Red Lace Panties
Red Lace Panties
By: Sassy Sue & Rachel R.

It started out as harmless fun in the small real estate office. For the past three years the eight person staff had secretly picked names from a hat with the purpose of being that person's Secret Valentine. It had always been fun, small inexpensive gag gifts to provoke laughter and fun without being mean. The close knit group had expanded the concept to all of the major holidays and now Valentine Day was fast approaching. Sammi and Beth were in charge of the Valentine Day's celebration.

Gary and his very alluring wife Sammi were the owners of the Copper Ridge Real Estate Agency along with their son Tyler and his hot little, wife Diane were the main agents for the company.

Young Beth Wayne was the receptionist received all the phone calls and greeted clients in her sweet Texas drawl. She was also the newest employee. Beth was an outgoing young woman and was very pretty and she was working at Copper Ridge until her boyfriend completed college at the University Of Michigan.

Then there was Dan Post who handled the advertising, purchasing and office management duties for the office. The other two employees were Georgia Dakota who did most of the administration duties and Curt Rosen set up and hosted the open houses. Georgia was the only black person working there and most everyone was at least thirty except for Beth who had just turned twenty.

Sammi and Beth put up the Valentine Heart posters in the lobby just after February 1st and it was that afternoon that the staff would draw names. Sammi picked a name before Beth picked and then Curt picked his own name so he put it back in and picked another one and the remainder of the office drew the name of their secret Valentine. After they were all done Sammi reminded everyone about the rules just to keep things fun.

"Do not let the person know who you are and don't tell anyone else know who you have. Between now and Valentine's Day you will purchase some small gifts and cards and leave them for that person without them knowing who you are. On February 14th at our Valentine Party we reveal who was their Secret Valentine."

It was all in fun and the following day the gifts already started showing up. Dan, unwrapped a golf ball with the Notre Dame logo on it and Sammi found a flower on her desk when she came back from the restroom. But it got really interesting when Beth came back from lunch and found a wrapped gift in her lower right hand desk drawer.

Giggling she unwrapped the red and white box until she lifted the lid and saw what was inside. Jerking her head around to see if anyone was watching but the main office was empty and she was alone. Seconds later she eased the tiny, delicate pair of red lace panties from the box. Under them in the box was a fancy note card inscribed on the card it was the following message.
"I'd love to see you in these."

She quickly put the sinful red, lace panties back in the box and hid it in the back of her desk drawer. No one had ever given her such a personal gift, her little heart was beating rapidly as she tried to figure out who would give her such a scandalous gift not to mention the sensual note that accompanied. She felt a small tingle and a dampening between her legs and she could feel her face blush. There were no secrets in the small office so everyone knew that she seldom saw her boyfriend and was not getting any loving.

"I have Dan and Sammi cannot have Curt, because he picked his own name after Sammi had already picked," Beth whispered. "That's all I know." Her face was still red when Mr. Moore walked in the front door.

"Are you OK?" Gary asked. "You look flushed."

"Uh.....yes I'm OK," she smiled. "How was your lunch with Mrs. Moore?" Beth knew they had left for lunch before she did which meant they probably had not put the panties in her desk since that draw was where she kept her purse.

"Good, Sammi had an errand to run so we only got a quick bite, not what I had in mind."

Beth mentally crossed them off her list but technically either could have come back to the office while she was out. The next hour went fast because of the phone calls and it wasn't until Georgia came out to relieve her around 1PM that she got a chance to talk to some of the others.

"Did you see anyone by my desk while I was out for lunch?" She asked Georgia.

"Now Beth I can't say because it might give away a Secret Valentine," Georgia grinned. "Did you get something?"

"No," I lied. She wasn't going to tell anyone about the panties.

Dan was just concluding a call with the newspaper when Beth walked into his office.

"Is something wrong?" Normally she didn't come in just to talk.

" just taking a break. What's up with you?" Beth asked before sitting down in the chair across from his desk.

Beth crossed her legs, watching Dan's eyes to see if they looked at her crotch at the bit of bare thigh she was flashing. She aware that Dan had recently separated from his wife of fifteen years he was probably not getting laid.

"Nothing," he answered. "How are you doing?"

"Good.....I know...I don't see much of my boyfriend anymore." She stared at him to see if he gave her any indication that he planted the gift.

"Too bad for him," Dan grinned and you too.
After the last counseling session he and his wife had agreed they could date other people to see if that's what they really wanted.

"Yeah...too bad," Beth smiled noticing he had removed his wedding band. "So have you and your wife called it quits?"

"'s pretty much over. We are now dating other people to see if that's what we really want. If you know of any cute women out there who might be interested let me know."

"I normally stop at the bar on the corner after work," she grinned before standing, smoothing down her skirt and looking at her watch. "I better get back to the desk."

"Shit," Dan thought. "I sure would like to tap that pussy. But I am sure she would not want to do me." He rubbed his hard cock as he watched her ass bounce as she walked.

Time almost stood still for the next few hours as Beth talked to others in the office but all indications pointed to the gift coming from Dan. She knew from his personnel records that he was thirty-seven years old which was almost twice her age and suddenly was wondering how it would be fucking an older man. By the time 5:00PM rolled around her basic white panties were soaking wet so she took her gift to the ladies room before leaving for the bar.

"Aren't you too young to drink?" Dan asked as he moved up behind her and another young girl at the bar.

"This place belongs to my uncle," Beth smiled and turned. The other girl turned as well. "This is my best friend Nicki."

"Hi," the other girl said while chewing gum. "I get to drink too."

"I don't want to get you or me into trouble," Dan said looking around.

"Maybe we could go to your place?" Beth grinned.

Dan gulped because it had been so long since he had dated and this girl was not holding anything back.
"Well I only live a few blocks from here and my apartment is a mess."

"We are used to messy rooms," Beth smiled.
Beth had asked Nicki to come along just in case things didn't go as planned.

"OK, uh just follow my car," Dan said glancing over at the bartender who was looking their way. "Is that your uncle?"

"No that's Mel," Beth whispered. Her eyes were focused on Dan's lips; Beth knew soon she would soon taste those lips if things went right.

"This is not so messy," Nicki giggled as she moved into the large living room that had an "L" shaped sofa. She ran and jumped while turning backwards to allow her cute little butt to land on the soft, sofa cushions. Her micro-mini denim skirt curled upward allowing both Beth and he to see the black triangle thatch covering her pussy.

"Ooops," she giggled before pushing down her skirt.

"Are you nineteen too?" Dan asked thinking she was no more than thirteen.

"No, I just turned eighteen three months ago," Nicki smiled. "I'm can now screw legally."

"Geez, when you want to say something you just put it out there, don't you?"
He laughed. He thought she was so young because her breasts were tiny bumps on her flat chest. Beth had her well beat in that department. Beth had a nice rack, must be 36C, round full tits and Dan ached to see her nipples.
"Uh, can I get you two a drink?"

"Yes," Beth smiled as she rubbed her arm against his.
"What do you have?"

"Actually I'm not sure. Why don't you come and look?" Dan wanted to separate Beth from Nicki. He walked towards the kitchen and heard Beth's footsteps behind him. He wanted to fuck Beth not someone little girl who just became legal to breed.

Dan opened the closet next to the refrigerator he felt Beth's soft breast pressing into the back of his arm. He didn't acknowledge it. "I have some wine, bourbon and some gin."

"Let me see," she whispered as they both leaned into the closet with half of her body covering his.
Beth's hand was around his waist when he turned his head to look at her and saw her wanton eyes. It was her lips that crossed the gap and contacted his and her tongue to first snake outward and enter his mouth.

"Jesus," Dan thought while kissing a woman other than his soon to be ex-wife for the first time in eighteen years. He had thought about dating but really didn't know what to do and how to start. Suddenly a twenty year old girl was throwing herself at him and he wasn't going to refuse. His arm snaked back around her waist as their lips remained locked and their tongues exploring. They moved to a standing position and then he crushed her to the wall.

Beth's breasts flattened on his chest, his hard cock was pressed hard on her mound. Continuing kissing their hands raked each other's backs and down to their asses. Their shirts pulled from the waistbands of their and soon their hands massaged the bare skin of their backs. When Beth didn't stop him he knew he was going to get very lucky and with a quick flick of his fingers Beth's bra sagged free.

Finally after a minute he pulled back. "Wow. I never expected that."

"You're not disappointed are you?" She asked as she reached up and ran her tiny fingers into the thick growth of hair on his chest just over the top button of his shirt. Her boyfriend had no chest hair. "I don't want to disappoint you."

"Uh, do you still want a drink?" He asked not sure what to do next.

"A drink I don't need, I came for something else," she giggled while popping open the button and grabbing more chest hairs. She smiled up at him as she turned and slid her hand under his shirt until she found his hard nipple. Beth rolled it between her thumb and forefinger, rubbing it, playing with it and then she finally kissed it giving it a little love bite.

"Can I do that to you?" He grinned.

Nodding Beth closed her eyes when Dan's hand was moving down the front of her V-neck blouse. Those firm titties he had admired for so long were now under his fingers. He pushed under the unclasped bra and downward until he felt her rigid nipples. Beth had long fat nipples, much longer that his little dots. Dan toyed with the erect nipples, fondling her breasts, the same breasts he had admired when she first started at Copper Ridge.

"Hey where is my drink?" Nicki asked while walking into the room.
Nicki saw Dan's hand down Beth's blouse and smiling she said, "If you move aside I'll get it myself, before you fuck my friend."

Dan tried to ignore Nicki as he wanted to play with Beth's awesome tits not listen to her chirping about some damn drink.

"Maybe I should show you my bedroom?" Beth's eyes opened and she smiled. They removed their hands and walked out of the kitchen.

Pushing the bedroom door open, Dan wishing he had made the bed. A dirty pair of boxers lay on the crumpled pale yellow sheets. A t-shirt draped over the back of the chair. Grabbing them Dan mumbled a lame excuse. He grabbed them and tried to straighten up the room when Beth's arms wrapped her arms around his waist pulling him to her.

"I don't have...much experience," Beth whispered in his ear.
She began pulling his shirt from his pants, then pulling his belt open Beth began sliding the zipper down, unbuttoning his trousers letting the grey slacks fall to the floor.
"Beth's fingers were snaking their way down, under his boxers, until they were caressing the soft, smooth mushroom head of his hard cock which was not far down.
"Oh my GOD, I've only been with my boyfriend," Beth exclaimed!

Dan busted a smile as both of her hands and fingers traveled down to the base and Beth cupped cup his balls with one hand the other returned to the pre-cum wet tip.

"You're sooo big," she cooed trying to get her fingers and hand all the way around his thickness. Her boyfriend's cock was just over six inches long and maybe one and one half inch thick. Dan was almost seven inches and twice as thick. Beth licked her lips.
"So I take it you are happy," he laughed before turning around and reaching down to pull her blouse off?

Nodding Beth shucked her shirt for Dan. Her breasts were round and full jutting from her chest. She had larger dark areolas and her log fat, pink nipples standing tall and hard. Beth brushed them raising her arms presenting them to Dan noticed that they looked a lot better than they felt earlier in the kitchen. He was not naked standing in front of Beth with a raging hard-on and pre-cum dripping from his cock. Dan was ready to fuck Beth.

Beth pushed her skirt off and was modeling the tiny, red lace panties for him.

"Thank you." Beth purred

"No, thank you!" Dan laughed as he eased the panties down the panties and saw her trimmed blond bush over her thin pink pussy lips.

The panties fell onto her feet where she stepped from them and moved into his strong arms.

"Please go slow because you are so big," she whispered while sucking on his earlobe. His cock pressed into her wet slit and the head of his cock was just at the top of her golden, silky pubic hair and Beth could feel their sexual heat.

Their hot sweaty bodies fell into a heap on the bed where kissing and touching turned seconds into minutes. Their base animal instincts turned on and soon and they were twisting their bodies until she was on her back her legs spread and her supple thighs were resting on his shoulders. His rigid cock was pressing into her tight sex as the mushroom head, planted firmly between her pussy lips, was forging inside her and the mushroom head vanishing. Beth's cunt stretching with a searing pain as Dan entering her pushed harder until he had three inches of cock in her tight, very wet. Beth was now shrieking, "OOOOOO"

"Are you OK?"

"Yes, now fuck me and don't stop!" Beth cried out.

Her fingernails dug into his back raking the skin raw while his thick, hairy cock rod slashed into her hot depths stretching her cunt as they fucked. The searing pain was now replaced with lust and tingling. She hung on as Dan as they fucked hard the headboard of the bed slamming the wall. The two made up for all the sex they had missed over the past year.

All of the sounds of two animals locked in the throes of passion were not wasted on Nicki. A little drunk and very horny soon after Beth and Dan started groaning and moaning, Nicki pulled a thick vibrator from her purse. She propped her feet up on Dan's nasty coffee table, spread her legs wide and flipped her skirt up. Her thick black patch of pubic hair concealed her slit, but she slipped a finger between her plump pussy lips finding her wet hole. She was wet, not a little, but drenched and Nicki, wiping some of her juices on the vibrator from her ripe pussy, pressed her rabbit into service.

Wedging the Rabbit in her pussy and the little arm vibrating over her clit, Nicki was working the vibrator in concert to Beth's screaming and moaning that was coming from Dan's bedroom. Nicki slumping on the couch and her pussy was adding another stain to Dan's sofa, not that one more mattered.

They lay together touching and kissing for the next five minutes before Dan spoke.

"So, why all the sudden the interest in me after all these years," Dan queried?

Beth, smiling leaned over the edge of the bed and with one finger hooked the red lace panties from the floor.

"Because of these," Beth said grinning mischievously.

Wrapping the red lace panties around his softening cock she rubbed them over his penis which began showing some life again.

"Red panties," He asked feeling his blood rushing to his prick?

"Yes, you gave them to me today, put the box in my bottom desk drawer, right?" Red and white box with a velvet bow," Beth asked pulling the panties from his semi-hard cock?

"Oh shit, someone gave you panties and you thought it was me," Dan said trying not to laugh?

Tell me you are kidding," she said glaring into his eyes.

"Beth, it wasn't me," Dan said as he put his arm around her shoulder but she jerked away.

"But, um, it had to be you," Beth emphatically stated, "I mean, the other men are all married."

"I guess your Secret Valentine wants to get into your pants. After he gives them to you of course," he said as he nibbled on her neck and cupped her tit again.

"Don't," she said evading his grasp and scooping up her clothes. "This was a mistake."

"A mistake, we both enjoyed fucking each other and we both busted a nut or whatever you girls call it when you cum. I can live with those kinds of mistakes,"

"God I'm so embarrassed," she said as she quickly dressed. "Promise me you won't say anything about this to anyone."

"Beth come back to bed," he grinned and reached for her but Beth retreated to the living room and her girl Nicki.

"I uh have to leave."

Dan watched as she hurried out of his bedroom. He sighed and smiled.
"At least I got laid," he thought while closing his eyes. He had fallen asleep when he felt he bed moving and someone's fingers on his limp noodle.

"I'm glad you came back Beth," he whispered into the now dark room.

"I'm not Beth," Nicki giggled while moving her naked body onto his. "Beth said I could have you for the rest of the night."

"Rest of the night," Dan stammered and while glancing over at the clock which showed 10pm.

"Oh Fuck," he groaned as her very tight pussy clamped onto his now hard shaft and her skinny body pumped up and down on his cock.
"His fingers discovered she had a wonderful ass and that only two small bumps and raisins covered her chest.

"You've done this before haven't you?" Dan asked as Nicki masterfully fucked him.

"Maybe," she giggled. "A girl can't tell all of her secrets can she?"

"NO!" He answered when his cock was straining filling her tight cunt with his cum.

Dan was not used to so much fuckin in one night so he fell to the side and was awoken sometime after midnight with Nicki when her lips found his all-night sucker.

"Jesus Christ," Dan muttered.

"Nope, it's me again," Nicki giggled and I want you to cum on me.
"What, Dan asked not sure he heard her correctly?

Nicki had Dan hard; she sat next to him on the bed stoking stroking his swollen aching cock.

"You heard me. I want you to shoot you cum on me, specifically on my tits.

Dan had heard of this fetish but never experienced it, so what the hell he thought.

Now he was turned on and he was stroking his pink cock now more like red. Standing in front of Nicki he aimed his cock at her full round tits and hard nipples as he masturbated for her. Nicki was a freak and liked to watch a man cum. That gorgeous with, sticky, cum perched in the eye of their cocks, Dan's cock, swollen, and oh so hard and without warning their jism shoots from their dicks in sporadic squirts.

Splot, it lands in gobs, hot sticky, creamy, cum, cum trickles down Nicki's tender breasts, caressing her nipple before it falls from her nipple. Dan's cum leaves a wet trail behind and the musky aroma of her lover.

"No more," Dan begged before turning into the fetal position to hide his sore penis.

"Get some rest, you're going to need it," Nicki giggled and spooned Dan.
She fell asleep with one hand wrapped around Dan's cock and her cum cover tits smooshed tight to Dan's back. Nicki slept like a baby.

Rolling into the office the next morning Dan was an hour late and a little bit on the sore side. Noticing that Beth was looking down and working industriously on her desk. It was a list of names of the people in the office and he saw his name along with hers was crossed off.
"Good morning," he whispered as he walked by her.

"Hi," she said still not looking his way.

He moved into his office and sat back in his chair smiling. So someone wants to get into little Beth's panties, he thought. He thought about Gary Moore and couldn't picture the very religious man making such a move especially on a young girl in his own office. Beside Gary was pussy whipped by Sammi. Now Gary son, Tyler Moore was a possibility because he had seen Tyler in action at some of the real estate awards dinners, always looking for a little on the side.

That left Curt who Dan had thought was gay but maybe that was just an act. At that moment a new life was pumping through his arteries and although Nicki offered to come back to his house as much as he wanted he wondered if he could seduce another woman. There was one that he had secretly admired for so long. Diana, Diana Moore, Tyler's wife. He knew that she play fast and loose between the sheets.

Diana Moore had just returned from her fifth closing that week and knew she had real estate woman of the year locked up. Money was rolling in faster than she had ever dreamed and life was great except in her bedroom where Tyler had seemed to have forgotten her. After eleven years of marriage she had expected the sex to be reduced but not at an all-time low of once per month. Her sex life was lower than the stock market.

She had recently purchased some sexier undies and even some silk clinging blouses and short skirts but Tyler ignored them and her. The good thing was the attention she had recently received from other men made her feel at least sexy and desirable and she would reward them with a tumble between the sheets in a bed of a model home.

"Good morning," Dan said as he peeked around the corner at her while she sipped her morning coffee.
"Congratulations on the last sale." He moved inside and stood by her desk.

"Thank you but I wish I had someone to celebrate it with. Tyler is showing around the new executive and his wife."

"How about me," Dan smiled peeking at her tan thighs and raised nipples under her silky pink blouse?

"Why Dan, is that really you?" Diana grinned. Normally Dan was conservative and shy and never flirted.

"The new Dan," he grinned while holding up his ring finger that was missing his wedding band.

Diana turned her chair towards him and uncrossed her legs giving him a look at the darkness under her skirt. "I was thinking of having lunch at the boat. You're welcome to join me." She had never cheated on Tyler before but her body was in need of satisfaction.

"I'd like that but we probably shouldn't be seen leaving together."

"Right," she whispered. "I'll meet you there at 11:30AM."

Dan glancing at his watch, saw it was 10:00AM, said, "See you there," and smiling he walked out.

Beth had just exited the restroom when she saw Dan smiling as he came from Diana's office. She ducked behind the wall and waited until he walked by before he hurried to where he came from. Diana was also smiling when she walked in.

"Hi," Beth said nervously. "Can I talk to you for a second?"

"Sure," Diana said as she watched the young girl close the door and move inside. "Is everything alright?"

Diana had taken Beth under her wing when she joined their company six months ago. To her she was a big sister.

"Oh God, I don't know how to say it."

Diana pulled the girl into her. "What's wrong?"

"Someone gave me a pair of red lace panties. I, uh figured it was Dan because he is separated and the only man available."

"Did Dan give you pair of panties like as a Secret Valentine Gift?"

"Yes I thought so, so last night we went to a pub and later." Beth lowered her head and stared at the floor, oh God how stupid I was."

"You slept with Dan last night?"


"No wonder he is so peppy tonight," Diana whispered. "And he said he did not give you the red lace panties." Diana had the whole pictures without the details now.


"But you're not a virgin right?"

"No, not at all, but he is so big."

"He is?"

"God I'm so embarrassed."

"Don't be," Diana grinned. "I'll talk to him and make sure he keeps this quiet."

"Oh thank you," Beth said hugging Diana closer.

"But I do have one favor to ask," Diana whispered, "How big?"

Dan left the office first and parked down the street from the large marina. He had been to the agency boat a few times but until now had not figured in all the advantages that it brought. As he leaned against a light pole he saw Diana's silver Mercedes pull into the main lot and then watched her curvaceous body wiggle up the ramp and onto the large boat.

"Diana," he called out after climbing on board. She was not up on the bridge nor on the front.

"Down here!" She yelled from below. The small swinging door leading down the stairs was half open.

Diana sat nervously on the double bed in the spacious berth below. She had her legs crossed and was sipping on a tall glass of red wine.

"Um, you look comfortable," Dan grinned as he ducked under the doorway and walked inside.

"There's wine and beer in the refrigerator," she said glancing at his crotch and remembering what Beth had said about his endowment.

He grabbed a beer and walked over in front of her and held out the bottle.

"Congratulations to the top woman real estate seller," Diana held up her glass of wine, Dan touched it with his beer bottle and they took a drink.

They took another drink and she smiled. "I know about you and Beth."

He was surprised but didn't show it. "I believe she is of legal age and then some."

"But she is just a girl," Diana smiled.

"She didn't complain," Dan grinned as he sat next to her. He sat his beer down and took her glass before sitting it next to the beer.

"Tyler is the only man I've been with," Diana said breathing rapidly.

Dan slid his hand across the bedspread to the top of her knee. "We can't do anything really bad," Diana continued

"Really bad?" He repeated wondering where bad ended and really bad began.

Dan's hand pulled on her knee until her top leg unraveled from the bottom leg and Dan said "You are so beautiful Diana," and his hand now parted her knees resting on the supple flesh of the inside of her thigh just under the hem of her dress. Diana felt his hand move and she grabbed his wrist when he was about three inches from her damp panties.


"I'll stop before I get really bad," he grinned.

"Just slow down some," she smiled as she pulled his from under her dress and then pulling Dan to the bed until they were both lying on the bed facing each other. Her eyes closed as she pressed her soft lips forward into his, kissing him lightly on his firm lips. Diana had always liked Dan although not in a sexual way until that day. Now in his strong arms and his hard bulge pressing into her crotch Diana was on fire. Tongue kissing had been long gone from her and Tyler's sex life, so now as Dan's flicked and teased her mouth her vagina was flowing with the passions of a young woman; her panties saturated with her nectar. Diana pulled her lips away causing his tongue to slip out slowly.

"God, it's been so long," Diana sighed.

"So long," Dan asked with a puzzled look thinking Tyler must have been screwing Diana on a regular basis?

Giggling like a school girl Diana replied, "So long since I've kissed with desire."

Her eyes closed again with her lips pursed Diana leaned in for a kiss but Dan was kissing the forward however she kissed only air because Dan's lips were pressed much lower at the base of her tender neck.

"Ohh," Diana moaned as his fingers advanced up and over the rise of her breast, her reaction was to stop him, her intention was to stop him, but it had been her fingers only made it an inch away when he toyed with the hard nipple.

"Don't," she said not really wanting him to stop.

"It's not really bad," he whispered.
Dan was amazed how long her nipples were. Fondling Diana's nipples and embracing her full breasts with one hand his other hand toying with the buttons on her blouse Dan open the blouse. Her breasts were snuggling is a satin, semi-cup pushup bra and his lips continued to lick and nibble on her neck while he pulled the silk blouse over her. Her nipples felt so unobstructed because both were pointing out over the edge of the bra cup and had to be at least an half inch long.

"Ummm," he said before kissing her cleavage and detouring to the right to take her long nipple between his lips and suckle on the hard flesh protruding from the bra cup.

"Oh Dan, you are so bad," she moaned before curling her fingers into his dark head of hair holding his mouth on her breast.
Diana felt the front clasp of her bra release and the satin bra open completely revealing her tits. Dan cupped her round tits in his hands and began showering them with butterfly kisses. Diana was a vocal lover, moaning and groaning when Dan touched her body.

Arching her back she pushed her tits into Dan's face, offering them to a man that was not her husband for the first time.
"They're bigger than I imagined, and your long nipples, awesome, " Dan told a blushing Diana. Moving his mouth to her other breast Dan could hear her heavy breathing and the deep soft moans emitting from her throat. It was almost like she had not had sex in years.

Diana was lost in passion feeling another man sucking her breasts and when he pulled his mouth away she reached out to keep his head there but he slipped away and was leaning back looking at her treasures. Firm and round, her extended nipples in the center of small, irregular shaped, tan areolas decorated with little bumps of flesh. Tyler no longer gave her tits the attention she craved and their sex had become increasingly rough with Tyler fixating on wanting to dominate her and fuck her in her virgin ass.
She cupped them. "No man has ever seen them but Tyler."

"I feel privileged," he smiled before reaching down to unsnap her skirt.

"You're being bad again," she giggled when she felt the zipper opening and the cooler air onto her tummy. A few more inches and he would get a surprise.

"So smooth, sensual" Dan whispered while his finger lightly danced on her firm tan tummy and touching her navel piercing , a sparking ruby red pendent before reaching the waistband on her skirt.
Dan, pulling the skirt down over her hips, was surprised and giggled when he saw she wore the infamous red lace panties.

"The red lace panties."

"Yes, Beth loaned them to me," she laughed while lifting her hips to allow him to pull the skirt off.

Dan smiled and slid his hand back up between her thighs until he pushed into her damp crotch. "And they are very wet."

"I wonder why," she laughingly said?

She stopped when Dan's fingers eased under the waistband pulling the red lace panties from her mound. The laughter ceased when Dan reveal a somewhat dark brown wild bush growing between her thighs and he tossed the red lace panties to the side of the bed.

"I am surprised I was expecting you to be shaved smooth or a small landing strip at the most, Dan said.

"I haven't trimmed it for the bikini season yet."

"Good, I like a full bush like that," as he combed her pubic hair with his fingers.

Diana pulled the bra from under her back and stuck a pose to reveal her naked body for Dan's eyes to devour. Dan looked at her sensual body from top to bottom and his cock was rock hard once again.

"You don't know how many times I've thought about you like this?"

Diana's shyness was melting as the man gave her compliments and salacious hot looks. "So do I meet your expectations?"

Smiling Dan replied "Oh God yes and then some, would you turn over?" It was her ass that had given him more than one wet dream.

Diana smiled and did what he asked. She waited but didn't hear anything. "Well?"

"I'm speechless," he whispered. He heard her giggle while he quickly pulled off his shirt and pushed down his pants and boxers. She did not know he was on the bed and about to drop onto her back until she felt his flesh on her calves and then his hard body down onto her soft one.

"DAN!" She tried to turn but he was too heavy.

"Shhh," he whispered while guiding his long hard eight inch cock lengthwise between her ass cheeks.

"OH GOD!" Diana cried out feeling the huge hot sausage in her crack. She realized Beth's description did not do it justice. Still not totally believing it she reached behind her and measured it with her fingers. "You are a beast."

As he slid his body up his engorged cock did the same. His cock was lodged between the cheeks of her firm ass cheeks and slid his cock up and down and soon Diana, lifting her ass and opening her legs was able to get onto her hands and knees. On the next trip down Dan's had his cock head pressing underneath her and against her very hairy and wet pussy lips.

"Do you want to be really bad," he whispered in her punctuating it with his wet tongue in her ear?

"Ohhh," she moaned about to make a very important decision.
She had never thought about Dan or any other man, except Tyler, in a sexual way before but had wondered what a big thick cock would feel like in her cunt. She reached up under her tummy and thick hairs and pressed the swollen crown into her inner lips until it was lined up with her tight hole. "Yes I want to be really, really Baaaad!" Dan pushed when she said the first 'really'.

Diana's head is now tilting backwards as his hard-on ramming up into her tight channel spreading her pussy open. Dan pulling her hips up to facilitate opening her legs to a wider stance, as wide as possible. Five inches of his cock buried in her sopping cunt, there was very little open space left inside.

"Ahhh," she moaned from the slight pain but more from the immense pleasure that was building. As he pulled out she sighed and when he pushed back in she moaned. She was his doggie bitch to fuck and fuck her he did.

Dan felt the slight swaying of the boat, movement of Diana' hips and matching the motions as best as he could he sunk his cock deeper into Diana's wet hole. His hands caressed her soft buttocks and then underneath to her firm titties Diana gasping for air felt his cock going deeper. She winced.


"What?" He continued fucking his bitch.

"Can we, uh, turn over?"

"Sure," he answered as he moved back and somehow managed to keep his hard rod into her pussy as her leg and body swung around until she was now looking up at him.

"You are so much bigger than Tyler," she moaned now wrapping her thighs around him," and so much better."

"Better at what?" He asked knowing the answer but wanting her to say it.

"Better at fucking me," she giggled being really bad herself.
For the next five minutes Dan took his time, slowly fucking her and then speeding up until his cock was fully embedded in her pulsating snatch. Diana's moans were almost synchronized as he was pumping his fat cock into her reddish pink sopping wet cunt.
"Dan, oh my, I'm cumming," Diana screeched loudly!

"Me too," Dan bawled!

Both didn't want to stop but had to from exhaustion. Dan's dripping cock head pulled out leaving a hot white sticky trail of strands of their cum. They lay there, their bodies recovering from the intense fucking, looking up, watching the moving ceiling and Diana asked, "Who do you think gave Beth the red lace panties?"

"You" Dan said, just to gauge her reaction at the suggestion of being with another woman.

"No! Dan, I like cock for my sex, thank you very much," she replied sharply.

"Well she told me she thinks it was your husband, Tyler" Dan answered.

"Tyler? Do you think he would cheat on me?"

"Well he would be totally stupid but yes I've seen him hustling some of the women at some of the real estate dinners and I have heard some rumors."

"And I've been so stupid," she thought about crying, but realizing she had just fished fucking Dan. "Maybe it's worked out for the best, she said turning her body and pushing up against his side. "Do you have anything left?"

"Shit, after fucking Beth and Nicki last night and now you I don't think I can walk out of here," he laughed.

"Nicki?" "Who is Nicki?"

"No one," Dan whispered. Closing his eyes as Diana began kissing his nipple and leaving a wet trail down to and over his navel to his limp noodle. "No one at all," he was smiling as she was breathing life into his limp dick. Soon they were fucking again. She was on top impaling her pussy on his lance. She took his thick cock, her pussy stretching and his eight inches pounding her cervix. She fucked him hard partly from anger but mostly from passion. She exploded on his shaft, Dan had nothing left to give.

Diana pulling off his softening cock left him her cum.

Diana was in her car an hour later when her cell phone rang. The caller ID showed Tyler's name. "Hi baby."

"Where are you," he asked sounding pissed? "I've been back in the office for over an hour now."

"Just having lunch with a friend," she said truthfully. "I'll be in the office shortly." She hung up to end the questioning and saw him waiting by Beth's desk laughing with her and the anger flared within her.

"Uh hem," She said as she walked by them. "I thought you missed me?"

"No, I was hoping you had brought me something to eat," Tyler said trying not to peek at Beth's bare thighs.

"Nope, you're on your own," she said while walking back to her office.

Ten minutes later Beth walked in. "I don't think it's him."

"What did he say?"

"I asked him if he started the Secret Valentine yet and he said since it was a man he was having trouble finding something."

"Shit, that leaves my father-in-law? I mean it can't be Gary right?"

"Do you think he did it as a joke?" Beth asked.

"I'm not sure, that is not his idea of humor," Diana smiled. "Do you mind if I keep the panties a little while longer?"
"No, just find out who gave them to me," Beth said. "I don't want to lose this job."

Diana had flirted with her father-in-law since she had first started to date his son, Tyler. It was harmless, little teasing consisting of pats on the butt and even some light kisses on the lips. Diana that Gary took pride in staying shape and that he and Sammi still had a pretty active sex life.

As far as she knew he had strayed from the martial bed. Now that she was intentionally going to come on to him she was wondering if he remains faithful to Sammi or take a bite of the forbidden apple.

"Hi Dad," she grinned as she moved into the office doorway. "Do you have a few minutes?"

"Sure, I always have time for my beautiful daughter-in-law," he replied as he put down the recent Real Estate Guide. He saw Diana close the door. "Is everything all right?"

Diana frowned. "Not really. Uh, Tyler and I, God, I'm not sure how I should say this or if I should say it at all."

"Just say it," he said nervously and hoping that they were not splitting up.

"Tyler doesn't seem to desire me anymore," there it was out there now, Diana thought to herself.
Covering her eyes with her hand she waited for his response. A few seconds later she saw his feet stop just in front of her and his large hands grasp her shoulders. She looked down so he couldn't see that she was not crying and then Gary hugged her small frame into his large one.

Gary patted her on her back. "It's probably just a phase. You both have been working so many long hours."

He felt the hard tips of her still aroused nipples against his chest and her flat tummy pressing into his manhood. His hand patted and moved lower to the top of her hips. He could feel the waistband of her panties underneath her skirt.

"Would you just hold me a while," she whispered quietly while gently brushing her lips against his neck. She could feel his penis growing hard and maintain her body contact.

"Sure," he smiled, trying to back away but Diana moved with his body.
Her perfume and her lips were rapidly elevating his lust desires. "You are a very desirable woman, for the life of me I cannot understand why Tyler would not want you."

Diana smiled when his fingers crossed down over the top of her panties and lightly touching her bare skin over the top of her ass crack. "It's been so long since, since we've had sex, it has been months now and then only to fulfill his needs, if you know what I mean." Her lips now were nibbling on his soft nape of his neck.

Gary had many fantasies about making love to his hot daughter-in-law throughout the years but had never thought the opportunity would ever arise. Now here she was nibbling on his neck and complaining that his son, Tyler, did not fuck her. Tyler was a damn fool! Now since she was kissing and nibbling on his neck, she was the one who made the first move, so why shouldn't he go along with it and maybe seize the opportunity. Gary then placing his hand down over her soft buttocks until he was cupping the right cheek asked Diana, "do you, want me to help?"

Diana was surprised and a little hurt that Gary betrayed Sammi's trust. Now it was time to make the offer so she started to talk a little flirty dirty. "Yes, I need something, my body is so hot."

"Diana, my precious Diana," Gary whispered as both hands cupped and squeezed the ass he had admired for so long and pulled her firmly into his erection.

She smiled while sliding sideways and grinding on lightly on his hard prick. It was then someone knocked on the door.

"Shit," Gary said as he looked over her shoulder. "Sit on the sofa and I'll see who it is and get rid of them."

Diana glanced down at his bulge in his slacks and visually measured him to be about the same as his son. She moved to the sofa and watched as Gary cracked open the door and peer out.

"Mr. Sloan, Georgia said as she tried to peek over his shoulder wondering who was in his office. "I'm sorry to bother you but your signature is required on these documents in order to get them in the mail today."

"No problem," Gary smiled as he took the papers from her hand and pulled a pen from his shirt pocket. He held them against the wall as he signed them. "Would you make sure no one bothers me for the next 30 minutes?"

"Uh, yes sir," Georgia answered and when Gary moved over to sign the documents she couldn't help notice the obvious tent in his slacks and once again Georgia tried to peek into the room to see who caused the erection but Gary quickly closed the door.

"Sorry about that," Gary whispered as he turned to see Diana sitting back on the sofa arm with her bare feet up on the cushion next to her. Her silky skirt was pulled up to mid-thigh and just over the black lace tops of her stockings, her bare thigh was visible.

"Thirty minutes?" Diana giggled, "Doesn't Sammi need more?"

"I'm an old man remember?" Gary chuckled while sitting down at her feet.

"Thirty minutes is way more than I'm used to and it has been many months since I have seen ten minutes," she lied, not mentioning the two hour fucking she had just got from Dan. Diana lifted her feet and slid down until her heels pressed into his lap and hardness below.

"We can't have you not being satisfied at home and going out to find pleasure elsewhere," he whispered as he picked up her left foot and massaged it. He looked at her skirt as he lifted her foot higher and higher until he saw the small red triangle of her panties. Gary was gently kissing the top of her foot and then slowly left a trail kisses down over her ankle.

"That feels so good, Daddy," she whispered knowing it would turn him on more and it did. His lips moved faster up her calve while lifting the leg high enough for the full skirt to fall down over her lower stomach. The red lace panties were not completely uncovered.

"Do you like my little panties?"

"Yes, very much," he grinned before shifting his hips between her legs and then lowering the top half of his body until he was kissing the middle of her left thigh.

Diana's fingers found his head and guiding his lips north until he was kissing her damp, red lace panty covered pussy. Gary was pressing his tongue on the red lace, tasting her juices and inhaling the scent of her freshly fucked cunt. She felt his tongue licking her panties. Diana wanted him to lick her furry beaver and suck her clit.

Gary's fingers crawled up the outsides of her thighs until he found the panties. Grabbing the waistband and slowly pulled downward until they crossed over her thick, brown bush and then he plucked them from her slender thighs until they left her feet.

When her legs moved back down to the sofa he grabbed her knees and opened his next meal. Gary buried his tongue in his daughter-in laws wet slit and quickly found her swollen clit.

"Oh yes Daddy, right there."

"Please," she begged and Diana's hands moved down over her naked stomach until her fingers latched onto her swollen, dripping, matted hairy lips.

"Wow," Gary's eyes never left her honey pot while his mouth teased her thighs. Her opened pussy lips formed a target for Gary to plant his thick tongue between.

"Oh my God," Diana cried out.

"Shhh," he grinned before sucking Diana's hooded clit into his mouth.

Diana's was bucking her ass up and down, grinding her pussy on his face now, wanting more and more of his tongue. When she wanted more she grabbed the back of his shirt collar and pulled his face up. "Fuck me Daddy."

Gary crawled up between her thighs and was about to reach down and release his slacks when her hands beat him to it. She almost ripped them open and then didn't bother to push down his boxers. She fished into the small opening until she found the hard shark. It was bigger than she had first thought. Her fingers pulled it downward until the hard tip split her pussy lips. Now set in place her hands grabbed his hips and pulled his cock down into her.

All was forgotten, his wife and son, and her husband and mother-in-law. They were now attached together and were racing for satisfaction.

Diana's mind was on overload because she was fucking a second man on the same day that was not her husband. She knew it would not be the last. Her mouth found his and their tongues danced.

"I've wanted, to fuck you for so fucking long," he whispered.

"Really" Diana giggled? "Why didn't you tell me?"

Diana wrapping her legs around Gary's waist with his cock impaled in her cunt. Only her shoulders and head was on the leather couch, bouncing as Gary fucked Diana's pussy as hard as he could, giving her the second hard fucking of her life.

"You can want," she grunted as Gary pounded her pussy.

"I'mmm going to cummm," he groaned.

"Now, Daddy, NOW!"

She felt his hot spunk mixing with Dan's earlier deposit as her body exploded. A minute later they stopped moving and two minutes after that he pushed back.

"Tuesdays and Thursdays are best for me," Gary smiled as he sat at his desk watching her push the skirt over her dripping pussy. He noticed she picked up the panties and wadded them into her hand. "Aren't you going to put them back on?"

"They are Beth's," she giggled as she turned and walked from the room. "And Tuesdays and Thursdays work for me Daddy."


"Yes Beth's, you didn't give them to her, did you?

No, but I would if I thought I could fuck her.
Georgia had hung out around the corner from Mr. Sloan' office to see who was in there. She had listened enough by the door to know that the old man was banging the shit out of someone, but whom? Her eyes popped and her jaw dropped in shock when she saw Diana come out. "Oh my God he is doing his daughter-in-law."

Diana walked into her office. "Georgia, would you watch the front desk for a while? I need to speak with Beth."

"Uh, yes, of course, the front desk," Georgia said hoping Diana wouldn't notice how shook she was.

"It wasn't him?" Beth said after closing Diana's office door.

"No, when he saw them on me he didn't recognize them," Diana giggled. She grabbed a box of tissues and pulled up her dress to clean up the mess from her cunt.

"Here," Diana offering the soiled red lace panties to Beth.

Beth grabbed the still moist panties. "He saw them on you?"

"Yes and then he took them off of me," Diana smiling wickedly. "Beth, he might be old but God can the man fuck."

"You fucked your own father-in-law," Beth gasped.

"Actually he ate my pussy and then fucked me. To be truthful he wants to fuck you too. So who is left to have given you the panties?" Diana asked.

"It wasn't Dan or Gary. Do you think it was Tyler?"

"Maybe because Dan said he's been cheating on me behind my back." She smiled. "How would you like to come over to our house tonight for dinner?"

"Dinner, is that all you want me for?" Beth blushed.

"No of course not, I want you to fuck my husband, hell, he won't fuck me." Diana grinned. "Here's the plan..."

"Beth is coming over here?" Tyler asked when his wife broke him the news.

"Yes, she really has helped me on my last two sales and I want to show her my appreciation."

"Well I was going to play some poker tonight with the boys."

"Hey, maybe after dinner you can teach Beth and me how to play."

"Fine," Tyler said. He liked looking at young Beth anyway.

"Are you wearing them?" Diana whispered to Beth as they cleaned off the table after dinner.

"Yes, I had to wash them when I got home and they are nice and fresh. I even sprayed some perfume on them to hide the scent of all the men you did today," Beth girl giggled.

"Well Tyler is going to show us how to play poker so I'm sure we can talk him into some strip poker. He wants to see you naked anyway." "But you said you would pretend to be sleeping when I do him."

"That's after we are all naked and you ask him for a massage," she whispered. "Come on." She grabbed Beth's trembling fingers and pulled her into the family room. Tyler had already sat up the portable card table.

Tyler took his time explaining the various hands of poker and some various poker games. The females continued drinking their diluted wine giving him the impression they were getting really smashed.

"I have some poker chips in the cabinet to bet with," Tyler said while pushing his chair back to go get them.

"Why don't we bet something else?" Diana giggled.

Tyler stopped and pushed his chair back in. His heart raced as he looked over at Beth who was blushing. "And what would you like to bet?"
"What would you like for us to bet?" Diana teased as she unbuttoned her top blouse button.

"Shit," he said realizing they were really going to do it. "Clothes, of course, what else?"

"OK, but we are wearing four items and you are wearing three." Diana had counted his polo shirt, slacks and briefs. She was wearing shorts, blouse, panties and bra and she knew Beth was wearing jeans, tee shirt, bra and those red lace panties.

"Deal," he said quickly as he shuffled the cars. "Five card draw. Normally we bet up front but we can wait until we get the first five cards." He slowly dealt the cards and picked his up. He didn't want to lose. He tried not to smile when he saw the two Jacks. "I'll bet my, shirt."

Beth watched as he took it off. "Do I have to bet something now?" Even though she had fucked Dan she was embarrassed to be undressing in front of Tyler.

"If you want to win," Tyler said giving a devious smile.

Beth looked at the three threes in her hand and then at the list of hands that beat each other on a piece of paper on the table.

"OK, I guess I'll have to bet," she said looking down at her tee shirt and jeans. She knew the tee shirt was long enough to cover her panties. "I bet my jeans."

Tyler now wished he had played the game in the living room on the glass table because he could not see her lower half as she unsnapped the jeans and lifted her hips to push them down and off her legs.

"If I win can I put them back on?" She blushed while pushing her black tee shirt down over her moist red lace panties.

"Yes," Diana answered. She could see the girl was nervous. "I'll bet my blouse." They all watched as she unbuttoned and pulled the red blouse from her body. Under it was a very sheer bra that poorly covered her pink mounds and hard, long, dark nipples. "What do we do now?"

"We keep the cards we want and toss away the ones we don't want," Tyler said as he held onto the Jacks and tossed down the other three cards. He noticed Beth kept three and his wife only one. After dealing out the next cards he said, "Now we bet again."

"Again," Beth repeated.

"Yes," Tyler answered, unsnapping, then, unzipping his slacks he pushed them off.

The head of Tyler's cock just barely peaked above the elastic waistband

Beth glanced at Tyler's tan chest and was wondering how big his penis was. If she bet it would mean she would have to expose some flesh. But she smiled as she looked at the two Kings she had drawn. "OK, I'll bet my, bra."

"Your bra," Tyler was wondering how she was going to take off her bra without showing him her tits.

"Yes," she giggled as she reached up under the shirt behind her back and released the bra clasp. She pulled the straps down over her shoulder and arms until the bra released and she pulled it out from under the tee shirt.

"How did you do that?" Tyler asked now starring at the hard tips of her breasts poking against the thin tee shirt.

Diana sat back drinking the diluted wine making sure he knew how much she was drinking and said, "I'll bet my shorts," grinning as she stood upright popped the snap releasing the shorts.
Diana wiggled her hips before pushing them down over her sheer panties. Her dark thick bush was easily seen through the clear mesh material. "I need another drink."

Beth and Tyler both watched her pink buttocks wiggle into the kitchen. Bet stole a glance and sure enough Tyler's gaze was fixated on her chest.

Diana filled up another full glass and pretending to staggered back into the den and into her seat. "I think I've had too many of these," she giggled as she closed her eyes tightly and then opened them again as if she was having trouble focusing on her cards.

"Ok, now we bet again," he said knowing they didn't have to bet but he was making up the rules but he wanted to see Beth naked. Beth would now have to remove her shirt or panties. "You go first Beth."

"Oh God, do I have to bet again?" She didn't want to show him the red lace panties just yet.

"No, she can check right?" Diana asked her husband who scowled back at her.

"Uh, yes, you can check," he said with noticeable disappointment.

"I check." Beth said flashing a devilish grin.

"Me too," Diana smiled. They looked at Tyler.

Tyler still only had a pair of Jacks and he knew Beth had kept three cards which meant she might have three of a kind. He knew his chances of winning were low however if she wanted to beat him she would have to remove something. "I'll bet my, underwear," he grinned before grabbing the waistband and lifting his hips. His cock was pointing straight up as Tyler pulled the briefs over his cock, down his legs and off his feet.

Diana peeked over at his hard-on. "Why Tyler does this game excite you?" She giggled.

"Beth's turn," he smiled.

"So I now have to take something off to stay in the game right?" She blushed knowing it had to be her shirt.

"Yes," Tyler answered before his wife could give her a way out.

"OK," Beth said while closing her eyes. She lifted up and pulled the shirt over her red panties that he couldn't see. She felt the cold air and his eyes on her naked titties as she pulled the shirt up over her hard light pink nipples and then off her head.

"Wow," Tyler gasped at the site of them. He knew they were a nice size but didn't realize just how round and saucy they were.

"Here's another pair," Diana giggled as she released the bra clasp and pulled it from her smaller but, well-proportioned boobs. She then took another big drink and smiled at Beth.

"OK, now we turn over our cards," Tyler said hoping he had won. "I've got a pair of Jacks." Beth turned over her cards. "I've got three threes and two kings. Isn't that a full house?"

"Yes and it beats me," Diana laughed as she turned over her ace high. The girl had her husband naked and Diana down to her translucent panties. "You win Beth."

"What do we do now?" Tyler asked. "I have nothing to bet."

"Favors," Diana answered. She took another big drink of watered-down wine. "Each favor you must do what the winner wants."

Beth had pulled on her tee shirt over her bare chest and left the jeans and bra on her lap to bet. "So the favors have to be done after the round is over."

"Right," Diana agreed.

"Well I better win this one," Tyler said disappointed that Beth's boobs were covered again. He took the cards and dealt them out. His luck was still bad.

"I have no clothes so I'll bet a favor.' Tyler smiled.

"My bra," Beth smiled as she put it on the table.

"That leaves my panties," Diana smiled as she wobbled to her feet and pushed them down over her thick curly growth. She was not shy since it was only her husband and another female.

Tyler dealt out the new cards and saw he had a pair of twos. "I'll bet another favor."

"My jeans," Beth smiled.

"A favor," Diana said closing her eyes like she was about to fall asleep.

"OK, I've got a pair of deuces," Tyler grinned.

"I've only got red ones," Beth said disappointed. However Diana opened her eyes.

"And they are all hearts and that's a flush my dear. You win again. I owe you a favor."

"And I owe you two," Tyler grinned.

Beth remembered what Diana had asked her to do. "OK for a favor I'd like for both of you to give me a massage."

"Massage," Tyler grinned. "Where?"

"My whole body," Beth giggled as she stood up with the tee shirt down over her red lace panties. "Where can we go?"

Tyler looked at his wife, "Uhh."

"To our bedroom," Diana smiled as she stood up proudly and staggered towards the stairs.

Beth waited and looked at Tyler as he slowly stood up displaying his hard six inch uncircumcised cock. She smiled and walked past him trying to catch up to Diana.

"Lie face down on your front," Diana instructed to Beth.

Beth moved to the middle of the large king size bed and made sure to keep her shirt down over her red lace panties.

"OK, let's do it," Diana whispered to her husband while grabbing a slowly stroking his manhood.

"Are you, sure about this?" Tyler asked knowing that they would soon be touching this young girl's most private body parts.

"Yes, you've always wanted a threesome right?" I have always wanted to taste a woman Diana whispered as she moved to the other side of the girl's prone body.

Beth heard the word threesome and gasped because it was not the plan she had made with Diana. They were supposed to massage her and Diana was supposed to fall asleep. Then she would fuck Tyler.

"Doesn't she have nice soft legs?" Diana asked her husband while caressing Beth's lower leg. Tyler was touching the other one.

"Yes so smooth," he smiled.

"Umm," Beth moaned feeling the hands caressing and rubbing up over the backs of her knees. The thought of having a threesome didn't sound so bad after all.

"What nice soft thighs," Diana whispered moving up to the bottom of Beth's shirt.

Beth felt the shirt moving upward until it rested at her waist. Her round ass was theirs to look at and touch.

Tyler stayed a few inches behind his wife's fingers wanting her to take the lead. When she squeezed Beth's right buttock he did the same to her left one.

The red lace panties had pushed down into Beth's her butt crack. Diana smiled as she pinched the panties and pulled them from in between. "Do what I do."

Tyler watched her face drop until she kissed Beth's ass. He smiled and kissed the other cheek. He kept watching as her tongue licked all over it and then he did the same.

"Oh my," Beth said feeling their mouths on her butt. Then the tongues started licking. "That tickles," she laughed.

Both Diana and Tyler laughed as they continued licking and kissing down to the backs of her knees and then slowly back up. They saw Beth's legs opening and both jabbed their tongues down between her thighs until they tasted the pussy juices on her crotch.

"Ohhh," Beth moaned while lifting her ass and opening her legs more. Having two tongues on her moist covered pussy was the bomb.

Diana moved back and pulled Tyler's head up. "Let's take off her shirt." They grabbed the bottom and pulled while Beth lifted her head and upper body. Soon the shirt was on the floor and they started caressing the girls bare back. Lips and tongues took over until they were lying up against her sides and nibbling at her earlobes.

"Ohhhh," the girl moaned again. Beth turned her head to find Tyler's tongue and then Diana turned her the other way. Beth's eyes remained open when the older woman's mouth opened and their tongues touched. Diana snaked her tongue into Beth's warm mouth and their tongues danced for a few seconds.

Time stood still for them all as they took turns kissing. Finally Diana grabbed Beth's arm and turned her over onto her back. Their lips moved down her neck at the same pace and then up over her raised breasts.

"Aren't they so beautiful?" Diana whispered to her husband as they touched and gently rubbed over the very firm perfectly shaped cones.

Tyler was amazed at his wife who seemed as if this wasn't her first time with another woman. "You've done this before haven't you?"

Diana smiled as she rubbed her thumb over the pink nipple. "Yes do you remember all of those weekends I spent at my roommate's summer house?"

"Jesus, you and Brooke?"

"Uh huh," Diana smiled before lowering her lips down to enclose the hard cherry tip of her nipples. Tyler's mouth soon followed suit and was sucking Beth's other nipple like a take the other one.

The girl's body was on fire while they suckled the hard nipples and then in tandem moving down to Beth's navel.

Diana kissed the waistband of the red panties and looking up at Tyler.

Beth felt their lips move off and she looked Tyler in his eyes and asked him, "Did you give these to me?"

Tyler had a blank look on his face, shook his head. Beth had slipped her hand under the waistband of the re lace panties and was rubbing her mound just above her clit.

"No dear, he didn't," Diana said giggling then grabbing the waistband Diana pulled the red lace panties down over Beth's downy peach fuzz bush. "You see I put them in your desk."

Diana pulled them off of both of her, spread Beth's legs apart and gently began rubbing Beth's moist pussy.

"You, it was you who gave me the panties?" Beth asked totally surprised.

"But, why?"

"Because" Diana said before licking from the bottom of the Beth's slit to the top, "I figured it was the only way I'd get to eat this juicy pussy."

"Oh my god," Beth screamed when the woman's tongue danced, flicked and licked in places she didn't know existed.

"I don't know what the hell is going on but who cares?" Tyler smiled as he crawled on his knees up to her head and guided his cock head to her lips. Her head turned and her mouth opened to engulf the tip and about four inches of rigid dick. Beth licked it like an ice cream cone and her hands were playing with Tyler's hot balls.

Their hands were everywhere. His cock pounded her lips and mouth while Diana quickly brought her to an orgasm. Her screams were muffled by his thick cock and she had to swallow his cum to keep from drowning when he exploded.

Beth let his juices tinkle out of her lips as she lay flat on her back fully satisfied. She had forgotten about Diana until she felt someone moving over her head. Her eyes opened wide when she saw the hairy slit. "I've never..." Her voice stopped when Diana's dripping gash covered her mouth.

Beth got one taste of Diana's nectar and she was committed, driving her tongue between Diana's swollen pussy lips, parting her matted pubic hair, Beth placed her mouth on Diana's huge clit and suck it hard. Diana rolled her hips feeding Beth and Beth ate Diana's sopping wet cunt until she made Diana cum.

Tyler not to be deprived pulled Beth by her legs to the edge of the bed so he could fuck Beth. Tyler stood between Beth's wet thighs, rubbing the head of his cock in Beth's slit. Tyler holding her legs shoved his cock into Beth's cunt he began to fuck her while she feasted on Diana's pussy.

Diana looked down at the young girl she had so long desired. She had hoped to sway the girl to have sex with her husband in hopes that she would get a shot at her tight little body. Never had she imagined that the bonuses of fucking both and her father-in-law would happen.

"That's it baby, keep licking, oh yeah!"

Beth did her best to breathe and was doing well at it until she felt her legs opening and then Tyler's hard cock press into her moist pussy. After tonight she knew she would never be the same. Climax after climax, they fucked for most of the night and yet when it was all over Tyler had not fucked Diana.

It was four days before the Valentine Party and Georgia still had not received any gifts. She had bought Dana golf ball and even some candy but was disappointed that her Secret Valentine had forgotten about her. It was the end of the day when she picked up her coat off the bookcase behind her and a package fell out onto the floor.

"It's about time," she said as she ripped open the package and saw a pair of red lace panties. "Oh my god."

The End (or is it?)
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Morning Beauty
My Master's Lesson
Anger Sex
Chronicle of a Fellatrix--Chapter 4 The Game
Cum Again
The Chronicle of a Fellatrix Chapter 3
The Chronicle of a Fellatrix
The Elf's Gift
The Magic of Christmas
The Thought of You
Bad Boy
The Trio
The Window Seat
Cock Slut
My Thoughts on Cock Sucking
Lingerie Shopping Part 2
Lingerie Shopping Part 1
The Funeral
Happy Valley Social Club
The Wager
A Brief Encounter of the Erotic Kind
The Fetish
Beth and the Goofy Grape Panties
Sip, Lick But Never Spit
elder Love
The Date
A Letter To Beth
Saturday Night Slut
The Love of a Man
Bend Over Please
A Day At Work
Under The Blanket
The Meeting
In The Alley
Afternood Tea
Big Ole Licorice Stick
Happy Campers Part 2
Happy Campers Part 1
A View From My Window
The Conversation
The Appetizer
The Naughty Neighbor
A Day At The Museum
My Addiction
Private Pleasure
A Candy Cane
Samantha's Senior Lust
A Thanksgiving Meal
The Itch
Anal Cherry
Pink Solo Cup
The Phone Lit Up
Paramour Cove
The Bus Ride

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