Relaxing with the one I love
This is a fantasy written by two women, very much in love with each other.
It may never happen in reality due to distances, but it is so very real to us when our minds and souls combine.
Please enjoy..... we did.

Quiet music playing in the background, a bottle of wine. I have cooked a meal that has satisfied our stomachs but not our hunger for one another.

Now we are relaxing on a cozy sofa.

There is a log fire burning brightly and the lights are off, just the flicker from the fire. The subtle glow surrounding us.

We have both changed into night wear, I am wearing a silk night dress its deep blue color that only thickens your desire.

The light purple nightie you wear is skimpy but covers all the places I want to see and devour.

I sit down and you come playfully and lay across me so I can hold you in my arms. Our giggles mingle together.

My fingertips gently cascade through your hair, touch your face, see your eyes, so clear with a sparkle in them that I adore.

We are both totally relaxed in each others company, happy, quiet and content with just being close to one another. We hold each other so gently, I caress you so tenderly.

I watch as slowly your eyes become heavy and you drift off to sleep. I wont sleep yet, I will just enjoy watching you.

My heart is so full of love for you. I wonder what I have done to deserve you. You are so beautiful and special to me.

Slowly you wake in my arms. You look into my eyes.

You have realized that I have been watching you this whole time. Your lips are so inviting. I can't help but lean down and kiss you. Its a soft kiss. Two angels lips coming together.

Yet our tongues are like demons striving for our wanting lust. The mixture of soft harshness running through our bodies.

Your hands running through my hair.

My arm around your neck. We can't get close enough.

Our love is like wild fire. Its flowing in our veins becoming part of us.

Your love is forever embedded in my heart.

The passion that we can create is amazing, our desire for one another unstoppable.

Our kisses are frenzied but oh so sweet.
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