My partner, Dawn, and I have a very open relationship. That doesn't mean we screw around, we would never, but we do talk to each other about anything and everything. Our past loves, both successful and otherwise, our hopes and fears, and our dreams and fantasies. One of the things that came up recently was being restrained. Although we have both passed the spring chicken stage of our lives, we had neither of us tried bondage in any form. Now as we talked it became obvious that we were intrigued. Not just that, but it changed our sexual relationship. After only a few minutes. of licking and sucking each other I was almost drowned in her juices and she was gulping down more than my usual quantity of cum, instead of some extended, relaxed, oral foreplay, followed by the orgasmic shagging which we had planned.

We were obviously more than a little turned on by it all, but ours is a relatively new relationship, and issues of trust emerged. Fantasy is all very well, the imagination is a safe place from which to dare anything. The problems begin when we leave that place of safety and bring our unguarded thoughts into the real world. So we talked. We talked about what we wanted, what we expected, and what we feared. In the end we settled on a gradual approach, step by step, with a code word for safety. We agreed that "spike" should be that word. Time out is too long winded for a panic situation, and we all, well most all, know what it means when the quarterback spikes the ball.

Next, who is going to be first? First to have the sensation of being tied, and also the first to be the one to have the pleasure of being in charge, as it were. Dawn felt that we should draw sexy lots, if I got a boner before her nipples got hard then I could choose. We were both laughing before she had finished, she has very naughty nipples, they get as hard as pebbles if the wind changes, or even if it doesn't. We tossed a coin. Dawn got to be the one tied, and I got to do the tying. It was at this point that Dawn wanted only her hands or her feet restrained, not both. This was also accepted but I should decide which, and how.

We ordered a Beginners Bondage BDSM Kit from EdenFantasys and waited for the mailman. Well we didn't actually wait, Dawn has some silk scarves, don't ask me why I have never seen her wear them, and suggested we practice. We tied each others hands together, to the front then behind our backs. Then our feet at the ankles, while seated and standing against a wall. We also used the code word "spike" to see how we both reacted, and to get accustomed to hearing it and releasing immediately. After these practices sex didn't get any more extended, we were both gurgling and gargling gallons of fluids after only a few minutes still, but what the hell.

The day the package arrived we were like a couple of kids at Christmas, but its opening, and when, was my choice. It was almost as bad for me to wait until later, but not quite. There were preparations to be made. As dusk approached I drew the curtains, and a fragrant bubble bath. As Dawn arrived from the adjacent apartment. I took mine first, only a few minutes for me as I had other matters to attend. Dawn immersed herself and took pleasure in the luxury of nothing more to do but enjoy. I dried myself, put cream on my hands and feet, and dressed myself in black slippers and black silk shorts. Then I opened our present. There were four velcro fastened cuffs and a blindfold like a sleep mask. I removed the packaging and two of the cuffs to the kitchen and returned with two 3ft lengths of 1/4in rope I had prepared earlier.

I attached one piece of rope to each of the straps that extended from the cuffs, and then laid the two extended straps under the mattress, in opposite directions. The cuffs were thus gently secured so that they could be fastened to Dawn's beautiful ankles from either side of the bed, and by simply drawing on the ropes I could hold them further apart. There was the added benefit that she would not actually be tied, and could escape if panicked, although she would not know this. I lit scented candles, dimmed the lights, and took the mask and a matching set of her underwear to the bathroom. Dawn loves her undies and would never wear anything that didn't match, I had selected the briefest I could find so that I could give us both pleasure without removing them.

On entering the bathroom I saw that Dawn was drying herself. I expected her to be immersed under the bubbles, eyes closed, waiting for me to tell her when to get out. She looked up and smiled, "I couldn't wait any longer" she said quietly. The smile turned to a sheepish grin. We were both expecting something but not sure what. I handed her the bra and panties and she was just about to say something, but then changed her mind and just nodded. I love watching her dress, the way she checks that her panties are straight and sexy, and the adjustment of each boob inside its cup. Like an erotic dance, without trying to be either a dancer, or in fact erotic.

She put on the blindfold, and I guided her into the bedroom and over to the bed. I sat her on her own side of the bed, about in the middle, and asked her to lay down the center of the bed, on her back, feet together. Picking up one of the cuffs, I ripped the velcro apart. It was so loud and surprising that Dawn physically jerked. She giggled and tried to say "Oh" at the same time, I smiled. It is one of her characteristics that she giggles when turned on. I attached the restraints to first one, then the other ankle, and drew on each rope until they were about two feet apart. Enough for her to feel the pleasure of control, but not so much that I couldn't heighten her fun by pulling them further as the evening progressed.

Standing back to admire my handiwork, I realized that she could have been in this position voluntarily. The straps, however, gave my senses, and my cock, an extra kick of pleasure that I had not expected, very nice. I now applied a little scented oil to my hands and, beginning at her feet, I began to gently massage her whole body. As I worked my way slowly up her thighs I could see her hips making involuntary, begging to be touched, movements. When I arrived within an inch of the frills on her thong I stopped to oil my hands, then continued on her midriff. Her disappointment was audible, and her giggling grew louder. I continued on, avoiding her breasts in the same way, finishing with each arm and hand in turn.

I reached under her back, which she arched, and unhooked her bra, then moved it just enough to uncover her breasts, but no more. Next I eased her thong down no more than an inch, and arranged it to one side so that her beautiful pussy was just revealed as well. She looked delicious, binding her hands or having her spread-eagled would have completed the picture, but for now I had never seen anything so beautifully erotic in my life. Dawn was moaning quietly with the pleasure of it all, and her body was making involuntary twitching movements, her pussy was swelling and moisture was oozing and glistening there.

I gave her time to savor the anticipation, but I could not hold back forever. I blew gently on the narrow strip of pale hair that adorns her pubic mound, and then the moist lips between her shuddering thighs. Then having oiled my hands I began to tweak her nipples, "Bastard" she giggled. Its not that she doesn't like her tits attended to, with me she knows that they will always get the works, but I could see she was hoping for a finger fuck first at least. I love her tits and I gave them my full attention, squeezing, rubbing, sucking, licking, and nibbling. Her nipples were like tightly wrinkled pebbles, and her hands were palm down, pressing the covers as though she was trying to levitate herself.

It was now time to crank up the pleasure volume, so to speak. Standing to one side, at the foot of the bed, I took hold of the trailing rope and pulled. The friction between the mattress and the base was greater than I had imagined, and I had to brace one foot against the bed, where the rope emerged, to get any movement at all. Once started it went smoothly, and Dawn's foot was drawn inexorably to the edge of the bed. I repeated the process on the other side, thinking that a sound effect of a medieval rack making a steady click, click sound would have been an entertaining addition, but Dawn's exclamations and laughter were almost as good. Her legs were now fully spread, and still in the dark, she had no real clue what was to happen next.

I had intended going down on her and enjoying the delicious taste of her juices, but she seemed so aroused and ready, and that would be expected. My cock was as hard as I could ever remember, so I decided to surprise her by driving straight to the heart of the matter. Just to make sure there would be no hitch I coated my cock in lubricant, then as deftly as possible I climbed onto the bed, between her thighs and entered her in one easy, flowing thrust. I then lay my weight on her body and began a slow, but building, undulating fuck. Dawn was flooding, and her giggling made her cunt muscles continuously grip and release, like repeated, multiple orgasms.

Her moaning grew louder and I knew she was not far from her happy place. I was building towards my own completion when Dawn let out a wailing scream, like a banshee, her cunt gripped my cock like a vice, and a flood of her juices sprayed out like a fire hose. This was too much for me and with a final thrust I came deep inside her, continuing to fuck and cum until I almost passed out with pleasure. We lay like that, oozing, soaked, and exhausted, for some minutes. "Get off me you lump," she urged, removing the blindfold, and pushing at my shoulders. "Two hundred pounds is not a lump," I replied "and this is part of your restraint." She got playful now, "I have to pee," she pleaded. I laughed and said, "Do it now, over us both, everywhere is soaked we will not know the difference."

We continued in this vein for a few more minutes, until I rolled off, and released her legs. Her muscles were a little stiff, but soon loosened up again, "Next time I would like my wrists tied as well," she volunteered, "I was pretending while you fucked me." I grinned, but contradicted her, "No, next time it is my turn, but you can tie both my hands and feet." We would have laid together and enjoyed an after shag chat and cuddle, as usual, but there was such a large wet area near the center of the bed that I stripped off the bedding, and went to run the shower. Chatting and playing in the shower is almost as much fun anyway. We were getting more happiness than anyone could reasonably expect, and it looked like it would be getting better and better.
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