Repeat after Me, I will not be naughty! (part one)
"Repeat after Me, I Will Not Be Naughty"

There are those defining moments in life when you make a decision to take that risk you never thought you would. This was my defining moment.

We met in a chat room, an open forum. I don't know why he was so persistent, but he was and his persistence wore me down until I finally agreed to meet in person and here I am.

Repeat after me, I will not be naughty, I will not be naughty, I will not be naughty!

I look down at the outfit I chose to wear for our first meeting. I purposely wore tight jeans. I know what your thinking, tight jeans to show off my cute ass and get his attention. No tight jeans that have to be peeled off so that I will be able to keep the promise I made myself when I agreed to this meeting.

Repeat after me, I will not be naughty, I will not be naughty, I will not be naughty!

I am so nervous, I hate to wait, it had been my intention to arrive fashionably late, ha that worked out really well. I continue to assess my clothing of choice while I am waiting. A baby blue/white three-quarter length sleeve pin striped cotton blouse, very form fitting. I know what you're thinking the snug fit outlines my hefty bosom and will pull his eyes to the girls so he will be mesmerized.

No, the blouse fits snug requiring me to pin it together at that strategic point so it would not be easy to access the girls if I am tempted to not keep my promise to myself and let him touch and if he starts to seduce me by slowly unbuttoning my blouse to see more than a peek of my cleavage. The safety pin is truly meant to be my safety barrier. There is nothing sexy about trying to loosen buttons and running into a pinned up bosom. The bra selection on any other day would definitely be a visual turn on. White with taupe polka dots and sheer see through upper cups.

However, men hate bras that are not user-friendly and have more than two hook and eyes to deal with. Ha, this baby has four hook and eyes that have to be undone to remove it. So surely he will get so frustrated trying to remove it that he will just give up if the safety pin barrier does not deter him. Hell even I have a hard time with the hook and eyes on this bra. I felt myself hyperventilating so I took a slow cleanings breath.

Repeat after me, I will not be naughty, I will not be naughty, I will not be naughty!

I agreed to meet him in a small mountain resort town about half-hours drive away. There was and Italian Restaurant that would be a perfect meeting place. A public location, but private enough to allow for conversation and the opportunity to get to know each other with beautiful views over the natural lake nestled in the mountains.

It would be the perfect romantic setting and set the tone for our meeting if we hit it off or at least a picturesque view to help us make it through lunch if we did not click. It was one of those unseasonably warm December days and we were able to enjoy the patio with a beautiful view over the lake and mountains. A few lunch guest were scattered around, however, no one was close and we were able to speak freely with one another.

I was pleased to find him as easy to talk with over lunch as he had been online and very quickly relaxed and enjoyed my lunch. He had a relaxed and easy manner about him and responded openly to my questions. There was a touch of the hand here and there, an occasional friendly touch on my thigh, but nothing overt or aggressive, so I relaxed even more. When he touched my thigh a wave of desire shivered through me.

So he said, "Am I what you expected?" I am not sure what I expected, but I knew I liked this man with the quirky smile. I had reacted to him physically in person much the same way I had chatting and teasing with him online. The mental and physical attraction came natural with him. If he only knew!

I smiled and looked up at him through my lashes. "Yes and no," I said. You know how it is you form a visual of someone in your head and then you wonder if you are going to live up to each others visualization or will you flat out disappoint one another. Or worse you're the one who likes what you see, but the other person does not respond to you.

Reaching and resting his hand on my thigh, "Well Ms. Sandy, I am not disappointed one bit and I hope you aren't either."

Smiling, I laughed softly, "Not at all" reaching over and softly rubbing his thigh.

Mm-mm, I am glad. Me too!

Repeat after me, I will not be naughty, I will not be naughty, I will not be naughty!

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