Rest Stop
We're driving...The radio is on and there is very little traffic.  Up ahead we can see the lightening lighting up the sky and the dark rain clouds that are making the sky a stormy black.  It's coming our way; it's just a matter of time. I lean over to you as you are driving and whisper in your ear, that storm is coming and we might have to pull over...I want to smile. I take your right hand and wrap my finger around yours and squeeze them.  I move your fingers up to my mouth, running them over my lips and softly licking my tongue over them just for second. The thunder is loud and startles both of us as we pull into an empty rest stop. 
I jump out and tell you I'll be right back, the rain starts falling, heavy and I'm soaked as I jump back into the back seat. I'm wet and my dress is sticking to me, I've taken my bra off and my nipples are showing through slightly. I'll tell you to come keep me warm since I'm all wet and you jump into the back seat with me. You sit beside me just watching me as I take your fingers again into my mouth, sucking on them gently, and letting my tongue run over them. I move them down to my chest and slip them into my dress.  You start to kiss me, and the excitement is starting to build. Gently you pinch and play with my nipples and each time my reaction is deeper. Our kissing is passionate; every movement is in sync as I glide your hand down between my legs. The rain is pounding the car and the steam has fogged up the glass, we are in our own world. I took my panties off and I see how excited you are when you realize this. Your shorts are straining and I watch as you take them off just leaving your boxers on. I lean back in the seat and throw my leg over yours and place your hand in the inside of my thigh, pressing it against it. You kiss me as your hand starts moving up my thigh, gently opening me with your fingers. My hand is by your waste now and I move it down and slip into your boxers and you into my hand, lingering on your head with my fingers. Moving gently over you, feeling you grow. Your hand is on me, fingers are effortlessly playing with me, teasing me, making my hips move up toward them. I'm moaning as you slip two fingers deep inside me, just for a second. My hand is holding you now and you are hard, making me want you even more. You just continue to tease me, running your finger over my clit and then moving them up inside me, I'm so ready and so wet that I whisper loudly fuck me!

I straddle you and pull my dress off and your boxers down, and without a second slip you inside me. I'm facing you and while still hard inside me you start sucking on my breasts, flicking your tongue over my nipples, biting them softly as I arch my back to get you even further inside me. The rain is still pounding the car and the radio is still on, but we're in it, the passion is so thick you can taste it. I feel as if I can't get you deep enough and I push myself harder into you feeling your hardness fill me, you hands around my hips pulling me close. I'm so close and tell you, as you push deeper and deeper, groaning in my ear, that you want to feel me cum on you. I brace one hand against the roof of car and the other on the seat arch my back and push down, releasing my body onto you as you hold me strongly, feeling my muscles contracting against you. I feel this rush of warmth inside me as you pull me down one last time throw your head back, and moan. We just sit there for a minute you still inside me, our hearts racing and our skin is flushed...the rain stopped and we realize the break is over and it's time to go...
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