Two Saturdays after Dawn surprised me in the lift, and whipped my arse, I decided to make it another special day! I could have heightened the tension by leaving it longer, but the form I had chosen required research and planning; also if the arrangements were discovered it would spoil the surprise. So it took this long, but couldn't wait much longer.

We did not sleep together the previous night, so I was knocking on her door before breakfast. Over oatmeal and some fruit we chatted about this and that, my mind not really concentrating, I was looking for the right words, and moment, to introduce todays agenda. Dawn suggested a trip, a picnic by the lakes.

That decided me to make my announcement. "That will not be possible. I have chosen today as our next restraint day, and you are to be bound, not by ropes or ties, by your word."

"My word," she queried, "What do you mean?" I thought that it would add to the excitement if she agreed to all my requests in advance, without actually knowing what was in store! I explained this and was genuinely astonished at how easily, and quickly, she accepted. I shouldn't have been, she is amazing.

What I had planned was a day of pleasure, a long slow build up to a new experience for us both. As I have already said in part one we discuss everything openly, nothing is off limits as far as talk is concerned. During the course of these conversations it emerged that neither of us had experienced anal sex, but we were both open to the possibility.

The research I mentioned required the assistance of Google, and a very close friend. The internet has an endless supply of people offering advice, and to share their experiences, these are all very well but they lack something. Luckily I have a friend who confided her first experience to me, such generosity goes way beyond the usual ways things are measured.

"The first thing you have to do is go to the beauty parlor, you are booked in at ten. They will be giving you the absolute works, head to toe." I spoke as though this would be a difficult task, requiring great sacrifice. "A cab will take you there, and bring you back." Dawn continued the joke and agreed to carry this arduous, even onerous burden.

The reason for this arrangement was not just to make her happy and relaxed, though it was a consideration, but to get her out of the way. A local business had been located to supply a Hot Tub on rental, and installation was not just a case of them turning up and throwing it through the door.

There were two priorities: firstly it had to be assembled and working; and secondly there must be no chance of flooding, both for my sake and for my neighbors. This would all take time, but they were finished and gone with time to spare. I had a coffee and prepared lunch.

When Dawn did return I followed her into her into her apartment, I let her talk, and relax further, then asked if she was ready for a late lunch. We both knew that this was the real beginning to todays events and she just nodded. As we walked to my apartment I produced the scarf she had used to blindfold me two weeks earlier, she smiled.

As I closed the door behind us Dawn was holding the scarf over her eyes ready for me to tie it in place. I carefully steered her through to the "Hot Tub Room" and stood her next to it, she could hear and smell the changes that had been made, and looked both puzzled and pleased. I told her to wait there without moving, fetched lunch from the kitchen, then quietly undressed.

Naked, I began to remove her clothes. I have never, before this, methodically removed the clothes of a woman while she stands and does nothing, permitting everything. Even without the blindfold it is a highly charged experience, I recommend it to you all. I took my time and savored each item, and every moment.

I had created a playlist of romantic music in the week (Faith hill, LeAnn Rimes, Shania Twain and others) it started with How Do I Live and I stood by her side and removed the scarf. Even though my surprise had been almost guessed, with vision restored the scene was still hard to believe, even for me.

Hand in hand we stepped into the swirling, steaming water, settling into its warm, sensuous embrace. The music, the heat and the moment, so intoxicating! Hardly speaking, we ate, sipped wine, and relaxed. Our hands strayed to each other's bodies but not intensely, or even sexually, more in disbelief than anything else.

After about thirty minutes, I was using the music as a timer and Faith Hill's Breath was playing, we left the water and dried ourselves. Still naked we left for the bedroom, the music, though still audible, was much more in the background. The atmosphere was unusual in that we were both largely silent, dreamy, and relaxed.

We lay on our left sides, me spooning her, our bodies touching at every point possible. I kissed her neck and shoulders while my right hand moved gradually over her. From her thighs to her breasts, I toyed and caressed every part of her body I could reach, though not intimately between her thighs yet.

"What can I do?" Dawn asked in a murmur. "Can't get to your body, reach you." I smiled as she seemed to be, in reality, completely content. "Another day," was my only reply. "I am giving you everything today, just enjoy yourself. She smiled and settled to accept my touches.

Her nipples had been as hard as pebbles for some time when I felt her hips start to very slightly move, pressing rhythmically against me. By gentle touch I indicated for her to bring her left leg forward and her right back and hooked over mine. Now was the time for her pussy to get its attention.

Everything was slow and gentle, relaxed and unhurried. I could feel Dawn's juices flowing nicely and so I took my semi-erect cock and placed its length against her swelling lips, pressing it against them with my fingers. Moving back and forth, I slowly fucked the outside of her, getting her juices over its whole length. She quietly moaned, and moved against me.

We continued like this until I drew back and pressed against her opening, so aroused and wet she accepted my whole length in one easy thrust. We lay like this for a minute or two, neither of us hardly moving, then very slowly I began a slow and steady fuck, inside her this time.

I never got anywhere near an orgasm, I didn't intend to, but I could feel light fluttering contractions on my cock, and hear her pleasure. Many minutes passed and I moved my self back so that it was as if we were in the doggie position, but still laying on our left sides. This brought me within reach of my pillow, where I had hidden some lube.

Continuing to gently slide in and out of her, I pressed her ass cheeks apart revealing the focus of all this preparation. Taking a small amount of lube on the tip of my finger I pressed it to the tight opening, and circled. "Is that where all this has been leading?" Dawn asked. "I did wonder." She spoke in a dreamy voice, without even looking round at me.

There was no need to answer, I added more lube and continued to massage this tight entrance. "When I try to enter you don't try to make yourself relax, just use your muscles to try to push me out." I spoke in an even, quiet voice, to maintain the mood. "Try it now," I added.

I pressed one finger and her resistance gave, I pushed in to the first knuckle and stopped. All seemed well until she suddenly tightened up and the pressure was quite a force. "Its ok just push out, I coaxed. The pressure eased and I pressed further in. "How do you know this?" She queried. "Research, and I tried it on myself as well," I replied.

"Oh that's ok then. What was it like?" She was still speaking softly and without turning to look at me. "It was pleasurable, a bit like this." As I replied I began to finger fuck, but only a half inch of movement, and very slowly. "So you've been having fun without me." There was a slight chuckle in her voice.

Removing my finger, and adding more lube, I increased the length of stroke until I was easily moving through a relaxed lubricated entrance. She seemed to be enjoying herself so I continued for a while. Eventually I decided to move on. I also pulled back and out of her pussy, adding more lube to her own natural juices.

On pressing against her tighter hole, she moaned, nodding her head, and pushed back against me, and as Shania Twain sang You've Got A Way, I pushed inside her arse for the very first time. This took time, and a lot of patience. I could see this was different from a mere finger and I stopped frequently before pulling back a little, and pushing further in.

Once all the way I stopped and we rested. I could feel the entrance contracting like an undersized cock-ring, but gradually she relaxed and looked round to speak. "So," she said teasingly, "you want to fuck my ass do you! Well get on with it, I can't wait all day." What more can I say except that, slowly at first, and then steadily increasing, we had anal sex for the first time.

As we fucked I noticed her hand slip between her legs to her cunt, her moaning increased as she helped herself to higher pleasures. This did the trick for me, I could feel the switch go on in my balls, and, holding her hips for leverage, I began to really drive into her. We came within seconds of each other, me first and Dawn in reply.

We were shouting our pleasure, our ecstasy, for all we were worth until we collapsed together, exhausted and utterly satisfied. The sound of LeAnn Rimes singing But I Do Love You from the other room said it all, just as well she was there to do it for us as it took minutes to recover regular breathing, and the ability to talk.

After a quick shower we returned to the hot tub, such a great place to relax. We talked and laughed and played and kissed, yes quite a lot of kissing. I had to rent the tub for the week, and it totally dominated my place, so I moved in with Dawn. Just as a short term thing you understand.
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