Ready For Anything Part Two
Roli walked over to flat black leather couch, kneeled onto the end and them laid forward. "Up for more new things still?" I asked her, with a naughty look in those piercing blue eyes she smiled and said "Bring it!"
I walked over to her, took one wrist and slid it into the restraint she hadn't noticed at the head of the couch, she looked up as I grabbed her other wrist and bound that too. The ankles were next in line and once they were bound I stood back and admired her sweet round ass.
She looked over her shoulder, smiled at me and said "ok, what's next?" I gave her one of those devilish grins she used to know so well and walked over to the cabinet and pulled out a remote control, headed back over to the sofa and hit the red button. An electric motored hummed as the middle of the sofa began to rise. Roli's sweet ass was now elevated leaving her exposed and helpless.
Pushing another button, the blue one, had the soft bindings on her ankles spreading her legs wide, wider until lips surronding her clit began to spread open.
Walking up behind her I very lightly ran my fingertip up her thigh, over her rounded ass and then using my fingernails traced figure eight patterns up and down her back.
Roli began moaning lightly.
Taking a handfull of her long hair, I picked it up exposing her neck. leaning down I licked her sensitive skin, softly, gently, leaving a wet trail down to her ear, nibbling there got a louder moan than before, and then across and over to other ear lobe.
Pulling away, I opened the lower cabinet drawer and pulled out a beautifully crafted wooden dildo, about 10'inches long (not measuring the handle) had a slight (g-spot) bend to it and 6 rotating balls, each one increasing in diameter as they got closer to the handle.
Roli, looked at nervously and said "I'm not too sure about that one" Too bad I told her, I'm calling the shots here.I grabbed the KY gel and greased up the wooden shaft.
Walking up behind her, I let the smallest ball roll over the cute dimple just above her ass, slowly rolled it downwards, her anus puckered tighly when the ball passed over it, lower, at the bottom of her now glistening slit.
I continued downwards, letting it roll between her swollen lips heading for her clit. Once on the button, rolled it over in a side to side motion, Roli pushed her ass up wanting more.
I let the head of the dildo slip between the lips and inside her, pushing lighly the second ball disappeared from sight, followed by the third.
Pulling back out to the first ball and then pushing back into the forth. Roli let out a deep moan when number five slipped in.
This was getting to me also and looking down I could see the pre-cum at the opening of my cock. Gifted with 8" of manhood and over the years instructed by some very talented women, I knew what I liked and this sexy woman in front of me was definitely at the top of my list.
One more push and the final ball slipped in, I began a sawing motion in and out of her, the balls of the toy stretching out her lips, vibrating her clit. faster. I could tell she was getting close, deeper, she moaned again. Slipping the wooden phallis out, I dropped it to the floor, grabbed the remote control and pushed the red button again lifting her ass higher while bending her almost double.
I stepped behind her, her slit was at the perfect heigth for me to slip in. Taking my cock in hand, I teased her with the head, brushing lengthwise up and down a couple of times before slipping it into her.
This is and always has been the best fit I've ever experienced, she fit me like a glove and as I pushed forward she took all eight inches.
I started slowly, but with deep hard thrusts, just the way I remembered how she liked it. I reached forward, grabbed her hips and used them for leverage, faster now, her moans were exciting me even more, her inner muscles milking my cock, trying to keep it buried deep inside her. faster.. harder, watching her ass cheeks bounce when I bottom out inside her, feeling my balls swinging back and forth and then start to tighten. getting closer myself
I feel (and hear) her orgasm rocking her body now, clamping down on me, I can't hold back any longer and begin to come, and come, feels like it's never gonna stop. so good, so damn good!
Afterwards, I feel myself slipping out of her cum drenched hole. Reaching for the remote, I lower the cushions, untie Roli's arms and legs and crawl up on the sofa, wrap myself around her, spoons style for a much needed nap!
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