Random Fantasy
I know you by a screen name, I know you by messaging, I know you by a video, and I know I want you. I want your cock, I want you to fuck me, and I want to fulfill your desires.

I know that you are married, and I don't care, I still want you, and I still want to slide my tight pussy down your cock.

But there is something I want from you....I want you to fulfill a fantasy of mine, I want you to sneak up on me, even though I have never met you in person, I want you to sneak up on me....I would likely be in a setting of where I live, however I would rather this fantasy happen in a secluded isolated area outdoors......

I want you to blindfold me, I want you to push me down on the ground, floor, or nearest couch or bed if in my house.....I want you to rip my clothes off, I want you to be rough with me....I want you to take me by surprise.....

As you are ripping my clothes off, you take my tit in your mouth, sucking and biting my nipple, I want you to squeeze my tits.......

I want you to force your cock into my mouth as you continue to squeeze my tits, I want your cock in my mouth, I want you to force your whole cock in my mouth and down my throat.....fucking my mouth hard and fast. As I continue to suck your hard throbbing cock you position yourself and force my legs apart and stare at my pussy, at my slowly start massaging my pussy.

You pull your cock out of my mouth as you do not want to cum yet, you know put a gag in my mouth to prevent me from screaming........

You take three fingers and shove them up my pussy, telling me what a fucking sexy bitch I am, and how you love the wet feel of me....and that you are going to slam your hard cock not only in my pussy but in my ass.

You decide you want to fuck my ass first and your don't even tell me, you flip me over and command me to get on my hands and knees. Without any lube, without any hesitation or without taking it slow you ram your hard cock in my ass in one motion. Little do you know your hard cock is the first in my tight virgin ass. I had been fingered in the ass but never fucked in the ass, you take your fingers and ram them back up my pussy and start a rhythm of hard fucking me in the ass and pussy.......I start moaning from the pleasure of what I am experiencing........

without the benefit of pillows helping to support me, I am starting to fall tell me to stay put, and as I try to reposition myself on my hands and knees I slip......

you show me that this will not be tolerated as you spank my ass and tell me I am to stay still, the only movement I am to make is a fucking rhythm that you have set. And man are you fucking me hard, the tightness that was there is now not near as bad, in fact I moan in pleasure at the sensation of being finger fucked in the pussy and the hard cock in my ass......

You are about to cum, but you want to bury your seed in my pussy......You abruptly pull out, and without warning flip me on my back. Pushing my legs up exposing my dripping wet pussy, and making my ass accessable, you shove 2 fingers up my ass, and your cock in my pussy

You tell me that I can now cum.

All I can do is hope and pray I can, I have never been good at cumming on demand.....but as you are slamming body, in both holes, I take my hand and start rubbing my clit.......

I find myself matching your rhythm, I feel your balls slapping against my ass....and I want to scream out

You slam into my pussy one last time, pull your hand out of my ass grasp my butt and hold me as you bury your seed deep inside me.........

I find my pussy tightening around your cock and feel my juices exploding with you....

As you pull out our juices mix together running down my leg. You bring your cock up to my mouth and as you remove the gag instruct me to clean your cock with my tongue.

I lap up the juices with my tongue and start wondering who this stranger is......

You tell me to relax that this was only round one......

you then remove the blindfold, and I recognize you, but need to make sure

As I slowly start to say:

are you.....

Before I can even finish, he just nods and says yes.

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