Real or Fantasy
It was dark when someone entered your bedroom.

The shadow stood by the darkened doorway just to watch you sleep.

Lying alone in the softness and comfort of your bed, you are half awake and half dreaming. You wet your lips with your tongue and taste your red lip gloss and it reminds you of times past.

Slowly, you inch your way over your tummy and rest your palm on the shaved mound over your pubic bone. Cautiously, you brush over your sensitive clit with two fingers and it stirs you.

Your breath quickens as you brush harder, turning your pussy sloppy wet.

As bad as you want to cum, you feel soft kisses trailing up your legs, switching from one side to the other, the gentle movement of someone large.

Afraid to open your eyes and find out It's not real, you keep them closed and open your legs wide, then wider as you feel arms under your legs...strong arms lift your legs and drop them on wide shoulders.

Your heart pounds with the knowledge that someone is looking straight into your womanhood, and it thrills you.

Suddenly, a warm tongue laps at your soggy cunt. Slurping and sucking it like an animal, your juices flow easily down your crack.

The warm tongue feels the heat from a hungry pussy, your hands find the back of a head, the long hair confuses you but you know who you want it to be.

You tug it to you, sealing a mouth over your entire pussy. You feel the mouth sucking it hard. A short spurt hits the back of a throat, and moans.

You gasp to the darkness surrounding you...who was this pussy eater?

You wanted it to be him...was it?

Your body was no longer in does that to us doesn't it?

Suddenly, your legs shivered as your pussy contracted around the tongue and sounds of a vessel being filled awakened you.

You felt someone swallowing you...claiming you...owning you.

Lips slipped up on you and sucked your tits, your cum dripping from a chin wetted your screaming nipples.

'Ohh fuck me" you gasped. 'Please baby...I know It's you...just FUCK me!'

Suddenly, a thick piece of man flesh rubbed your wet pussy slit and then broke in like a thief in the night, it jolted you.

Your head banged against the headboard as you fucked and bucked this man...this thief...this...this what?

The veins in his cock bulged and rubbed up and down your clit with each long stroke.

"Faster baby...fuck me faster..." you prompted him to bury his cock to the fullest, deeper than any man had been.

"Oh fuck! oh fuck!' you cry as his stiff prick slams in and out of you with such force, you think you're going to pass out!

But, you can' won' mustn' need to be awake and see and hear and feel his massive load as it shoots from his cock ...spurting and spewing his thick angry cream...splashing the walls of your hot pussy...squishing sounds fill the room and you have to cum now!

'Oh fuck...fuck...fuck..fuckkkk!' your own body betrays you as your hot cum pours from you like a thunderstorm...

The room lights up from jagged shards racing across the sky...

'Oh my God, Oh my God...I love you so much!' your voice fills the room as you open your eyes and glance to your right.

You're confused...someone is on you...someone is fucking you hard...he's cumming in you still...your gushing cum.

The smell of hot sex is in the air...but as you look over at your mirrored closet only see your reflection.

Your legs suddenly clamp shut...your orgasm has subsided....but you know something happened...your bed is soaked with wet sex...

The pussy you love so much is red and wet...what happened?

The door slammed shut... was it the wind from the storm? Or was some really here?

You glance between your legs and happened.

You lie back against the headboard and light a cigarette...

The flickering flame is captured in the mirror...but you aren't...
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