Our eyes met over his girlfriend's head and I gave him a look that said he could have me as soon he could slip away from her. We'd been flirting with our eyes all night, slowly looking each other up and down and I knew he wanted me as badly as I wanted him. His eyes darted towards the corridor, telling me where to meet him when he slipped away from her. As I left the bar I stopped and looked
back over my shoulder, making sure he was watching as I strutted out, I knew my ass looked great in my short black dress and I wanted him to enjoy the sight.

I was barely out of the room before he followed. His eyes moved down my body as he passed me, taking my hand as he did so and pulling me after him. We didn't go far, just round a bend in the corridor. It was far from private; anyone could come by at any second. He pushed me back against the wall, pushing my ankles apart with his foot before moving in close to kiss me hard on the mouth. His tongue lapped at mine as he probed my mouth. I felt the effect of the
kiss between my legs, my body reacting to his thrusting tongue, his taste, his smell. The feel of his body pressed up against me was making me unbelievably wet. He pulled back from the kiss and his hands moved to the buttons on the front of my dress. Slowly he slipped the top one open, then pulled the material of my dress aside, admiring the extra cleavage on display. He repeated this all the way down, slipping each button open then opening more of my dress,
exposing me slowly and drinking in the sight. The feel of the cool air on my skin was thrilling. And so was knowing that anyone could come round the corner and see me like this. I knew the skimpy black lace bra and panties I was wrapped in didn't hide much and the look on his face told me he liked what he saw through them. He held my dress open and leaned in to kiss me again, pushing his tongue
hard into my mouth before stepping back to admire me again. I reached out to touch him but he pushed my hands back against the wall, pinning them above my head with one of his. He reached out and un-clipped the clasp between my breasts, letting my bra fall away to release my full tits with one quick bounce. He drank in the sight of me topless, in my little lace panties, leaning back against the wall. I freed a hand from his grip and slipped my first two fingers into my mouth and wet them, then reached down and slid them inside the lace of my panties.

I was already swollen and wet, needing to be touched. I started to touch myself, making circles on my clit with my fingers, teasing myself slowly.
I could see his erection bulging in his trousers as he watched me. He dropped to his knees in front of me and tugged my panties a few inches down my legs, pausing to get his first full look at what was underneath them. I carried on touching myself as he moved in for a closer look and slid my panties
the rest of the way down my smooth legs. He lifted my ankles one after the other, sliding the lace carefully down the 5 inches of my heels. Now I was completely exposed for him to enjoy-and anyone else that happened to peek around the corner. He lifted my panties to his face and took a deep breath, drinking in the scent of the now soaking wet lace. Then he balled them up and put them in his pocket to take with him when he was finished with me. Moving in closer, he lifted my left ankle and placed it on his shoulder, bringing his mouth in close
to my hot damp skin. I could feel the heat of his breath on my now soaking wet pussy. I held my lips open for him with the fingers I'd just been masturbating with and in a moment I felt his hot mouth touch me and his tongue began to work on my throbbing clit. I moaned loudly. He was driving me wild, circling my wet clit with his tongue. He slipped two fingertips inside me and my knees started to buckle. I was impaled on his fingers, on his tongue and I could do
nothing but give in to him as I felt an orgasm beginning to build.

Suddenly he stopped what he was doing and pulled me down on to my knees in front of him. Pulling my hair tight behind me he kissed me hard on the mouth. I was so turned on by the taste of myself on his tongue. As I knelt there, my dress wide open, knees apart, ankles crossed behind me, I trembled half from pleasure and half from the fear that anyone could come round the corner at any second and see me behaving like a dirty little whore in the middle of a busy club. He stood up and undid his belt. His cock was magnificent. Still holding my hair, he guided my mouth towards his cock, giving me only a second to get used to the feel of it against my tongue before he pushed deep inside my mouth,
making me gag a little. I love to suck cock, and I know I do it well. The feel of his cock as it slid into my throat was amazing. I looked up into his eyes as I worked my mouth up and down his long shaft, letting him see how much I
was enjoying myself. With one hand I reached down between my legs and began to push myself closer to the orgasm I was so desperate for. With the other hand I reached up and cupped his balls, making him groan as his cock sank deeper into my throat. He tugged hard on my hair, pulling my head back as I felt his balls tighten in my hand. I knew he was close and moved my hand more quickly, bringing myself to the edge of orgasm I so desperately needed. As my orgasm started I moaned, opening my mouth wider. As I did so I felt a hot splash
across my face, landing on my cheek and in my mouth, then another caught me in the eye, no doubt smudging my heavy eye makeup. I didn't care; I was too lost in my own orgasm, enjoying the feel of my fingers pushing hard against my throbbing clit.

As the waves began to subside, I felt his cock thrust into my mouth one more time and I licked it gently, cleaning him before he slipped it back inside his trousers and zipped up again. To look at him you wouldn't know anything had happened, but here I was still on my knees, exposed and cum soaked, panting like the horny slut I knew I was, as he walked away without another word. Probably back to his waiting girlfriend.
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