Restaurant Surprise
I walk into the restaurant where you are having your business dinner.
Sitting at the bar I order a Rum & Coke. My drink arrives and I take it in my hand, I swivel the bar stool around and scan the tables.
Even though I never saw you, I immediately hone in on your table. The connection I have with you made that possible.

I slide off the stool and with my purse and drink in hand. I start walking to your table. You look up and see me and our eyes lock on each other. You look me up and down. I'm wearing a purple evening dress, with lipstick and nail polish to match. My back strapped stilettos are clicking across the floor.

You are looking a little uncomfortable now, squirming in your seat. I approach the guy seated to your right. I bend over to whisper in his ear, his eyes are fixated on my cleavage. My request to him is if I can have his seat. As he starts to get up I give his ear a soft kiss along with a thank you.

He gets another chair and sits to my right. You stand up and place the chair behind me, I sit and thank you for your kindness with a smile.
I apologize to the table for the disruption and ask them to carry on as they were. They are making small talk. I look at you and tell you how nice it is to see you. You tell me how pretty I look and ask if I would like another drink. I decline the offer and continue sipping the drink I already have.

You start talking business with your colleagues. I place my left hand on your thigh and rub it up and down. No one seems to notice. My hand passes over your crotch and I can feel your hard cock against your zipper. I unzip your pants to release your cock. When I grab your hard cock with my hand, your conversation becomes interrupted, with you clearing your throat. I look at you and hand you a glass of water. You thank me with a head nod and a nervous smile.

My stroking continues and you maintain your composure. Feeling you getting harder in my hand is exciting me. My dress is already up to my thighs. I look at the guy to my right and he is so into listening to you, that he doesn't notice my fingers finding it's way to my slit.
Rubbing my slit up and down makes my clit hard and it peeks out.

My hand is working overtime on your cock and on the down stroke I release your balls. Your hips are rocking back and forth and our movements are in sync. I lean back in my chair as I put 2 fingers in my wet pussy. I let out a soft moan. I am in the zone of no return now.

I glance at the guy to my right again and I notice he is rubbing his crotch. His eyes are focused on my pussy. Never one to miss an opportunity, I pull his hand to my pussy. I spread my legs apart and he replaces my fingers with his. His thumb is rubbing my clit with each thrust, as his finger go in and out of my pussy. I'm so wet it is making swishing noises.

I hear you tell your colleagues that it is time for a 15 minute break. The guy to my right pulls out and regains his composure. They go to the bar and we are alone at the table. You turn your chair to your dirty little slut and tell me to suck your cock. I get on my knees and you brush my hair away from my face. You then wrap your hand around it.

I open wide and you push my head down over your rock hard cock. You lean back into the chair not caring who sees us. I suck you hard and deep. I can taste your pre-cum and begin sucking harder. I want the sweet treat that will soon follow. You pull my head off your cock, by pulling my hair and you tell me to straddle you. I am so anxious to oblige. I push my thong to the side and slide onto your cock. I grab the back of the chair, put my feet up on the seat and ride you hard.

The dining room is so quiet you can hear a pin drop. The only sounds that can be heard are our sexual moans and groans of pleasure.
You know when I arch my back I am going to cum. You tell me not to.
I look at you puzzled.

"We will cum together," you say and I smile and agree.

I know you must be close because I can feel your body having spasms. I am humping you hard and steady now. I can feel your warm cum exploding inside me. I keep thrusting forward and my cum starts flowing.

You sigh deeply and I rest my head on your chest. You take your hand and rub my cheek and then a kiss on my forehead. I smile at you.

I climb off of you and start to lick up our mixture of juices. Taking long slow licks up your now flaccid cock. I clean your balls next. I take your linen napkin, dip it in some water and finish the job. You straighten up and zip up your pants. I take the same napkin and clean myself.

I stand up, adjust my dress, grab my purse and thank you for a wonderful evening. Your colleagues are making their way back to the table as I leave.

I start walking across the dining room to the door. Everyone has their eyes on me. I look back at you and you give me a smile and a wink. I blow you a kiss and whisper, " I love you baby."
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