Reese Witherspoon Dommed
Note: This is purely fictional and is not intended to harm the reputation of the actresses involved in any way. On the contrary, i would do anything to get dommed in every possible way by any of the actresses mentioned below. This story is written down for enjoyment purposes only.

Reese witherspoon woke up with a headache. She didn't know where she was. All she could feel that she was blindfolded. Not only that, she was tied to the bed with duct tape, unable to move her hands and legs. She also noticed that she was nude. A duct tape covered her mouth so that she shouldn't shout.

All she remembered was going to a producer's home for some script reading of a film they were doing together. She remembered having drunk beer with the producer. Suddenly she was aware of someone else being in the room. It was certainly a female person, as she recognized the deodorant.

Though she had been blindfolded, she could see the outline of another naked woman in the room. This woman came and sat in the chair beside the bed.

She was certainly looking at Reese's naked body and it was arousing the woman. Otherwise what would this woman be doing moving her hands in sync with her body, Reese thought. This woman must be fingering her own pussy, Reese thought.

Then she saw this woman coming near her, and to her surprise, mounting on her. This woman placed her whole body from forehead to toes on Reese's. Reese didnt have any option as she couldn't move. Then she felt the duct tape being removed from her mouth. Then she felt this woman's lips on her mouth while her boobs were smashed hard against this woman's tits. Reese tried to protest, but this woman slapped her, though not too hard.

Reese was too scared. She never thought this would happen to her. Lesbian kisses in movies is an entirely different, mechanical thing. But this woman was horny and passionate. There was no way getting out of this.

This woman was kissing Reese much harder now. Reese closed her eyes and was forced to feel it. It was nothing like those cowboys and macho actors she had been with. It was raw and soft at the same time.

She felt that this woman had shifted her attention to Reese's mounds now. She felt a tongue flick one of her nipples while a hand forcibly crushed the other. Reese started crying, but this didn't slow the woman in any way.

She tried to shout but the duct tape made it worse. She felt a tug at her hair which meant that the woman didn't want her to move, forget shout. She had to obey, Reese thought.

Then she felt that this woman had slid and something rested on her lips. She felt a firm pressure on her cheeks. Maybe this woman wanted her to open her mouth, Reese thought. She opened it to feel a nipple. It must have been this woman's boob. She started sucking on it. Reese thought maybe she could try hurting this other woman anyway.

She was scared, but she dared to hold this woman's nipple in her teeth, gently at first and paused for a moment. She was trying to see whether this woman understood what Reese was doing. However, there was no movement. Then reese slowly increased the pressure of her teeth on the nipple so as to bite it. She was able to bite it for a few seconds, when she felt that the woman held Reese's neck and she had to close her mouth.

She felt another slap, this time on her boobs. Reese was scared further, however, she couldnt gather the courage to shout. It was a silly thing making this woman angry, Reese thought.

Now she felt this woman's hands squeezing every part of her body from her tummy to her legs, in rapid succession. Each hard squeeze was followed by a very deep kiss on the same part. Then this woman was back and she started licking Reese very hard in her armit. Reese's hairless was armpit was sucked very hard by this woman, shortly after.

Reese shouted as she felt firm pressure between her legs and a humming sound. This woman had placed a vibrator inside Reese's pussy.

The vibrator was tearing apart her pussy when she felt that the duct tape tying her hands was being removed.

Reese was confused. On one hand, there was this sensation she just couldnt avoid, while on the other hand she wanted to try making herself free. Reese became aware of the weight of this woman on her body again, which was absent a few seconds ago. She also felt this woman kissing her very hard again.

Reese tried to hurt her by scratching this woman's back with her nails, but surprisingly there was just a shreik from this woman, no effect to get away from her. On the contrary, the kiss had turned into a tongue sucking frenzy now.

Reese was unable to understand what was going on, but her desire of getting free from it was starting to lessen now. She understood how much this woman must have been longing for her body.

Then she felt this woman going away from her, but not too far. This woman again sat on the chair and Reese started hearing another humming sound. It was followed by this woman moaning very loud. She was sure that no one else must have been there, otherwise this woman wouldn't have been doing all the things going on.

Reese recognized this woman's voice now. Reese's doubts were cleared when the blindfold was removed from her eyes and she saw Mila Kunis! Most of the scaredness of Reese was now gone.

Then Mila told her that she had a crush on her and the producer was her best friend. She also told her that she was sitting in the producer's kithcen when Reese had been to her home previously. She described how Reese aroused her.

Reese had been wearing denim shorts and a white spaghetti top. The producer left Reese alone while she read the script. Mila was inside getting turned on by Reese's movements. There was an intimate sex scene in the movie where a woman gets back with her boyfriend after 10 years. Reese got turned on and saw no one around.

She knew the producer didn't keep any servants and she wasn't there. Reese slid her shorts to her ankles and put one hand inside her panties. She rolled her top up to put one hand on her boob, over her bra. The script was filthy indeed. It was such a turn on, it had Reese cumming within minutes. Mila had been watching Reese do this, and this made her mad. She also confessed that Reese being elder, she had a fantasy in which she longed to be fucked by Reese too.

Mila untied Reese completely and brought a double ended dildo that she always kept. Mila was wet too, she rammed more than one thirds of the dildo in her pussy in one go. Then they hugged each other while Mila continued kissing Reese very hard. Reese broke the kiss only to tell her that she can compete too.

Mila helped Reese plug the other end of the dildo in her pussy and when that was done she pulled Reese's hand and put it on her ass.

Reese wanted to be wicked too, so she squeezed Mila's ass hard. Mila let out a loud moan and asked Reese to come on top of her. Reese started controlling the dildo now and she saw Mila blushing as an orgasm pierced her pussy and brought the love juice out. However, it was Reese's turn now and

Mila helped her thrust the dildo harder and harder in her pussy. Reese handed over its control to Mila, whom she knew would fuck her crazy. She was right, as she had to yell at Mila to stop when an orgasm exploded and all she could see was white spots in front of her eyes.

She asked Mila to come on top of her and slept like that on the bed the whole night, not bothering to remove the dildo.
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