she was already dropping to her knees.
"Thanks," she giggled, "now you stand there and fuck my face"

With that she began sucking my cock, her hands cupping my ass to force me deeper into her throat.
"Aaah," she groaned as she released me, sticky ropes of spit dropping from her lips and my dick.
"Cum for me stud" she whispered, jerking my cock off into her mouth.
I could hold back no longer and staring into her eyes and those awesome shades, I groaned and shot my load into her accepting mouth. She smiled at me & swallowed, before delivering a quick peck to my dickhead & tucking me back into my pants and zipping me up. I jumped down to kiss her but she turned her head so I sort of slobbered on her cheek.
"I'll catch up with you later" she said before walking back inside leaving me reeling in the parking lot.
Obviously I never saw her again.
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