Rachel's Sunday Morning
Rachel's Sunday Morning
By: Rockin Rachel

Stirring, a black satin sheet is draped across my cocked leg, and I stretch out on the large bed. Jeff and Sue are at the foot of the bed, her leg over his torso with her tongue languidly licking his erection as he fingers her dewy slit. She is fondling his balls and I can see his swollen dick straining as she is bobbing up and down on Jeff. The room reeks with that stale aroma of sex and I rub my naked breasts conjuring up the previous night memories, the most vivid one is Sue taking a cock in her ass and one in her cunt with her face buried between my legs. I had a few bite marks on my pussy from her eagerness.

Mark fucked me twice last night and Jeff did as well. Mark is the more dominate of the two guys. Mark taking me by my ankles, pulling me to the edge of the bed and then pushing his thick cock into my greasy cunt and stroking his throbbing prick in and out of me. He has a thick prick and when he enters he makes me squeal as it hurts when he first lays his pipe to me. Pain becomes pleasure and I am matching him thrust for thrust, his balls spanking my lips. Deep powerful thrusts and the juices bubbling from my fuck hole and down over his balls. Slap, slap, slap, his nuts slam on my slit; I arch my ass and take Mark as deep as I can get him into my cunt. My body tingling, on fire and my girl cream is slathering on his dick as I cum. Mark holds back until my orgasm passes and then he unload's his cum in me. This was the first of four very good fucks I received last night.

Jeff is more of a slow deliberate lover; takes his time screwing me when I want him to be rough and hard he is gentle and loving. Doggy always gets me off and this Jeff knows quite well. Nevertheless he can make me cum very hard when he saws back and forth on my clit. His strong hands on my ass and he is sliding my slick pussy back and forth on his rigid pole My tits swaying as he fucks ever so slowly.

The men did Sue next, I honestly did not think she would go through with taking two cocks at once. Jeff, under Sue filling her cunt with his cock and Sue is obviously enjoying riding on Jeff's pulsating cock. He squeezed her tits and pummeled her pussy and Sue moaned and groaned begging for Jeff to take her. Straddling the chaise I shoved my freshly fucked cunt in my wife's face, smearing my cum on her lips and cheeks as I can feel her tongue twisting in me.

Mark is lubing her ass and is fingering her anal ring to loosen her tight back door. Finger banging her sphincter, more lube and now three fingers in her ass and now she is begging for his cock. Mark obliges her wishes and Sue is shrieking as Mark fills her ass with his mammoth cock. With every orifice filled with cock and pussy, it is time to fill her with our come. I find myself wishing it was me taking the boys cocks at the same time, pumping my holes with their thick cum.

Once everyone had come in our Saturday night slut, and the cocks pull from their heavenly abode, Sue is spent and collapses on the chaise. I leave her to her joyful bliss and kiss her contorted face and her hand is cupping a very wet and tender snatch.

Sue is giving Jeff morning head and Mark is lying on the chaise leisurely lopping his mule and looking at me. His cock is quite hard, his hand slipping up and down his rigid shaft, snapping the velvet head of his prick back and forth.

"Trying to replace me Mark, I ask him? Wouldn't my pussy feel better that the rough cowboy hand?"

"Come and ride your cowboy Rach, your ride awaits," Mark said seductively.

Swinging my legs from the bed I walk around Mark, dipping my breasts to his lips and then mounting my stud. Mark, with his hand wrapped around his cock is brushing the soft head of his prick along my moist slit, spreading my pussy lips. I lower my cunt onto his spear taking his velvet head into me. My body is tingling as his thick cock begins to fill me. I rotate my hips and take more as I ease down on his shaft being careful not to crush his balls. I am slamming my juicy pussy onto his pulsating cock and Mark grasps my breasts as we screw. It feels so good to have Mark in me, making me moan with his hard thrusts. I am moaning loudly and this does not escape the attention of Sue and Jeff.

I am leaning forward, my long brown hair flicking Mark's face, his strong hands squeezing my tits, leaving red marks, as I pound his hard dick with my sloppy pussy. I look up and there is Sue, straddling the chaise and taking delight in push her rank cunt into my face which I greedily begin to lap. FUCK it can't be any better than this I thought. But then I feel Jeff between my legs.

Jeff, pushing my legs wide and grips my tumultuous hips as his steadies them and places engorged prick in the crack of my ass and knocks on my backdoor. Lube running down the crack of my ass, he does not give me the courtesy of fingering my sphincter to loosen my rectum up to receive his cock. Oh no, Jeff is just going to shove his cock in my ass whether I like it or not. Jeff is stepping into my spread legs, with his bulbous cock pressing on my anal ring, spreading it open for his prick. It was cumbersome at first with Mark pounding my cunt, but Jeff was not to be dissuaded, he pushes with his cock and my ass is opening for him and then swallowing the head of his prick. I love the feeling of the head of his cock in my ass, but I knew it was going to hurt when Jeff sank the rest of his rod into my ass so I braced myself and gave a shove back with my hips.

It was a searing pain and made tears well up in my eyes, making me shriek in a combination of pain, then pleasure railing through my body. It was a comedy a comedy at first until we were able to synchronize our fucking; the only one that had a rhythm was Sue as she is devouring my tongue with her juicy cunt as I flick it about her pussy making her grind on my face.

I am the first to cum and my deluge of cum oozing down all over Mark' dick as he is pumping in and out of me. My world goes dark and Sue spurts her cream and it is very hard to hold my mouth on her slippery muff. Jeff is next and his is very intense with wicked ropes of white burning cum in my ass. He is taking long strokes and soon strands of cream hang out, dangling from my well fucked ass. Jeff the last to enter is the first to pull out and when he does the final spurt of his cum lands on the cheek of my ass. I moan from the fucking I have just received and feel his cum dripping onto Mark.

Mark is staring to fade and Sue is dismounting my mouth and to go to tend to Jeff and his wilting cock. Mark is fighting the fight but is now only half hard but still feels so good in my pussy that I just want to keep him there. He lies on top of me, his cock still in my pussy and our cum leaking. He releases his iron grip on my tits and yes I will have some bruising on my tender titties later. We there with our energy drained and the clocking ticking away the minutes until it is time to leave.

My first double penetration, my first foursome, while was a totally great experience, it is not one I will repeat in the near future. It sucks the life from a girl, literally! My pussy and my mouth have been fucked. There are red bite marks on the folds of my pussy left there by Sue and red marks on my tits which will become bruises later, from Mark. I feel like an MMA fighter after a fight.

It is time for brunch and we can be found at our favorite spot dining on pancakes and discussing the sexual antics of the previous night. Sue is relatively quiet as she is not making any suggestions for our next escaped. I think she has learned her lesson.

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