Red Riding Hood
Red Riding Hood loved going to her
grandmother's cottage located in the woods that surround their village. Today she had been asked by her mother to go check on her grandmother and take her a basket of food and stuff that she had specially prepared for her. Red wasn't thrilled with the ideal of doing housework on such a fine day she literally jumped at the chance. So much so that her mother had to chase her down to give her the basket goodies as well as to warn her to stay on the path and not to venture into the woods that ran alongside the road. So Red sat out on that bright sunny fall day to see her grandmother and maybe to have a bit of adventure.

Red was a buxom lass, with tits that always seem to be finding a way to escape from her bodice no matter how restrictive it was. It was said that to see such an escape was very joyful to the eye, but cause a serious stirring in the pants. The rest of her was just as remarkable. her skin smooth as creams, with her big brown eyes, full smiling lips, long wavy luxurious wavy brown hair that fell to her small narrow waist that flowed down into the full hips that finished out her hour glass figure. Yes, Red was a wondrous,lustful sight who was at the door way of womanhood. She was still a virgin in the waiting for the right man to open that door for her, but due her father having such a fearful temper,no one in their village or the surrounding area had the nerve to try. So it was on her mind as she walked along the woodland path, passing people here and there on their way about their business, when she was going to receive a good fuck.

The Wolf

This was the last night of the full moon and he felt it pull, as well as his lust. Yes, tonight he was a horny wolf, looking to have a good feed and an equally good fuck. As he walked through the woods to the woodland path he wondered whom would he find, to fit both desires? Now as a man he could blend in with no problems and make his selection and then wait until other- self, the wolf rose up and took over. Then the fun would began, yes a little eating and a whole lot of fucking! The very thought of it all sent him running to the path and the joy that awaited him.


As she walked along Red found herself become hot due to the warmth of the day and the red cape that she was wearing which was how she got her nickname. Then too the new bodice that her mother had made her wear to keep her tits from jumping out for public display was digging into her flesh. Looking up and down the road and not seeing anyone she decided to step off the path and take it off, letting her tits be free under the red cap away from prying eyes. Finding a spot where no one could see her from the road, Red took off her cape and got busy removing the hated bodice.


He could hear and smell people walking along the woodland path as he approached. Still excited anticipating his enjoyment, Wolf almost knocked himself out by walking into a tree when he saw what he saw. There she was, all that creamy white sweet flesh hanging out with large pink nipples! He felt his cock jump to attention and out of his pants, this happened to him every time he got horny and his wolf was to come out. Long hard and thick, it was always in search of something wet warm and tight. So as they, both the wolf and man stood there looking at the half naked beauty, the realization that the main course for one part of his joyous feast had been found!


Ohhh that feels so good Red thought as she took off the bodice and put it in the basket with the things for her grandmother she would put the thing back on when she left to go home. Red stood there awhile letting the air caress her bare breasts and found that she wanted to take off all of her clothes so that the rest of her could feel the breeze. Looking around and seeing no one insight Red almost considered walking the rest of the way to her grandmother's house naked. In the last few seconds she change her mind when she thought she heard someone coming her way not far off. She quickly redresses and got back on the path in time to see a neighbor walking with his wife toward her. They both greeted her and went about their way but not before telling her to stay on the woodland path. Red smile and said that she would said her good bye and hurry along the path thinking that she was sure she would hear about it from her mother when she get back that she was seen coming out woods.


My Goodness what a full figure bitch the wolf thought as the man who he shared this body with was mumbling pretty much the same. Oh they were going to fuck and fuck her well now they just had to find a something to eat while keeping her insight. He had overheard the people who greeted her on the road and heard they say her name, Red Riding Hood, which he thought was a silly name for such a pretty young thing. He had also over heard them say something about she was going to her grandmother's house. He knew the cottage well and that it was not far off the woodland path. He had seen the old woman and her visitors there many times day and night. He had assumed that she was a witch or something and had been sent to live apart from those in the village. By now the moon was making it move into the night time sky and people were still on the path, as he moved unseen in the woods adjacent to it. He felt his wolf rise up and steps further into the woods to let his transformation take over. He body now use to the change had forgotten the pain as the transformation happened. In no time he had gone from the average farmer of no physical strength or visual important to being well over 6 ft. weight in at least 250 lbs. He was all muscle, mass and furiousness and he was very hungry! As he ran through the woods in his wolf form searching for a suitable meal he found one in the form of a Stag, which he attack and made a quick meal of. After washing the blood from his body he looked up and saw that the moon was now high in the sky and knew that Red should be at her grandmother's cottage by now. He sniff the breeze, breathing in the cooling fall night air as he made his way to Red's grandmother's cottage and the sensual feast that awaited him.


Red reached her grandmother�s cottage just as the moon rose high overhead. She called out to her and received no answer so she went into the cottage and found her gone. It was then that she remembered that her grandmother had told her to tell her mother the last time that she was out that she would be visiting a friend for a week or two and not to come or send anyone out to check on her as she would not be around. Red had forgotten to tell her mother as she sometime did forget to do, which would be another thing her mother would get on her about. Looking outside she decided that she would stay the night and go home in the morning. As she took her red cape off, Red heard a foot steps over head in the sleeping lofty, her grandmother's bedroom. Thinking that she might be home after all, Red climbed up the ladder to the loft.

"Grandmother are you here?" Red ask as she looked into the dark of the loft.

"Yes my dear, I am here," A voice that sounded not quite like her grandmothers voice spoke back to her.

Red started back down the latter in fear, not sure what was up in the loft.

"Red, dear where are you going? I am sorry if I sound strange but I have a cold and my voice is a bit thick."

Red stopped her descent after giving some thought to what had been said. She climbed back up the latter with basket of goodies that her mother had sent.

"Grandmother I am staying for the night and will go home in the morning if you don't mind. I am ever so tired and I hope you don't mind sharing your bed with you?" Red said as she stood there in the dark thinking the whole thing over.

"No my dear you may share my bed tonight," the voice in the dark said.

"Oh good I will light a candle to undress and then to find my way to the bed if you don't mind," Red said as she struck a match and lite the candle that was on a small side table. She could see the heavy bed curtains of her grandmother bed where drawn apart and the sheers use for the summer where closed. She could just see the figure of her grandmother in the bed dressed in her night gown and bed cap. Red hadn't brought anything to wear as she slept naked even in the winter. So she undress by candle light all the time facing the bed and listening to her grandmother heavy breathing assuming it because of her cold. Once she had undressed, folded up her clothes neatly and laying in a chair, Red went over to the other side of the bed as she could see that her grandmother was now sleeping on the right.

"Oh grandmother let me show you want mother had sent," Red said as she went to stand by the bed now in her total naked glory.

The Wolf

He got to the cottage and went in after smelling that the grandmother was not about. He looked around the cottage and decided that he would wait for Red, So he climbed up into the loft and put on the grandmother night gown and bed cap got into the bed and waited for Red, who arrived shortly after. Knowing that he couldn't change his baritone voice to sound like the grandmother, he quickly came up with the ideal of having a cold. As he sat there watching Red undress in candle light he was glad he said that he had a cold as the view of her would really affect his voice! Then seeing that she was going to get in bed naked cause his cock to make a tent in the night gown he was wearing. Ohhh this was going to be a true fucking feast, he thought as Red went to the other side of the bed carrying the basket and talking about what goodies she had brought for her grandmother.


Standing near the bed she put the basket down and started pulling things out all the while talking about what she was finding. The first thing that came out after her discarded bodice was a long wooden stick. It was long slightly tapered about 3 inches thick with a strange bulbous head at the top end.

"Grandmother, what is this?," Red asked still as she held it in her hands and then sticking in between her luscious full lips sucking on the head acting as if it might be a flute or something.

The bed

He almost choked on his when he saw what Red was holding up. To think that her mother had sent it to her grandmother made him wonder about the old woman and what she really was doing out here in the cottage in the woods. What surprised him more was that Red didn't know what it was and that made him smile.

"Well my dear bring it with you when you come to bed and I will gladly show you" the wolf said as the tent in the night gown became more pronounced.

"Oh and grandmother there is a clay jar of some kind of cream her as well," Red said as she pop the top to smell it.

The wolf could smell it from where he was in the bed and knew that Red wouldn't need that, not at her young sweet age.

"You can just put that back in the basket dear and come to bed. Oh and bring the wooden stick with you".

By now the wolf was almost beside himself as he had been enjoying the view of the physical goodies that Red had and finding that grandmother was a hot old girl had added to his excitement. So as Red climbed into the bed after blowing out the candle,he used great effort to keep from jumping her right then and there. Once the girl had settled herself on her side facing away from him and her generous butt pushed toward him. The wolf turned to face her and moved closer.

"Oh grandmother you are soo warm tonight"

"Yes, my dear the better to keep you warm and snug all night long," the Wolf said as he move as close as he cock would let him, by now it was sliding up Red lower back.

"Oh grandmother what is this," Red said as she reached behind her and found his cock.

"Oh my dear, it just a growth don't worry about",the wolf said as he felt his eyes almost rolling back in his head. Red had turn to face him and was now rubbing her hands up and down his cock. He growled and moaned at the same time,which sounded like he was in pain in responds.

"Oh grandmother, I am so sorry that I hurt you!! Would you like to kiss it and make it better", Red asked as she put her lips on the bulbous head of the growth.

Ohhyesssssssssssssssss dear please do," the wolf said with a smile on his wolfish face.
Red started with kisses,lightly kissing the head and down the staff to a mass of flesh between her grandmother's hairy legs. Then she followed it up with long wet licks as she stroked the growth. It concerned her that her grandmother was now moaning even more followed by deep baritone growls.

"Oh grandmother maybe I should get the cream and put it on your growth, it might help the pain," Red said as she slide the bulbous head into her warm wet mouth between her soft full lips.

"Oh yes child please dear that is ok, just keep doing what you are doing," the wolf said catching himself.

"Oh Grandmother let me check and see if you have a temperature," Red said as she slide up the front of night gown the wolf was wearing to his for head were Red put her lips to his forehead and her big tits in his face.
The wolf quick sucked in one of Red pink puffy nipples into his mouth careful avoiding his fangs and began to suck.

"Ohhh Grandmother you do have a temperature," Red said in a dreamy voice.

"Oh yes my dear, I do," he wolf said, after giving her other nipple the same treatments starting with long wet lick down Red's body that now had a very lusty temperature.

"Oh Grandmother what a long big wet tongue you have," Red said as her pussy began soo wet and hot.

"Oh my dear better to lick you with the wolf," said as he reached Red's fragrant pussy which was now swollen hot and wet in need of his immediate attention. He stuck his long tongue in between soft down covered lips of Reds pussy for just a taste. Once he did that he pushed her legs further apart and buried his face between her legs and began to lap at her nectar with gusto.

"Oh GRANDMOTHER, Ahhhhhhhhhhh," was all that Red could say as the wolf set to feast on her pussy. Grabbing her grandmother night capped covered head, Red held on as her every nerve in her body went off like a fireworks. It was then that she felt a long something going between her ass cheeks and then into her ass. That action had her bring her legs up and wrapping them around her grandmother head. Between the tongue and the wood stick that she had forgotten and now just remembered, Red came screaming into the night.

"Ohhhhhh", Red kept saying over and over again as she tried to gain control of herself to no avail.

"Now my dear I think Grandmother should check to see if you have a temperature. We wouldn't want you to catch a cold like Grandmother do we?"

With that said the wolf flipped Red over and on to her stomach and pull she to her knees and thanks to his night vision he had a view that was pleasing to eye, his mouth and his dick. The wooden stick was still in her ass and as he positioned himself to enter her other hole, the wolf position it so that he could push on that and use his cock at the same time. Looking down at Red smooth white creamy skinned back he put the head of his cock at the opening other pussy and slowly pushed forward. Red started to moan again as she pushed her legs further a parts inviting more of him in. Once hitting that which separated a girl from a woman the wolf hesitated a bit, and looked down at Red. He gave the creamy skin of her bare back one long wet lick with his rough tongue, as he shoved his cock through and home. Red started screaming from the pain and ended moaning as pain was replaced pleasure. The wolf started slowly giving her body time to adjust to his presence in area that has never known anything else. In time she joined him and they found a rhythm that pleased them both. The wolf pushing into her from behind he pushed harder to match Red as she pushed back on to his cock.
"Ohhh harder," Red moaned as she emphasized her desire for more of what the wolf had to give, with the increase of his desires and the unnatural effects on his body, it was much.
The wolf could feel the build of his cumming in his blood as he also felt the coming of the morning when he knew his time would end but he didn't stop. Even when the bed in which they were in crashed to the floor taking them both with it, they stayed connected in the throes of their passion which now claimed both woman and beast.

"Ohhh harder, please!" Red was now begging him as he was already slamming his body into her though not at true strength. If he did he would be hammering her through the bed and into the floor. Then as the sun light touch the horizon, Red came follow closely by the wolf who added his howl to Red's orgasmic scream of pleasure. New to all this sent Red into immediate faint, giving the wolf time to make his getaway. As he ran from the cottage into the woods, he looked back once and wondered if he would every see Red again and if they would again have a night of pleasure.
Red awoke sometime later in the shambles of her Grandmother's bed, the wolf now long gone. As she laid there her body told her that she would pay for last night pleasure with pain and bruises, but she wouldn't change a thing. She looked around the bed and saw the wooden stick which she had always known it to be a fake male phallus. She picked it as she remembered where the wolf had shoved it and what he had shoved in her other hole as well. Red smiled and stretched her body out as she came to the conclusion that there was something to leaving the woodland path after all.

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