Returning home from this morning
I get home first, thinking of our great morning and the prelude to come so I set up dinner. I picked up a couple lobsters at the grocery store where they steam them as a courtesy. I select some shrimp and soft shell steamer clams.The shrimp are pre-cooked and just need to be thawed. Pick up some salad greens,of course, pre-packaged... I'm a guy,and some corn on the cob. A quick stop at the liquor store allowed me to obtain a nice bottle of pinot. All ready to go.

I get the call my sweet, she is on the way.

She comes in an removes her coat and is surprise that I'm getting dinner ready. Done pretty much ecept for the except for cooking the steamers and cooking the corn. That is being prepared now. With wine poured I hand a glass over and we both sip. Hmmm good. We both smile. I am on guard duty to make sure
those steamers are cooking and with the corn on top. Watching the shells to open we rub each other's back and bum of course.. The water is turning to a nice clam broth.

Table is set and we start bringing the food to the table. I light the candles, She turns and grabs me and shoves and grinds her mound into my dick causing as immediate hard on. Wow, look at dinner, that you prepared. Let me freshen up real fast and we will eat. "I'll be the dessert" she says with a grand smile.

Returning, She is wearing a comfortable robe with no under clothes and share the sight. I sit her at the table. A nice soft fragrance I detect kissing her neck and ear.

We sit down for dinner and devour the tails and move on...and of course, we play with the lobster claws. Then we go to the steamers. Dipping them in warmed butter and feeding each other as we hold the tales. The clam broth is the last item to taste. Her rubbing my leg gets me harder than I thought possible. We drink the clam tastes so deliously salty and and with a sweet lingering aftertaste. This reminds us of our juices. Let's make love, we whisper.

I grab her hand and go to the bedroom. She already turned down the sheets and have a couple of towels in place. She tells me to lie down. I quickly remove my clothes and lie back. My love climbs over me and brings her knees up to my arms."Dessert is being served my darling" my love. My dick is already poking at her ass . "I want to give you the cup from this morning." Ahhh I would like that" I whisper.
I just moan my dick is pushing out of its skin. Her juices or dripping onto the helmet. Feed me my sweet. She reaches in her love tunnel and secures the tab from her Diva Cup. Gently tugs and pulls gently and lowers it from her vagina. She brings the cup my lips,after allowing me to see it. "I need to fuck you and let me taste you." Gently she lifts the cup moves her hips rubbing my pulsing dick contacting her innr lips and tilts back and lowers on my dick which then just slides in. She gently tilts the cup at my lips allowing some flow to coat my tongue as it travels to the back of my throat. The tongue sensors the flow senses the tastes. The lovely salty taste is so good. My love pours a bit more. I devour her love food. The rest I'm taking and then sharing with you. Watching her, she empties the cup in her mouth, impales her self on my dick to the hilt and leans down on me and french kisses me as we twirl our tongues together Fucking each other's mouths and sharing the nectars of our love.

She is bucking me like a horse and ramming me hard as ever. She cums violently, screaming and squeezing ever drop of cum from me. Her orgasm just pulled me into hers and I let loose, I could not hold it any longer. Moaning and giving her hickies that she never had before. She would end an orgasm and seconds later enjoy another and then another clamping me inside. With her repeating milking, I soon got harder and drove through her love canal to her cervix and filled that room too.

Locked in and exhausted, we embraced, and said truce till morning and fell asleep holding each other and with big smiles and pleasant dreams.
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