The first time I saw Gwen was in Walmart. She was a cashier at the pharmacy counter. Dark red hair to shoulder length gave her a sexy look. She was friendly and represented the pharmacy well. None of her clothes were revealing, but one just had to look at her blouse to know she carried the girls proudly. Only once did she wear a blouse that showed protrusion of a hint of nipple.

"How are you today, Carol?"

I was flattered that she knew my name, but then realized how stupid I was because my name in on the prescription bottle. I looked at that lovely dark red hair. I did something that was over the top for somebody I hardly knew.

"I just love your lovely red hair, Gwen, it is cut perfectly for your face shape."

She actually blushed, saying. "Thank you, that is nice of you to say."

"From now on, I will call you, Red, if you don't mind. It all fits."

"That would be kind of cool, Carol."

I wondered if her nipples were red like her hair, but I was getting horny over this beautiful shy woman. I finished my purchase at the pharmacy. I moved on to complete my shopping at the store. It was getting late, and I was getting hungry. Getting hungry made me think about Red. Shame on me. She probably has a husband and a lovely family, although she does not wear a wedding ring.

I wheeled the cart to my car, and in the next row, I saw Red standing with her trunk open and a look of frustration. I had never seen her from behind the counter. With no store apron, she looked stunning with some ordinary casual clothes. Wow! A very nice body to go along with that red hair and face.

"Problem, Red?"

"Oh hi, Carol, the fucking thing won't start."

New language from my shy associate, but I liked it, It made her more real and actually sexy. I did notice a few buttons were open on her blouse, and I tried to get in a position to see if I could get a look at some of her girls. When I finally did, I found what I could see of her girls, was alluring. She had more upstairs than I could tell with that store apron over them.

"Any help, on the way."

"No, my fucking cell phone is dead, and I will have to go in and beg to use one of my fellow associates. They do not like that."

"Here, use mine. You would never have to beg me for anything you wanted."

I was hoping she got the hint. The look on her face told me she did. When she smiled, I was more than happy, as my wetness was caught in my panties.

"Can we sit in your car, Carol, I have been on my feet all afternoon and evening."

"Of course, Red. I would even rub your feet for you if you wanted."

"Is that a promise?"

"Red for you, I will rub you anywhere you want."

Now, I could not get more direct with what I wanted than that. That smile of hers told me Red knew what I wanted.

"Carol, I have been divorced for over a year, and I have a boyfriend who is half my age, who can't get enough of me. My only problem, there seems to be something lacking. Too much sex and not enough lovemaking. If you know what I mean."

"Red, it would not take much for me to fall in love with you."

"If only."

As she sat in my car with my cell in her hand, I leaned over and kissed Red. Oh, those soft, delicious lips. I would have liked to feel her breast, but I didn't want to push it. So far, I have been pretty brazen with her, and everything was going fine. She leaned back, took off her shoes, and put her foot in my lap. That action got me to see a lot of Red that I liked. Black panties and that dark red hair go well together. I softly rubbed her foot. I think more than her foot was feeling good. She switched feet, and more black panties and white thigh was shown. If she wasn't getting horny, I sure was.

"Are you good at backs, Carol?"

"Along with other places."

"You want to take me home, we can fool with the fucking car tomorrow."

I think I was just told I was going to rub more of Red that just her feet. She got out, locked her car, and got back in my vehicle. She kissed me and said, "Let's go make love, Carol," She started unbuttoning her blouse. By the time we got to her place, her blouse was open, and a black bra was holding the girls with a slight push up.

"I have a question, Carol."

"Fire away,"

"If Jeff is there, would you be upset if we had a threesome? He keeps asking for one. I am sure he wants his buddy to have a go at me, but I don't think he would not mind if you crawled into bed with us."

"I would prefer if it was just you and me, but if I like him, it would be no problem."

"You are a peach."

Red opened my blouse, unhooked my bra with the hooks in the front, and let my girls swing free, while she watched. She said, "Carol, you don't know how many times you came to the store, I wanted to do that."

"Why you sexy thing," I said, as I duplicated her actions on me. Her boobs were much more than I expected. I could not resist leaning down and kissing those pink nipples. I expected a deeper color, but they were just as good as I sucked on them. We looked at each other and took off our own skirts, but left our panties to our lover. Mine was dropped first, then Red's. I wasn't sure what she thought of my cunt, but I was anxious to eat hers. We both laid down on her couch. Our bodies intertwined. My leg was between hers. We laid there, kissing, feeling the softness of breast to breast, and the heat of two hot cunts.

"Red, can I go down on you?"

"I thought you would never ask. Only one caveat, I get to do you too."

"I would love it."

I made my way down her body, kissing everything along the way. I did spend more time on her boobs than any other place, but when she parted her legs for me. I was anxious to feel the heat of her pussy on my face. I made love to that pussy like I hadn't in quite a while. She tasted so fucking good. I was getting her up to maximum pleasure when a male voice said, "Well, what is going on here?"

"Jeff, just watch, please," Red pleaded.

Because the voice was familiar, I turned to see the famous Jeff. Jeff King stood over me. Red told me he was half her age. I expected somebody in their twenties, maybe close to thirty. The King's son was a junior in high school. I heard of his reputation with the girls from Carly. His big dick got him into a lot of cunts at school. Even one of the women teachers was the rumor.

"You mind if I join in?" looking at my pussy. With my head in Red's crotch and my ass in the air, he wanted to fuck me. If I let him, my niece and I would fuck the same teenager. When his dick came out of his pants, it was a no contest. With my face in Red's pussy and my ass in the air, Jeff King fucked a lady that could have been his mother. I will admit, he was good with that big cock. When Red ate me, she got the same treatment. She obviously had not had a cock like that ever. She even sucked on him after being in me. We all came like the teenager he was, and he had enough in him to fuck us both.

When he got down, he left to get home before his curfew, which Red and I had a good giggle about. She and I spent the rest of the night in bed holding each other while we slept. My only problem is what I was going to tell my husband where I was all night. When I got home the next morning, he never said a word, which led me to believe he was not there himself.

The next time I went to the Walmart Pharmacy, Red and I just looked at each other and smiled knowing damn full well what was in store for both of us.
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