Returning Home again

We awaken with a full day of work ahead of us. We start to get to things together...both of us have late morning appointments.

We dash into the shower and do a "get in and out" quickie move. We then get into our business attire as we are smiling at each other for the previous night's adventure.

She says "remember you owe me something special for tonight". A fast kiss and hug and off to work.

I get in the car and start getting a hard on thinking about her departed comment. Now I'm thinking, how to deflate. I can't get a woody during my presentation.

hmmm....Okay, deflate...go down dick... I'm tapping my feet while driving to change the circulation priority. Maybe some music will clear the mind. (Gospel???(lol)

The presentation goes quite well and the group decides to go down to Phillips at the Inner Harbor.
A lunch like no other is shared by all. In departing, I pick up dinner for tonight.

Thinking, get dinner now and use the time later saved for after dinner activities. Eliminate the dinner preparation time can be used for other purposes like orgasms.

Driving home I am dreaming of what we'll do tonight. Yep, it's getting hard again. I wish my love was here to grab it and get it under control......well her control!

Did a quick stop to picked up some wine and got home again before my lover. I set the table and readied the food.

I strip down and make a quick dash to the hot tub. With the summer heat the tub temperature is turned down. Cooler water with the bubbles have a great cooling and relaxing effect.

I get out and dry off and start filling the wine. My lover walks in as I am pouring her glass while stark naked.

She grins and grabs her glass of wine. Eyeing me she says:" I see supper is ready let me take a quick dip in the tub." she climbs in.

I get the flowers on the table as she gets out of the tub to dry off.

She comes right at me and says "Good evening and I missed you so much today" She plows her tongue into me and grinds her pubic bone right into my dick. We both say Hi and feel each others body. Enbracing each other she grabs my dick while I hold her butt and we sqeeze together. I can see her leaking nectar onto her leg. She's beautifully hot and horny. I pick up a spoon and gently scoup it through her lips. A spoon full of nectar and I show it to her and then move it to my mouth. I show her I am enjoying the taste as it rolls over my tongue. I scoup up another taste to my mouth. She spears her tongue into mine. Our tongues fence together. She sucks her juices back.

We gulp down some more wine and kiss. She places her foot on the chair and I clasp my hand on her mound.I insert a finger into her and add another. I work the magic "G" spot. She was soaked and lowered herself to the cushions on the floor. She laid back legs apart and she opens her lips with a tap and rub on her clit. Her juice just trickled down her crack onto her arse rosebud.

Feeling the juice and opening her ass cheeks abit to feel the juice run over the opening she moans. "Go in me sweet love, open my ass and fill me with what ever you got. I want you now.I am so horny",she whispers as she turns over.

I take my fingers and run them thru her crack and take a finger and insert it into her rear. She is loose and it just slids in. She was just awaiting for it. I slip a second finger in. She moans again. Moist and warm and I push her nectar in her hole. I take my dick and slide it along the lube path. As I get to the entrance I place my dick helmet to the bud. It just slides into heaven. She grabs the knob at the enterance squeezes and then her ass swallows my sword. I immediately feel her muscles milking me as she rams back.

I feel the shaft expansion before I blow. I grab her breasts and pull her closer. "Ram", I exploded sending jets of my cum deep within her. She explodes right after me and I feel her grip holding on thru her quakes.

"I feel you, I feel you" she screams.

We begin to relax yet she holds me tight. A gentle milking movement gets some hardness back. Now I need to pee. The wine now needs an exit.

"Ahh...let me up so I can pee" I whisper.

She said "no I am still between orgasms and real close to an upcoming one. Remember your promise I want you to warm my insides, pee in me and fill my bowels with your water. Do it baby, its special just between us."

As I flow into her she moans and starts to milk me while peeing in her. I enbrace her. It feels so so good. I start a little movement and she says slow down.

I finish and just rest there and now with a great hard on.

"Okay take it out. The filled feeling feels so good" She stands up... lets go to the shower. We get to the shower and she grabs my dick.

"I'm ready to cum" I said.

"So am I she whispers. Fuck me now and hard.
Get down on the shower floor and I'm going to get on top facing you while we cum togther."
She lowers her self gets the head in and impales herself. Looking into each others eyes the power overtakes us both.

We slam together pumping as hard as we can. Horny dogs are we. I feel her leaking out the back and the warmth going over my balls just increases the size of my dick. We both explore together with our tongues traveling in each others mouth. Quake after quake we let loose our reserves and my love releses her inner warmth on me.
I reach up and turn the water on in our super shower. Water just poured over us from the pan shower and the jets of the hose spray gently cleaned us off and the mess conveintly washes down the drain. We just relaxed on the floor with the temperate water cooling us off.

"Hey," my lover states: "I didn't pee yet".

"Okay, Let's 69 and position over me and I'll suck you up. I did forgot the appetizer for tonights meal.

"How's your ass feel" I inquire.

"Fine it really felt good doing that. I guess a lot of nerves escalate that high feeling and orgasm."she said.

"Can you fuck me in the ass?" I question.

"Sure I can use one of the toys, a double dildo. I do not have a harness in my toy chest. The double will work just fine. You ever do that before." she asks with a hint of bi being questioned.

"No, never before just fingered and it felt so good and it increased my sperm load and force. I only prefer lady lovers; no guys. I saw how you reacted and it excited me I want to try it, but only with you."

Let's have dinner and we'll get on to it after. Got Lube????

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