Quick and Dirty No. 3
Log entry 655.4 - Came out of deep sleep. Ran checklist. All crew members' vitals are within normal parameters.

Log entry 655.9 - Found unusual growth on my penis during decon procedure. Could not remove it without pain. It seems to be some kind of parasitic life form. Continuing to study.

Log entry 656.5 - Awoke to find startling growth of parasite. My genitals are completely covered. Attempts to remove it cause excruciating pain. It seems to be drugging me with some kind of calm inducing substance because when I leave it alone, I am overcome with a sense of peace and well-being.

Log entry 658.2 - Can barely type. Parasite has induced continuous orgasmic state. Parasite seems to feed on my semen. Physical state weakening.

Log entry 669.7 - Life form controls me now. It releases me from orgasmic state only long enough for me to eat and take care of minimal ship maintenance. My addiction is all consuming. Must finish its chores to please it.

Log entry 675.1 - Finished shutting down life support for rest of crew. Conserving ship's energy for new, longer journey. Course plotted. Ah... Yes... Ohhhhhh...... Yessss...

Log entry 684.9 - Setting auto-open sequence for deep sleep pod. I wonder if I'll be aware of this constant orgasm while in deep sleep. I'm so afraid.

Log entry 32467.0 - Awoke on schedule. Pod barely contained us both. Upon fully waking, she disengaged from my cock and climbed out. She appears to be a fully formed, completely normal adult human female.

Log entry 32468.2 - I no longer have continuous orgasm but frequent couplings with her make up for it in terms of intensity. She still seems to need my body as a kind of host for sustenance. Somehow, our long pairing bonded us and I feel completely controlled by her. She can cause me to have an erection through some kind of mental connection. That's when I know she needs me.
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