Reach for love
The electricity crackles in the air like St. Elmo's fire you feel it before you see it and what causes it....You feel that draw and pull they have on you like the feel of a strong magnet on steel. You are caught in that pull and you are damned because you can't or won't get love that feel...the feel of the chase the feel of that pull that knocks you off the axis of the world and you can't stop being the human you are.
You know it can be wrong, you want to shut the world out and not be a part of this ...this hunger this all consuming hunger that burns in your loins and makes you feel alive and excited. One day you know damn well it will burn you and even consume you but hell what are you worried about... you won't be here to see the hurt you caused with giving in to all the temptation and need you have. You can't imagine why she said she felt sorry for you....sorry?!
You are a God in your mind how can anyone feel sorry for you...but as the life ebbs from you day by day you will start to understand her words....Sorry...
hmm why is that? Because you do not know True love and what reward it brings. Yes she spoke that to you. You didn't believe it then and you sure do not believe it now...especially as long as you can find a willing partner and you do not need to pay
How can she feel sorry for you? OH then the call comes, and she has found love so she tells did not expect this! She and her new man are getting married and with the history you had she felt she had to tell you.
What is this, are you having a heart attack you ask, you are warm and clammy and the pain in your chest started small but it grows....her words echo in your ears, Honest honey I just want you to know what love is like before you pass from this world, I want you to give into it. It is the most amazing feeling and it can save you. Trust me, this love saved me and I want you to know this joy. You cut her off wish her the best and no your busy so you won't be at her L.A. Beach wedding.
But as you hang up you wonder, all the things you put her through and she still talks to you almost weekly or when she can, you thought it was you calling her but now realize she was worried this entire time, and left so she didn't see you self destruct with the revolving bed of cheap easy women and some not so cheap but were made cheap by you not showing them the love they needed.
She has been looking out for you on her part for True love, and you thought you had her missing you...and your lovemaking, but you spread that too thin. How in the world could you have missed it?
Now you know you feel for her what she wanted you to feel when she was dating you....and you didn't or couldn't commit what the hell where you thinking? You book a ticket for that week and decide to go and win her back and stop this wedding...tell her you changed. You only want her....
Her things are still very much around you see her picture in the frame daily ...most times ignore it but you know that only one since her has come close...and you fear the pull you feel from deny it, you try to put in your mind that whoever loves the most pussy is the real man...but only one pussy has ever tasted like manna to you....the sweet thing you can survive on and you realize she gave you a gift telling you like it was....and you cancel the ticket, and go after the woman you want.....but is it too late? Has she found her version of true love too?
Did she see through you all too soon?
Just because she didn't get mad and rant and rave....did she see you for what you were? You pray not because you want to change, to be that man she fell in love matter the distance, the time, the years or any other silly argument you can think of....Today you grow a pair and grow up...and you reach out and take love....and reach for it...hoping that she reaches back before all is lost.
Reach for that love...and hope that love reaches back to you for if so it is the most manly thing you ever can do.
Yes admit ion of her being the ONE in spite the distance for time space and age....grab her she is the one the commit to take you to greater heights.
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