Revenge is sweet
Revenge is sweet

Jack had suspected for months that his wife Linda was cheating on him but he didn't have any definite proof. Jack knew the man's wife and she said she suspected her husband and his wife were seeing each other behind their backs.

One day Linda left her cellphone at home when she went shopping. Jack found it on the kitchen counter and right before he picked it up her phone received a text. it was from Jeff. He was asking if she would be over soon. He said I am ready for your new strap on baby. I will be naked, bound, gagged, and blindfolded like a good boy when you get here.
Jack quickly called Jess, Jack's wife, and told her about the text. Jess knew that Jack was bi but he hadn't been with any guys since he and Linda got married five years ago. Jess said they should teach Jeff a lesson about having sex with married women. She explained her idea to Jack. He said it sounded fun but he hadn't fucked a guy in over five years. Jess told him not to worry he would do fine.

Jess arrived at her home first and found Jeff in the middle of their bedroom floor naked, on his knees, ball gagged, hands cuffed behind him, blindfolded. After she found him in that position she texted Jeff to come over.

Jess met Jack outside to go over what they were going to do, so Jeff couldn't hear them. They both went into the room where Jeff was and quickly undressed. Jess jacked Jack's cock until it was its full length. My God! Jess thought it's so huge, why on earth would she want Jeff when she had THIS at home?

Jeff could tell there were two people in the room but he couldn't tell who. He assumed one was Linda. He hoped the other one was one of her girlfriends. Jess had brought some toys with her that she had bought at the adult video store on the way over.
One was a cock cage that she put on Jeff when he realized what it was he tried to pull away. Jess gave his balls a hard squeeze and he stood perfectly still and let out a whimper. Once she had his cock in the cage Jeff could tell it was tight and he didn't have any room to grow in it. So he needed to make sure he didn't get excited.

Jeff felt something slap his ass. It was the ping pong paddle that Jess had brought with her. Jeff liked being in bondage and being used by Linda.

This time it was different. Jeff was sure there was another person in the room other than him and Linda but being blindfolded he had no idea who it could be. Linda had never put a cock cage on him before. He had sucked her strap on and she had fucked his ass with it but she had always taken the blindfold off before any of that happened.

Jess told Jeff she was going to take the ball gag from his mouth, I have a surprise for you. Since she said it barely above a whisper he couldn't tell it was her and not Linda.

In the same low voice Jess told him, Don't speak, just open wide. Jeff did what she told him and opened his mouth as wide as he could when she removed the ballgag. Standing in front of Jeff his cock almost touching his face Jack put a hand on the back of Jeff's head and pulled his head forward and slid about half of his ten-inch cock into Jeff's mouth and down his throat.

Jeff had never sucked a real cock before, although he had sucked Linda's strap on many times. Somehow Jeff just knew it was a real cock that was in his mouth and halfway down his throat. He instantly tried pulling his mouth off of the stranger's cock but the guy just kept his hand on the back of his head and forced the rest of his cock down his throat. Jeff began to gag and choke and then he could feel his nose buried in the stranger's cockhairs.

Again is the same low voice Jess said, You are going to be a good boy and suck my friend's cock for me...right baby? Jeff nodded as much as he could with the strange cock in his mouth and down his throat.

Linda then whispered, And no speaking or I will put the ballgag back in your mouth and then me and my friend will leave and then you can explain to your wife when she comes home and finds you
like this, WHY you are like THIS...UNDERSTAND?
Again Jeff nodded as best he could with his mouth and throat full of cock. Jess whispered, Now my friend is going to take his hand off your head and if you do ANYTHING but suck his cock I will replace the ballgag and leave. Linda nodded to Jack and he removed his hand from the back of Jeff's head and Jeff began to furiously suck his cock.

Linda told Jeff to slow down sucking her friend's cock, he wanted to savor the moment. She whispered, Suck it like you do my strap on baby. Jeff slowly took Jack's cock down his throat, all the way to his balls, then pulling his mouth off just as slow. As he did this about a dozen times Linda called him a GOOD BOY. Jack ran his fingers thru Jeff's hair as he sucked him and moaned.

Jack whispered I'm ready to shoot my load baby. Linda told Jeff, Suck him faster so he can shoot his load down your throat. Jeff did as she told him. He sucked faster and only took about half of Jack's cock down his throat. Jeff's head was like a piston going up and down on Jack's cock.

When Jack shot his load he put a hand on the back of Jeff's head and shoved his cock down his throat up to his balls and held it there. He shot spurt after spurt of cum down Jeff's throat. When Jack started to cum Jeff tried to resist and started to pull on the cuffs and tried to stand up. Linda gave him a hard slap on his ass again with her hand and told him to behave and he stopped resisting.

Linda told him, When my friend removes his cock I am going to put the ballgag back in. Jack quickly pulled his cock from Jeff's mouth and he barely had time to take a deep breath before Linda shoved the ballgag back into his mouth.

Jeff had never sucked a cock before or done anything sexually with a man before for that matter but he found he liked sucking this guy's cock...whoever he was. He wished he could have kept sucking him, and his cum didn't taste all that bad either.

Jeff and one of his friend's wives, Jess had been having an affair for the past three months. Their first time together Jeff had his hands cuffed behind him, gagged and blindfolded just like he was now. Jess had shoved a strap on down his throat and then fucked his ass with it while he was bound and blindfolded. They had never talked about bringing a guy into their affair but he found he liked it...a lot.

Next Jess, or who Jeff THOUGHT was Jess said, I am going to lead you over to the bed and put you on your back so my friend can fuck your ass with his cock. Linda said this to him as she steered him over to the bed. When Jeff heard that the stranger was going to fuck his ass with his cock he tried twisting out of her grasp.

He was struggling so much Jack had to help her get him onto the bed and onto his back. Once Jeff was on his back on the bed Linda sat on his chest and told him If you don't behave I will make sure your wife sees the pics and video I took of you sucking my friend's cock. What do you think she would say if she saw them? Jeff didn't want to find out. He stopped struggling and Linda said, Now you are going to be a Good Boy, right? Jeff nodded his head yes, what choice did he have?

Linda told Jeff, I am going to take the cage off your cock now, but if you aren't a good boy it goes right back that clear? Jeff couldn't believe he liked being treated this way. He nodded yes, that he would be a good boy.

As Jeff layed on his back on the bed, his hands cuffed behind him, blindfolded and ball-gagged he was entirely at Jess and this strange man's mercy. Jeff hadn't heard the man say one word yet and it made it that much more exciting for him. He had just sucked a guy he didn't know and let him cum in his mouth and now he was about to be fucked in the ass by the same cock.

Jeff could tell from sucking this guy's cock it was a lot bigger than the strap on Linda had fucked his ass with. The guy must have wanted to fuck his ass without using any lube because he felt the tip of the guy's cock at his asshole and then he heard Jess whisper, No baby we need to lube him up first.
Jeff could smell the KY as Jess shoved a big gob into his hole with her finger and fingered his ass, lubing him up for her friend's cock. Jeff let out a moan as he thought Jess was fingering him when it was really his wife Linda. He heard Jess say to the stranger, OK he is ready for your cock.

Jeff felt rough hands pull him to the edge of the bed so his ass was almost hanging off of it. Then the man moved his hands to Jeff's hips and Jeff again felt the tip of the man's cock at his asshole. Jeff prayed he would be gentle.

Jack put the tip of his cock at Jeff's asshole and gently pushed to get the head in. He was surprised it went in so easily. Jeff was very surprised it didn't hurt more than it did. Once he had the head of his cock in Jeff's ass Jack slowly shoved more in and as he did he felt resistance. He went slow because he wanted to savor it, it had been a long time since he had fucked a tight ass.

Jack slowly shoved his cock up Jeff's ass until he was balls deep. As soon as he started to shove it in Jeff started whimpering. Jack didn't care how Jeff felt, he was in heaven. Once he was balls deep Linda whispered to Jack to leave his cock in Jeff's ass. Jack wasn't going to argue it felt good having his cock in Jeff's tight hole.

Linda took out a strap on from her bag of goodies she had brought with her. It was a strap-on she could attach to Jeff's face and have him fuck her ass or pussy with him on his back like he was and she could sit on it and bounce up and down until she had an orgasm. The strap on was also hollow and had a hole at the tip so that when Linda had her orgasm her cum would run down the hole and into his mouth.

As she took the ballgag from his mouth Linda explained the strap-on she was going to attach to his face to Jeff and told him to just lay there as she rode the strap on. Of course, Jeff didn't object. It wouldn't have done him any good anyway. Linda made sure to secure the strap on tight. It had a four-inch nub that she put in Jeff's mouth to make sure the strap on stayed in place.

Once she had the strap on in place Linda got on the bed facing Jack. She put one hand on Jack's shoulder to steady herself and then used her other hand to guide the strap on to her pussy as she lowered herself onto it. The strap on was ten inches long and about three inches thick. As she lowered herself onto the strap on Jack slowly began to fuck Jeff's ass. After about half a dozen times fucking him Jack wrapped his hand around Jeff's cock and jacked him. Jeff was in heaven. He never dreamed being fucked by a real cock could feel so good. Plus being jacked by the guy fucking him only added to his pleasure.

Linda who Jeff thought was Jess told him, You will be very sorry if you cum before me and my friend. He tried to tell her he understood but nothing intelligible came out.

My GOD! This strap on feels so fucking good! Linda thought as she bounced up and down on it. She had to bite her lower lip to keep from screaming. If she would have screamed like she wanted to Jeff would have known she wasn't Jess. Just when she thought she was going to draw blood from biting her lip so hard she took her hands from Jack's shoulders and grabbed his face and kissed him to muffle her screams as he fucked Jeff's ass and she bounced on the strap on attached to Jeff's face. Of course, Jack didn't object.

Linda held the kiss until she had an orgasm and her cum ran down the strap on into Jeff's mouth. Linda came so much it made Jeff gag and choke. Jack was fucking Jeff's ass faster and harder now and he came before Linda's orgasm was over.

Once both Jack and Linda had cum Jack jacked Jeff's cock as fast as he could. Jeff didn't hold out for very long and he just let go. It was the best orgasm Jeff had ever had. He covered Jack's hand with his cum.

After Linda stopped cuming she sat down with all her weight on the strap on cutting off Jeff's air. He was struggling to breathe. After a minute or so Linda got up off the strap-on and took it off Jeff's face. The first thing Jeff did was take in a couple gulps of air.

Next Jack put his cum drenched hand to Jeff's mouth. When Jeff realized what it was he started licking it clean of his own cum. He sucked on each of Jack's fingers licking them clean like someone licking BBQ off their fingers after eating BBQ ribs.

Once Jeff was done cleaning Jack's hand Linda whispered, Me and my friend are going to get dressed and leave now baby. But...Jeff began but Linda put a finger to his lips and shushed him. She then said, After we get dressed and my friend leaves I will put the key to the handcuffs in your hand so you can free yourself. We wouldn't want you to have to explain to your wife why you are in this position, would you?

Jeff just shook his head, no. Linda asked if he'd had fun. He said yes and that her friend could join them anytime she wanted him to.


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