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A few hours of a deep deep sleep, after such a fulfilling meal and enduring (with a smile) one of the most exhaustive love making periods, was well needed. Too tired to get up and still recharging, we just fell asleep again embraced in each others arms. The warm juices of our love making just spread and coated our bodies in a warm honeylike coating. Enjoying the mix of our clean sweat and nectars, some dried and some still wet warmly sealed us together.

Feels so good to be so close, my hand and fingers began to explore and message her body. I am still in a half sleep, a half dreaming mode, but getting quickly aroused. My finger tips start exploring. My fingers slide over her thighs and slowly reach over to the inner regions.Playing in the finger paint, I never stop wanting her and hug her thighs closer to me.

My sweet love moans and slowly open her legs and completes a roll to her stomach allowing me access to warmth and moist juice. Reaching up I feel her accumulated moisture and start playing with the hair and lips. Slowly I explore her hidden regions.

I take a scoup of nectar with my fingers and taste. My dick hardens with a surge. I roll over between her legs and rest my cheek on her butt. My eye focused in on her arse crack, loaded full of her juice and our cum from the night just past. The nectar glistens with a sweet peach aroma. My tongue searches the crevice. From her clit to her arse looks so yummy. Whoa....what a beautiful sight. my heart is pounding, for me this is the ultimate turn on. Swallowing her body fluids to have it inside of me is the high of togetherness. It also tastes good!

Weird probably by many folks standards, but its good for us.The oportunity to become so close and intimate sharing our physical feelings satisfies and fulfills my desires of being close and a part of my life's partner love.

My thumb and finger find her clit and clamp on, tenderly I start rubbing and squeezing while seeing her hips start to rotate a bit. I feel the connection inside of me and that wonderful chemical burn, I begin to slurp up her juices with my starving tongue. Wiping and sucking her crevice from point to point. I get to her arse covered with a little pool of juice and I stab by tongue inches deep into her. She begins to fuck my tongue and I stay right with her. My hand still clamped to her clit she rides me tight. My love trembles and shakes and squeeges every part of her body and suddenly relaxes. We just stay connected feeling each other.

She begins to get up on all fours, weak from one of the biggest cums. "I need to go....oh..I..." didn't finish her thought, "I'm cumming again" breathless, moaning and begining to leak" she whispered.

I get back under her and tell her I'm ready feed me babe...fuck my mouth.

She lowers her "gina" down to my lips and commences her rocking and cumming. Fucking my mouth, my nose in her clit and with "All" of her juices just poured onto my tongue and into my mouth. I swallowed her all. My nose jamming her clit just continued her rapture. So very very good. Feeling her body explode with our love gives me that ultimate satisfying high.

My lover whispers to me "its your turn" to empty out and lose that spear between your legs. Let me put my legs around you and lie between your feet.

After a little manuvering she lifts her ass to my hard rod and envelopes it. She lifts her body up and my arms hold her and she rams herself down penetrating so deeply. I can feel her milking me with her internal arse muscles. Our lips meet and our tongues fence with each other. I start to ram her arse. A slight moan and she said stop I'm going to drain you dry....all of you and you are just going to relax and enjoy. Yes, my dick flexed with that! With her biting at my lip and playing with my nipple I look into her eyes and into her soul I just felt the bolt of sperm rocket jetting into her pulling my ass door muscle with the vacuum. Ahhh...she said that felt good and I could feel it well. Another shot went thru and a third. I stayed locked in.

After a quite few minutes, I said, "I think I need to empty my pee, let me get up please". My lover said, "not yet, your not leaving now". What? I told you its my turn to empty you out. I'm locked into you and you can empty into me. I just want to feel your warmth in me and then we'll hit the shower. I not to sure about this, I don't think I could relax and be able to do it.

Now, I'm getting a hard on over this and now certainly won't be able to do it. I'll fix that hard on right now. She starts to milk me in such an aggressive tightly manner I cum hard. Cum is leaking out of her. Let me eat you and capture my cum and we can sixty nine.

We change positions and while on top I clean her up and then she turns. Grabs a hand towel and some hand lotion and cleans my dick and giving me a nice half way soft erection. She starts to suck so slowly.

Let's hit the shower. My lover said I would like to entertain my desire to taste you. I'll tell you what....Let's hit the shower and I will bring a couple wine glasses in and we each toast each other and we will supply the wine to drink. Okay, that will work for now.

Into to the shower room we go. I give my lover her glass. She gently grabs my dick and places the glass so I can fill it. We look into each others eyes and I find the power to relax and my stream starts to fill the glass. As it is nearly filled she aims my pee stream right into her clit. The clit certainly grew a bit and came out of the hood. Now the second glass I placed a couple inches under the start of her hair patch pressing into her lips,she promptly filled my glass.

We toasted and clinged the glasses and tasted the nectar of each other. We looked into each others eyes as we swallowed our first glup together and smiled. We kissed and drank again. We took the remainer washed each others breasts and nipples. Kissing and then went into the shower together. My babe whispers you're going to fill my arse with your pee yet.

to be continued...

Pretty hard for anyone to ever come between us... ever. For we have a part each other in us forever, and as the two of us...we are one.
The privacy and strength of our very special love is very special.

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