I don't often go to strip clubs but when I do, I tend to go alone. Bachelor parties or a drunken night with the boys are all well and good but since these tend to have witnesses that can report back to my wife, I am on my best behaviour. Table dances and flirty chats with the ladies are as far as it goes.

There are the rare occasions however when my darker appetites rise and I find myself sneaking off early from work and driving to the far side of town. I tell my wife that I'm meeting clients in the area and not to expect me until late. As a precaution, I pop into the client for a courtesy call and then head off to a nearby club.

The late afternoon shift is not prime time but there are fewer patrons and the ladies are still friendly and attentive. I usually watch the dancers for a while before selecting one of them for a private lap dance. A few minutes chit chat and some hot lap action and I'm good to go. I pop into the gym on the way home for a quick shower and then off home for the second act where I enjoy some heavy petting and rough sex with the wife.

On this occasion, I found myself at a club I hadn't been to in some time. It was dimly lit and rock music was blasting from the speakers. On the stage, two busty strippers in bikinis were gyrating and I was seated at a secluded booth where it was quieter, sporting a throbbing erection. My cock is on the large size and one of favourite moments in these encounters in the moment when the dancer first notices it. There are usually some comments about it which turns me on, especially if I can tell that the lady is actually impressed and not just paying me an empty compliment.

The club was quite busy but, thankfully, there were no familiar faces. I ordered a single shot of bourbon from the young blonde waitress in a short skirt and tight crop top that hugged her shapely form. She smiled uncertainly at me before going to get my drink. At these sessions, I restrict myself to a single drink so that I can get a slight buzz that enhances my sex drive and makes me more confidant talking to the strippers but ensures that I won't get a DUI or arouse my wife's suspicions.

I was studying the dancers closely, trying to determine if I had sampled their wares before and if not, make a selection for the afternoon's entertainment. I was so engrossed that I paid little attention to the waitress as she placed the drink down on the table beyond a cursory glance and a "Thank you" before reverting my attention back to the stage.

"Excuse me, Sir?"

I turned to look back at the waitress who was looking at me with a furrowed brow.

"Yes?" I replied wondering if she wanted me to pay for the drink now so that she could get the tip.

She smiled again and brought her fingers to her red lips. A bolt of recognition shot through me, my face flushed with a mixture of elation and guilt.

"Rebecca? Rebecca Andrews?"

She nodded and laughed, "I thought it was you Uncle Mike."

"Holy shit! Please it's just Mike now."

This was daughter of our old neighbours, Brad and Cindy who had moved away several years ago. We had been close friends with them but had lost touch since they moved bar the occasional Facebook message that 'we really should meet up some time'. Now I found myself in an compromising and mortifying situation with Rebecca who had grown into a gorgeous lady.

"Sure, Mike and it's Becky now. Actually it's Zoe but that's my stage name."

"Stage? You mean..." I glanced towards where the two busty blondes were running their hands over one another.

"Yeah," she said brightly, "I dance but mainly at night so I help out on the floor during the day to get a few extra bucks. Can I join you?"

"Don't you need to serve the customers?"

"It's cool, there aren't too many of them and since I'm a dancer, fraternisation is not frowned upon."

She scooted into the booth and threw her arms around me for a big hug. I felt her warm body against mine and my cock thudded in my pants. Fuck, she was so pretty but I had to make an excuse to explain my presence.

"Oh God," she said excitedly, "it's so cool to see you again. I've often thought about you guys, especially you. Mom and Dad keep saying they want to hang out with you and..." she stopped herself her eyes wide, hand to her mouth. "Oh God, you can't tell them about this, oh shit, I wasn't thinking, this will kill them, oh fuck"

I placed a hand on her arm,"It's ok Rebecca, I mean Becky. I won't tell, I promise. In fact, I was about to ask for your discretion. I was meant to meet a client here but he bailed and I was about to go."

"Oh no, please stay," she implored me, her free hand on mine. "I really want to catch up. I won't tell either. Pinky swear."

She held up her hand, pinky finker upright and I clasped it with mine.

"Pinky swear. So how are you Becky or do you prefer Zoe?"

"I prefer whatever you do Uncle Mike. I mean Mike. Sorry, force of habit, whenever I think of you that's what I call you, Uncle Mike. Anyways I'm 22 now, my folks think I'm working as an online reviewer which I kinda do but the money here is so good and I'm actually pretty good at investing so I've got a decent nest egg built up"

I was staring at her mesmerised, her stream of words rushing over me as I absorbed her beauty. Her naturally blonde hair was in a braided ponytail that hang over her shoulder as she faced me. Her eyes were a shimmering blue and her lips were full and shiny with red lipstick. She was wearing a white crop top that exposed her taut, flat stomach and clung to her full breasts, one of which was nestled pleasantly against my arm.

We chatted enjoyably for several minutes. I briefly described my career, brought her up to speed on Linda (my wife) and our goings on. She described where she was living, what her parents were up to (same old, same old as it turned out) and a brief but enthralling overview of her job at the club. During this time, my erection refused to subside. Half an hour slipped by and I found myself never wanting her to leave even though that was inevitable

A well built guy walked past just then, staring at us before raising a quizzical eyebrow at Becky.
She smiled smiled sweetly and waved. The man nodded and carried on his way but kept looking over his shoulder at us.

"Sorry Mike, that was one of the managers. Hope you don't mind but could you put a twenty on the table. I'll give it back, I swear."

I did as she requested and noticed that the large man seemed to lose interest in us at this point and wandered over to the bar.

"OK," she said, picking up the bill and tucking it away. "Sorry but I have to do this now otherwise we'll have to cut this short and I really don't want to.'

She pushed me back into the booth so that she could swing a leg over mine to sit straddling my thighs facing me. It appeared that I had just bought myself a booth dance with my friend's daughter.

"OK, that's better," she said, linking her arms around my neck so that we were face to face.

"Hi," she said smiling, her eyes locked with mine.

"Hi," I echoed, wondering if she could feel my hard cock.

"So you know how I said that I thought of you often? You wanna know why?"

"Sure," I gulped as her ass gyrated on my crotch.

She leaned forward to nuzzle my earlobe, her breasts pressed against my chest. There was no possible way that she couldn't notice my hard-on.

"I fantasise about you, Uncle Mike," she whispered into my ear. "When you came over to our old house, I always made sure I was around. I was 18 and my boobs still hadn't grown and I had zits so I wasn't looked at by the boys so much but you always talked and joked with me and made me feel special. I though you were the hottest guy on the planet. For my nineteenth birthday, I bought myself a vibrator and rushed home to play with myself while you and Aunt Linda were downstairs having dinner with my folks. I came so hard thinking of you, Mike and to this day every time I'm with a guy who doesn't do it for me, I think of you and cum immediately. The day my folks moved was one of the saddest in my life but soon after that, my skin began to clear, my tits got bigger and suddenly the boys were all over me. But I never forgot you Uncle Mike. Never."

She kissed me, her tongue pressed against mine as she rubbed my cock with her ass. I kissed her back, aroused by her confession but then pulled away as reality struck me.

"Jesus, Becky! Look I'm not sure this is right."

"Why not?"

"Well, I'm a lot older than you for starters."

She waved my objection off. "Big deal, most of the guys that come in here are your age and even older. I like older guys, they are usually kinder, more confident and experienced."

"Plus I know your parents. Really well."

"I know right! C'mon you know that makes it even hotter."

Neither I nor my excited dick could argue with that. I felt that it was only right to share a deep dark secret of my own.

"I'm flattered Becky, more than you could know. Back then, you may have considered yourself undesirable but I have to confess that I loved talking to you. You were smart and funny and cute. I couldn't act on that of course. i was married, you were nineteen and the daughter of one of my closest friends but," I took in a deep breath, "I masturbated thinking of you too."

She gasped, her movements stopped, her eyes glowed and her smile broadened.

"You better not be fucking with me, Mike!"

"Swear to God." It was true, I often fantasised about Rebecca next door, not for several years now but at the time her smile triggered many an orgasm. That smile she had given me earlier, her fingers raised to her lips. I revealed this to her and she repeated the action, whether on purpose or unconsciously I could not tell. We kissed again, my hands moving up to clasp her waist, fingers stroking her bare midriff. We broke it off slowly, smiling at each other. She started grinding on my dick again, nipples erect and visible against the confines of her shirt.

"Look Mike, I've been on your lap for awhile now and i really need to ask. How big is your dick? It feels massive."

"It's big enough Becky, big enough."

"For fucking sure. Holy shit, I need to see this thing that I've been dreaming about for years."

She moved off my lap, taking me by the hand and leading me to the private rooms at the back. I followed her, admiring her ass as it swayed beneath her short, tartan skirt.

Once we were settled in the room, she straddled me again and we kissed long and deep. This time my hands cupped her breasts, massaging them. I teased her nipples between my forefinger and thumb. She rubbed my chest, grinding fiercely against my cock. I kissed her neck and she gasped.

"Oh fuck, yes!"

Her hands were at my belt, unclasping it and pulling down my zipper. I shucked my pants down, bucking my hips into her so that my erection bulged against by boxers. She stood up, pulling her shirt off so that her perfect, full breasts were exposed. She undid her skirt and slowly began to slide it and her panties down.

"Take it out, Mike. Show me how much I turn you on. Please."

I hesitated, we were already past the point of appropriate strip club behaviour but I knew that if we carried on, I was making a decision that would have a profound impact on my life. This was no longer mere lap dances and flirtation with strippers who were only interested in my money. This would be something more. She wriggled her hips and smiled at me.

"Please Uncle Mike," she implored and at that moment I was lost.

I pulled my erect cock out and began to jerk off slowly as I watched her.

"God, it's even bigger than I thought. And so thick. That is so sexy. I cannot tell you how many times I've cum to this thought. You jerking off as you watched me."

"I've though about it too, Becky."

She pulled her skirt down, her pussy neatly shaved, the lips parted slightly.

"Look how wet I am for you," she murmured, tracing a finger between her labia before presenting it to me. I licked her finger, tasting the nectar of her lust.

"Delicious," I said, stroking my cock faster.

Naked and flawless, she knelt down between my legs, looking up at me. She batted my hands off my cock and replaced them with her own. She gave it nice, slow strokes, my precum leaking over her fingers.

"Nice cock, Daddy," she said.

At this my cock pulsed violently and it was my turn to gasp.

"What?" I exclaimed

"Relax," she said, her lips curving in a wicked smile. She had elicited the exact reaction she wanted. "I call most of my clients Daddy, they seem to like it. But with you, I like it too, a whole lot. It seems so naughty, what with our history and all that. You like it, don't you Daddy?"

I nodded, my cock throbbing in her hands. I hadn't thought it would but her calling me that was one of the biggest turn ons of my life.

"Your big dick seems to like it too, Daddy."

"It does Zoe," I said using her secret name. "It wants you so bad."

"Oh I like that, you calling me Zoe. Like I'm two people to you."

"I'll think of a better name for you, my sweet but for now Zoe suits this."

"You turn me on so fucking much. I want to be your dirty secret, Daddy." She kissed my cock sensually, her tongue rippling the underside.

Christ, my dick was so hard it could have hammered in nails. She engulfed my cock in her talented mouth, providing me with an expert blowjob before mounting me again, her hand expertly guiding my cock into her tight cunt. I grunted with lust and began to fuck her hard and deep. My cock going deep into her pussy.

"Oh god, yes. Fuck me Daddy! Make me yours. Spoil me for any other man. Oh fuck it feels better than I imagined."

"Ride me Zoe. Fuck me back."

She put her arms around me neck again and raised her ass up and down on my rampaging prick. We kissed again until I broke off to take one of her nipples in my mouth. Biting it.

"Fuck yes Daddy. Oh that feels so good. Oh, you are fantastic. Your cock, it's so big. Tearing me up. Oh fuck! Fuck me Daddy. Fuck me hard! Fuck your dirty secret! Fuck me harder than you fuck your wife!"

I thrust into her mercilessly, my balls slapping against her until her nails dug into my back.

"Yes Daddy! I'm gonna cum!"

She bucked on me, her orgasm ripping through her and bringing me to the brink.

"I'm gonna cum too," I gasped.

She bounced off me, dropping to her knees.

"Make it rain Daddy. Cum all over my pretty face."

With a moan. I lowered my cock over her lips and shot my load. It arced over the bridge of her nose and splattered across her forehead.

"It's so warm," she giggled, her tongue washing the underside of my ejaculating cock.

Once the spasms wore off, she licked my cock clean. Savouring my cum. She licked up every drop and smacked her lips.

"You taste wonderful Daddy. I want to drink your cum every day. Cum drunk." She tittered again.

We kissed and petted as we got dressed. She looked as ravishing as she did when we started and my dick was unbelievably still hard.

"That was awesome, Zoe."

"I know right. You're a fantastic fuck, Daddy. Just like I knew you would be. You're still hard. Are you going to fuck Aunt Linda and think of me?"

"Would you like that?"

"Very much. I want every detail and I want you to cum thinking of me."


"Oh, here's your twenty back as promised."

"Keep it Zoe. It adds to the debauchery. That I paid for you."

She giggled and nodded, her eyes telling me that she was thinking exactly the same thing. She was my now my private paid slut.

We swapped contact details, kissed one more time and I left to go home.

"I'll see you soon Daddy"

"Count on it Zoe. There is so much I want to do with you."

"Good, because I've been saving up a lot of debauched though just for you."

Little did we realise how debauched things would get.

[To be continued....]

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