Realtor's Way
I checked the caller id and picked up the phone. "Hello Suzie."

"I caught them fucking on the bed! - I have video of it."

"What"? I asked.

"Sorry." Suzie stated. "I was talking to my broker. Listen - I caught another realtor who was showing one of my listings fucking someone in the house and I have video of it."

"Really"? "When"? I asked.

"Last night." She went on to describe who the other realtor was, the location and the fact that it was on the surveillance camera and laptop at the house. "Can you come by and see? I want to sue the bitch."

I hesitantly got into my car. I am not accustom to meeting clients on a Friday afternoon, but the house was on the way home so I drove over and met her about 2:00 pm. As I drove up, I convinced myself that it was a good idea to leave the office early on a Friday and take the kids out for dinner. Well as they say . . . so goes the best laid plans of mice and men. I'm not sure which I was or was it a combination of both.

I waited in the driveway until Suzie arrived. She opened the garage door and drove her car right in. The occupants had moved out of state and Suzie was selling their house for them. This was the purpose of the surveillance system, so they could monitor the house remotely and records the comings and goings; however they did not expect the cummings of someone being caught on the hard drive. I helped her with the legal aspects of the system; you can record the video but it is against the law to record the voice. Archaic law but that is what it states. So we have video but no sound.

Suzie took me into the study and unlocked the door where the laptop sat. She called her clients to tell them they were off line while she showed the video to the attorney. She turned to me and asked "Did you bring the popcorn?" Setting up the laptop to play the video, she hit the play icon.

We watched as two relatively nondescript people walked into the master bedroom. They were not unattractive but they were they type of individuals one would not imagine being naked and ones you definitely could not, or would not, imagine fucking. They commenced kissing and disrobing each other. "Glad I didn't bring popcorn." I said.

It was like a train wreck - twisted, yet compelling; we could not take our eyes off of it. They went at it for a solid 30 minutes of hard core sex. After about 5 minutes of it and to break up the nervous tension and silence of two professionals watching as complete strangers put the "nasty" into "doing the nasty", I nervously started to adlib what I believed they may be saying to each other. "Oh Henry you look so studly let me find your member." "Oh Martha. Yes, there it is no, a little lower, can you see it? Do you need help?" Suzie quickly joined in and soon we were laughing our asses off.

After about 15 minutes or so the comments became more graphic as their sex acts went from missionary to doggie to sixty-nine. "Are you sure you put it in the right hole? This taste a bit like the taco I had last night. And look corn" Suzie blurted out.

I nearly passed out from laughing. "I think Martha would have known if Henry went up her arse."

"Not so sure about that." Suzie stated. "Henry doesn't appear to be that big."

The comments went downhill from there. At the end we were nearly exhausted and a bit loopy. It was almost as if we were drinking and doing shots, we were being so silly with each other and were remarkably very comfortable and at ease. We got up and walked into the master bedroom to examine the rest of the evidence. "After you Martha." I said as I opened the door for Suzie. "Why Henry you are such the gentlemen." She retorted.

I assisted Suzie in removing the comforter and I tossed it over the balcony. I asked if she needed help removing the sheets. Suzie stated "Why they aren't soiled . . . yet."

I step up to Suzie and said "Martha is that an offer?"

Suzie's hands wrapped around my back and she moved into me as we kissed. Next thing I knew it was as if I we were kids and we were at Suzie's parents' house when they went out for the evening. Kissing passionately, with unbridled desire. Clothes were flying everywhere. We got down to the point the only thing left on was her panties and as I pulled them off, I laid here back on the bed admiring her body and moved over her. Unconsciously we were acting almost the same scene as Henry and Martha just performed on video for us; however, without the extended foreplay - we were both wet and dripping for each other. I slid deep inside her effortlessly. Our mouths over each others as we fucked; Suzie breath quickened and she bit my lip as I felt her climax with me on top of her. After she came, Suzie rolled over and offered me to take her from behind. I stood at the edge of the bed and lifted her ass to meet me. Thrusting deep inside of her pussy her I felt her nails against my balls; grabbing them pulling me hard into her. I knew I could not last much longer and thrust hard into her. I slapped her ass with my hand as she squeezed me. Letting loose, my cock emptied inside her filling her with my juices.

Suzie turned over; sitting on the edge of the bed she took my cock into her mouth. She looked up at me and said "MMMM tastes wonderful . . . and no corn."
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