Relaxing with Sherrie
Sherrie called to tell me she was nearby, about three miles from my house so I immediately closed the blinds and lit two pumpkin-scented candles. I didn't pull the Murphy bed down because I didn't want to seem overly I wanted her to see it in the upright position so she could appreciate the way it looked in both positions.

She looked fantastic when she first came to the door. Her hair was a bit longer than the last time I had seen her or maybe it just looked that way because she had it pulled back into a cute little pony tail and the tail was pulled through a light blue baseball cap. She knows I like that look because I had pointed it out to her once when we were eating lunch. A young woman who was probably in her mid to late twenties walked by and I mentioned to Sherrie that she would look �killer' if she wore a baseball cap and pulled her ponytail through. Now when I saw her at my door in a cap and her cute little ponytail poking from the back it made me think right away that she was there to seduce me. I also noticed that her hair looked more blonde-silver than I had ever noticed before.

When Sherrie walked in I somehow knew she had come for all the right reasons. She was wearing light blue shorts and off-white, light-colored blouse and it had never occurred to me that she wore only shorts or maybe even only underwear under her dental outfit. Immediately, at the door, she smiled and commented on the landscaping and the small flowing fountain I have in the front. When she heard my dogs barking she asked to see them so with that I invited her into the house.

With the door closed behind her I gathered Sherrie into my arms and told her it was so good to see her again. Our kiss was sweet and tender at first, then it transitioned to wild and hungry as I pulled Sherries body to mine. Her tongue was seeking mine, twisting and battling as we held the embrace tightly. Sherrie's lips were soft and tender and the taste of cherry lip gloss made her taste immediately delicious.

As we broke our embrace the taste of Sherrie's lips lingered on mine and I asked her if she would like us to make some lunch and she said she wasn't hungry at the moment so we went into my bedroom and I started to tell her about the red bed. I showed her the intricate details of the bed and then opened the �cupboard' and lowered the mattress. She stood, watching my every move as I watched hers. She reached out to touch the wood on the opened door and commented on the color and the smoothness of the wood.

I invited her to lie down on the bed and she did with no hesitation. She stretched out on her back and I stretched out beside her and as we talked I allowed my fingers to dance over her flat belly as little by little I played with her button on her shorts and was not doing so well because it was small and square. Unfortunately my fingers were not co-operating.

With my eyes fixed on her Sherrie undid the button and slid the zipper of her shorts down; wriggling out of them she tossed them onto the chair beside my bed. With her eyes fixed on mine she unbuttoned her cream colored blouse and flipped it on top of her shorts. She laid there in her pale blue bra and panties and giggled nervously. I reached out and with my index finger I stroked her left nipple through her sheer bra. Then I did the same with her right nipple, this time pinching her nipple between my finger and thumb. I asked her to lay all the way back on the red bed, and watched as the heat of the sun soothed and warmed her light skin.

Sherrie unclipped her bra and even though her breasts are small they forced the straps free and she playfully threw the bra onto the chair next to her. She lay back again and I could tell her nipples were hard from the excitement of having my eyes on them. She cupped them and rubbed her thumbs over the hard tips making her gasp. She told me she loved having her breasts and nipples played with and commented that they rarely had any attention other than her own. Her nipples were pink and perky standing as an island in the midst of areolas that were only a slight shade darker than the nipples. I noticed, as I had the first time I had seen them, that her nipples were amazingly concentric to her areolas and the darkened skin was about the diameter of an old silver dollar. Somehow I found it easy to apply geometry to Sherrie's body and my desire to triangulate every inch of her skin was intensified by the second.

Sherrie stopped suddenly and sat up a little as her eyes searched mine. She giggled and lay back again while my fingertips once again closed around her stiff nipples. I gently rolled them between my fingers and my grip got a little firmer which made her moan, wiggling her hips, pressing her thighs together as I felt a quiver in her stomach.

I looked down at her nipples as I pinched one between my ached and I felt her body shudder. I reached down and could feel the wetness between her thighs as slowly I slid my hand over her stomach, kissing her belly lightly as her skin became covered in goose bumps.

My fingers were shaking as I slithered them into the waistband of her panties parting her legs as my fingertips slid over the wet lips of her pussy. Her �fuzzies' felt so soft and I then curled my fingers, parting them and slipping them a little deeper into her. Sherrie moaned softly, lifting her hips as I pushed her panties off.

Planting her feet she pushed her hips upwards, exposing her clit as I positioned myself so I could lightly encircle the pink sensitive lips of her pussy. As I started to finger her clit I pushed two fingers inside her, slowly pushing deeper then withdrawing. I felt her swollen lips as she pumped her hips against my hand.

Rolling from side to side Sherrie crossed her legs tightly around my fingers, her body shaking and the soft skin of her belly pushing against my hand. I cupped her left breast and sucked her nipple, as I slid two fingers back into her, her hips bucking as I kissed her nipple and then moved to her hungry lips.

As our lips separated Sherrie asked me a question about whether bipolar seemed worse or better after all these years and as we talked I pushed two fingers back inside her and very, very softly I encircled her clit, moist with passion and desire. Sometimes a third finger joined in as I rubbed her clit tenderly. Suddenly we stopped kissing and she stopped talking and her stomach lurched and her whole body shuddered. She clamped her pussy onto my wiggling fingers, her stomach fluttering as she came, whimpering and crying out her head fell back off the bed and her blonde hair cascaded over the side. She moaned uncontrollably, her lips pressed hard together and her face red as her eyes opened and closed as if trying hard to focus.

As she laid there, legs wide apart and spent, I kept fingering her, again very tenderly, and quickly she started to cum again. Immediately her legs quivered and her face became flush as her hips thrashed on the bed, bouncing hard and fast against the mattress.

"Oh God! I'm cumming!" Her breathing was heavy and short and she repeated the same words time after time each time she said it just a bit softer until it was as if she had no breath left and the words were like an extinguished candle.

Now it was my turn to taste and please her, so she lay on her back with her knees up and her legs open, with her body and head propped on several pillows so she could watch me as I took my first taste of her pussy.

Our talking stopped for a moment and my fingers slid into Sherrie, inching their way down, zigzagging their way until I suddenly felt a soft patch of springy hair. I felt my cock pushing hard against her hips and as Sherrie lay on her back still her hand made its way to my cock, her fingers wrapping around the shaft although I still had my clothes on.

As we kissed Sherrie tugged at my zipper and pulled it down and took my cock into her hand and stroked the shaft up and down, twisting her hand around back and forth, her
fingers wrapped gingerly around the shaft of my cock as she squeezed lightly at first then harder as her hand slid down to my balls. Once her clutched hand was all the way down and pressing against my balls she opened her hand, relaxing her grip and cupping my balls into her hand. With the relaxed grip she returned her stroke to the knob of my cockhead and with varying speeds continued over and over again.

I could feel the veins in my shaft pulsating as Sherrie's hand squeezed and teased, prodded and pushed and shoved all the way up and down my shaft as she jacked me off, whipping the creamy mixture of warm, thick precum along the shaft, over the ridge and onto the swollen pink head.

As she jacked me off she kissed the tip of my nose and then made her way down, her lips trailing down to mine, then she pushed me onto my back and between kisses she talked about her daughter and her battle with mental illness.

I felt her moist lips slip over the head of my cock then past the ridge as her tongue worked all around the ridge and onto the shaft. Sherrie's mouth worked like magic all the way down my shaft, circling and pushing onto the length.

I pushed my shorts and underwear off and as I sat up she tugged my shirt off, running her fingers through the wiry hairs on my chest. Sherrie's mouth was warm and wet as she lowered her lips onto the rigid shaft of my cock.

She raised up again, talking more about how her daughter suffers so much, and as she talked her hand moved more rapidly up and down on the shaft of my cock

While with intermittent motion her wide open mouth was hungrily attacking my cock she held the shaft with her hand and stroked all the way down to my balls, stroking me as her lips pecked on and off of mine between words.

She still occasionally sucked my cock head into her mouth, sucking hard and continued to suck my cock's head and flick my swollen ridge

Sherrie sucked me so tenderly as she traced the shape of my cock with her tongue while moving over and over up and down my throbbing shaft...i knew I was getting close to cumming and just when I was going to tell her she stopped sucking me and came back up to kiss me. She started talking about her daughter again as she talked we kissed, and talked and kissed and suddenly I was having a massive explosion and cumming so hard, moaning and trembling as we kissed hard. As Sherrie continued to kiss me I felt the warm liquid cumming continuously as I was shaking almost uncontrollably and moaning loudly. Purposely with a firm squeeze I felt my warm cum flowing out over her fingers.

As we talked I continued to finger Sherrie's very warm and very wet pussy. I had two and sometimes three fingers inside her, moving all around her clit. Her clit was swollen and so ready and yet she wanted to continue talking and kissing. I wanted to go down on her and show her the pleasure she could get from a man. For now she wanted my fingers to show her that. The sensitivity of talking was more important at this moment.

Sherrie seemed to know instinctively how to please me. She was slowly and torturously stroking my cock with her hand�then she moved so her soft lips and tongue started sliding up and down my shaft...occasionally swirling her tongue around the head. Her left hand was wrapped firmly around the base of my shaft and sliding up and down with her mouth as she pulled up until her lips rubbed firmly over the head of my cock, and then she sucked the head back into her mouth, firmly sliding her hand back down to the base of my shaft again.

Meanwhile, her right hand gently massaged my balls, cupping them occasionally just to feel the weight of them in her hand. As they started to tighten up when I got closer to cumming again, I felt a jolt of pleasure and a slight massaging pressure on the area under my balls; she was driving me crazy with her touch.

I groaned louder and said, "Oh, that feels so good Sherrie!" She looked at me and smiled and finally said, "I'm so glad it feels good." With those words spoken she went back to work.

As my hips thrust slowly a few times she kept her hand around the head of my cock and let me cum in her hand as she continued to stroke my shaft with every pulse. It made it feel like my orgasm lasted so much longer than it actually did, and I just enjoyed the waves of pleasure.

After the last pulse of my cock, she squeezed and stroked my shaft a couple more times to make sure she got the last drops and licked them off the tip, then kissed it softly.

I held my arms out to her as she crawled up over me; I brought my head up and kissed her mouth, forcing my tongue in to stroke hers as I groaned deeply. She sucked my tongue into her mouth and pulled it in with pulsating suction just the way she had sucked my cock.

I looked down at her nipples as I pinched one between my ached for touch and I felt her body shudder. I reached down and could feel the wetness between her thighs as slowly I slid my hand over her stomach, kissing her belly lightly as her skin became covered in goose bumps.

Sherrie now had her hand around my shaft, and doing what comes naturally, she began to move her hand up and down it. While she began rather slowly, she quickly increased her speed in jerking off my cock and my mind was crazy by her jacking me off.

As I laid back on the red bed I felt Sherrie's petite body slither over mine as she brought her lips to mine, our tongues dancing in a slow circular waltz. Her hands reached between our bodies as she felt the wetness of my cock on her fingers and then placed her fingers in her pussy before bringing them up to my lips.

I couldn't move and finally Sherrie got up from the bed and quietly started to dress.

"I should feel guilty."

"Why should you? Did you enjoy our time together?"

"Yeah, I did. But I will feel weird when I walk in the door and my husband and kids are there."

"I know. And honestly I should too but I'm not sure I can."

"I want to do it again"

I lay on my back wishing Sherrie would lie beside me so we could talk. I knew she couldn't but I wanted her to. I got up and started to dress in silence, saying nothing, only wishing I had the right words to say. Finally I agreed with her words. "I'd like to do it again too."

Sherrie picked up her baseball cap and small purse and with a slight kiss she turned to go.

"I'll walk you out."

"No. I don't want to get you in trouble."

"I want to walk you out."

Once we were in the drive way I realized that Sherrie was right. It was awkward opening her car door for her and with both hands on her opened window I simply said, "Drive carefully."

When my hands laid on her new Lexus. I noticed the leather seats were brown and still smelled new. I had to wonder if the new leather smell would drown out the smell of our passionate sex.

Sherrie backed out of the driveway and as I watched her driving away the last thing I had seen was tears in her eyes through the tears in mine.

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