Knee length boots, black tights, short black dress and a red hooded pull over, Katie was just one of many dressed up for Halloween. The club was buzzing, gruesome party goers packed the dance floor but one party goer was only had eyes for the girl with the red hoody.

He was 6ft 5 dressed in tight jeans, his shirt half undone reveling his hairy chest. They made eye contact and then she darted towards the exit.
He hastily followed with a face of panic, had he lost her? He barged his way out the doors but there was no sign of her.

He turned to see a quite side street - had Red gone down there? She must of done.
Ah he was right, there she was her hood lit up as she text on her phone. He quietly approached the girl, so close yet Red was unaware of the danger behind her.

A phone broke the silence as it fell to the floor, a hand covered Red's mouth as she was pinned to the wall.
His cock was pressed against her belly, she looked into his eyes, she knew who he was but how dare he, how dare he grab her.

He lifted her dress, ripped her tights, no not here she whined. Yes here girls in red hoods should be more careful.
His jeans unzipped, her hoody pulled off, her cheap costume dress ripped to expose her bra, he kissed her his tongue invaded her mouth. Her knickers pushed aside and his fingers crawled into her pussy - her warm wet pussy.

He kissed her neck and plunged his teeth in, sure that Red would be left with a tell tale love bite.
Her legs opened, her hand guided his cock, did she want him or had she just given up?

Red's body danced to the feeling of his monster cock, she ripped open his shirt - well she was exposed so why shouldn't he be.
Red was lifted off the ground as she was fucked by his massive cock, his shirt removed and dropped to the floor, his perfect bum lit up by the full moon.
Red wanted needed to scream but instead she bit his chest, he felt no pain just the desire to fuck her.

Red looked to the stars, this was so good but was not what she planned, every thrust felt so perfect, his cock was her limit, how her pussy could take it and feel so good was beyond belief. Only her desire to be in private held her back, she wanted to ride him fuck him - take control feel his cock where she wanted to feel it, suck it, but he was in control and control was one thing he could not master.

He stiffened as his cum shot into her body, her eyes closed in bliss, for a short moment Red forgot she was in a dark cold public street. Her eyes opened and over his shoulder she saw they were not alone.

"I got your text"
Red smiled, "your a bit late" be continued - The huntsman.
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