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The shower ended sooner than I would've liked. I wrapped myself in one of the plush towels and took my hair out of the shower cap, piling it on top of my head in a soft bun. I wiped the steam off the mirror and stared hard at my reflection. A single lock of hair escaped the bun curling past my ear. My eyes looked nervous as I bit down on my full lower lip. Sighing I opened the door to the adjoining bedroom. It was dark, lit only by a handful of candles scattered around the room. My throat tightened when my eyes brushed past the king sized bed. I gasped when I spotted him standing by the window.

He's tall, roughly six foot, with an athletic build, sun-kissed skin and deep auburn hair. I knew that if he turned towards me his eyes would be the colour of twilight I didn't know that he was here already. I was hoping to change first. A blush crept onto my cheeks as I watched the muscles in his arms flex. He turned and stopped when he found me standing in the doorway. We stared at each other for a heartbeat.

"Sorry, I thought you were ready." He gestured to the towel and the blush got deeper. I'd completely forgotten about the dang towel. Also because of the slight bulge in his trousers. Before I knew what I was doing I loosened my grip on the towel and is fell soundlessly to the ground. His eyes widened making me feel strangely confident. I slowly walked over to him and ran my hand down his chest, pausing at his belt buckle. I raised my eyebrows at him. "Are you sure?" He asked, his voice strained. The fact that he asked only made me want him more.

I undid his belt as he pulled his top off. His chest was the perfect six pack with a mouth watering V dipping into his trousers. His hand searched and released the clip that was holding my hair up making it tumble in waves down my back.

I popped the button of his trousers open and I got on my knees as I pulled them down. The bulge had gotten bigger and the thin material of his boxers was struggling to contain it. Biting my lip I quickly pulled down his pants and his seven inch cock sprang free. I licked my lips at the pre-cum on the head. I looked up at him, mouth parted. "Please." He begged. His wish was my command.

Taking his thick cock in my hand I slowly took it in my mouth inch by inch then back out again. He shuddered and I licked the tip of the head, teasing him. When he groaned I took him in my mouth again gaining speed. His hand came down on the back of my head pushing me to go faster. I could feel that he was about to come and pulled out despite his strong hand willing me on. His hand fisted in my hair and he exploded, his juice landing on my mouth and chin. I wiped it off with my fingers and brought them to his lips as I liked his salty cum
off my own.

He sucked my fingers before crushing his face to mine. Our bodies twisted and merged together as he kissed me. Heat blazed through my body at his touch, lingering between my legs. We collapsed on the bed a mess of limbs, panting loudly. He started a trail of scorching kisses along my jaw, down my neck until his lips found my nipples. His tongue was amazing on my sensitive nipples, so much so that I came from just that. He found his way back to my lips, knotting his hands in my soft hair. As he nibbled on my ear his hands gripped my hips and positioned me. Then he slammed his cock deep inside.

I cried out but that made him hesitate. I didn't want him to stop, so I moaned which was easier to do when he thrust back into me. I may have initiated this but he was the expert. He knew exactly what he was doing. He kept his tempo slow and just when I was about to scream for him to go faster, he did. With a grunt he slid his hand down my thigh and lifted it so my foot sat just above his ass. I gripped his neck and bit his lip when he kissed me again. I couldn't concentrate on kissing when he got even faster. I could feel it building, slow and intense.

I gasped and moaned, trailing my hands down his back leaving red marks but he didn't seem to notice. His eyes meet mine and I knew he was coming too. With groan he somehow built speed making my breasts bounce up and down. We were getting very loud. Then I screamed out as the most powerful, almost painful, orgasm rippled through me like a tidal wave. I vaguely noticed that he'd come too until I felt the hot flow of our love mixed together. He pulled out of me and lay beside me gathering me into his strong arms. I sighed, content. "That was amazing." His breath tickled my ear and I rolled my head back onto his shoulder. I smiled to myself. I finally made love to a man, all the meaningless sex that came before didn't count. I had finally lost my virginity.
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