Rise To The Occasion

Surprise Ending...

Nikki's so relaxed right now laying naked in a most provocative position. I keep staring at her eyes for any hint of movement. We lay down together after getting some refreshments in preparation for what we both know is going to be an unforgettable night of orgasmic exhilaration.

"Hey Rod, I'm not asleep, don't stop massaging my pussy. I can't resist the way you touch me."

"I thought you fell asleep when you stopped stroking my cock and massaging my balls. You've got the most masterful touch."

"I should, you taught me by demonstration. In fact, we taught each other."

"Yes, but you took it to another dimension of excellence."

"Your excellent cock started rising to the occasion and I don't want you to cum to soon."

"After what we've been experiencing it'll be a long time before I cum again. When I do I may not be able to stop."

"Good, because I love playing with your cock and balls. I love sucking them even more. Now that we've reached that state of fulfillment I didn't believe existed, I'm ready for what ever you have in mind. Since you're the best oral genius I've ever met and you took me where no one else has yet, I'm going to keep my promise about allowing you to take me however you choose."

As we switch around Nikki sits up in a wide legged position knowing how the site of her open wet pussy turns me into a raving maniac. She arches her upper body backward with her hands supporting her provocatively sexy profile. I rotate my legs over the edge of the bed with my cock limply hanging over my thigh. Our eyes focus on each others main attraction, the anatomy we've been hungering for throughout our intense oral, anal orgasmic foreplay. We both stare as we contemplate tonight's adventure.

Rod leans back copying my laid back profile. I love watching him get excited. His cock begins lengthening, his crown peeks through his foreskin, his thickness swells as blood veins bulge. I feel my wetness begin to soak into the sheets. Pre cum drips from Rod's gaping slit. I know he wants to eat my pussy as badly as I want to suck his cock. This time it's just going to be enough to launch us into a frenzy of what we've both been so patiently waiting for.

As if we both saw that green light instantly flash we leap for each others vitals like mad dogs attacking their prey. I rotate over Rod's body into an erotic awkward position grabbing his cock with both hands and feeding it into my mouth tongue first. That first burst of sweetness fills my senses with passion and lust. I want more!

Nikki rotates into my body in such an awkward position I take full advantage of her spontaneous leap of faith. I catch her spread out thighs and begin slowly standing, her legs reaching around my shoulders. In an inverted position with Nikki ferociously attacking my cock and me eating her pussy as if splitting a watermelon open and diving in head first, I carry her up side down into the room with a water bed. Her pussy's so sweet, her lips drip with gusto, I hesitate while we enjoy a few moments of exotic pleasure. I suck her clit deep feeling her flowery lips hug my cheeks. A wild fantasy crosses my mind, "Hey Nikki, think we can find a way to bottle our cum?" She chokes, slightly tightening her throat around the head of my cock, "Damn Rod, how'd you know what I was thinking."

Rod's forearms hold my thighs as he rotates me into a comfortable position on the water bed. Our mouths and tongues are dripping with cum. Without hesitation they become vacuum sucking amoebas, our hands reaching for stability. His hands press open my thighs spreading the flood gates of my pussy. Those huge lips Rod loves dangle and drip precious juices. Rod's cock hangs heavy into my hands as I guide it to the entrance of his fathomless quest for depth.

Nikki's body quivers and shimmies as I start pressing her thighs into the undulating water bed. The rhythm of the waves create an overwhelming craving for depth charge thrusting penetration. I grab a couple of pillows to raise the angle of our pelvic bones then rotate slightly into a scissors position. We both start accentuating the pulse of the waves.

Nikki rotates the head of my cock into her massive lips gathering as much liquid as possible. She masterfully slides my foreskin back coating the crown with her cum then pulls forward collecting more cum behind its hood. Her technique of sliding her index finger under my foreskin and swirling it around the hood of my crown sends me into an altered state of pleasure.

She reaches back holding my shaft tight then swirls the head of my cock between her dangling lips. Finally she pulls me into her pulsating warm pussy. I have to exert full control not to thrust as deep as possible but her pussy has a mind of its own.

I know Rod wants to fuck me as deep and hard as possible and I'm so ready for him to go for it. My pussy opens wide to accept the fullness of his thrusts. The wave action of the water bed removes any hesitation. Rod's cock hurls its way deep into my cervix then tightens. Both my hands are still wrapped around his shaft. I feel the immense pressure of the thickest, longest cock I've ever known. A wave bellows upward. His body sails downward. I thrust my pelvis upward. His cock starts to bow under the pressure of my tightness, I pull back with a slight rotation to achieve a better angel of thrust. I'm finally able to relax.

Three waves later my pussy feels the immensity of the most enormous cock I've ever had in me. My breath disappears in one inhalation. Sensing my relaxation Rod thrusts harder. I reach up grabbing his hips pulling him even harder. He picks up my lust for more of his cock and he enthusiastically obliges. I know he's holding back making sure he doesn't hurt me. Every thrust goes deeper. The deeper he goes the deeper I want him to go. If this is all it's going to hurt then bring on the hurt. I can't control a pre mature orgasm. It's quick but enjoyable.

"Come on Rod, give it to me, you know I want it...I know you want it, work your magic and fuck me like you've never fucked before."

Nikki's body tightens as she grits her teeth. Her eyes close, her head tilts back, her posture is a beckoning invitation for an all out fucking extravaganza that knows no limit.
She throws her arms back with a gesture that suggests, "I surrender to your every craving desire."

My words of encouragement are all that Rod needs. This next orgasm isn't subtle, it's breathtaking. Every thrust is opening my pussy to ever knew sensations. He's stretching me in ways I've never dreamed of being stretched. The more I can relax the deeper he's able to penetrate. Inch by inch the shaft of his cock slowly disappears. I reach down with still one hand around his shaft, tighten my grip and pull him as deep as possible. I release my hand just as he thrusts as if it were the last jamming plunge. His cock forces my uterus to the limit squashing the head and crown of his cock into a massive swollen balloon of flesh. The sensation startles both of us.

"Does that hurt."

"No, just pleasant pressure, if it's O K with you keep thrusting to the limit, I'm about to cum again."

The wider I spread my legs the smoother his cock feels drawing my lips in with every thrust then releasing them on every withdrawal. The ocean voyage water bed is such a rush. It's taken some time to adjust to the maximum swells and the counter body movements in order to experience an amazing unanticipated barrage of deeper and deeper penetrations. So this is what Rod meant by, "limits are only boundaries for unlimited bliss."

"All right Rod, give me that surprise you promised!!!"

Ask and ye shall receive. Rod starts fucking me so forcefully, I'm loving every inch of his massive cock. He's fucking me with three distinctly different strokes. OOOps, that wave threw him off balance. He's thrusting first in the center of my pussy then from side to side then he rotates his hips randomly as he increases the pace. I love watching his cock twist and bend to the breaking point.

We're having non stop orgasms without a hint of slowing down. I feel Rod's cock get semi limp but he keeps fucking me slowly. Our juices keep us lubricated and the length of his cock keeps him deep inside me no matter how limp he gets. As he gets harder his pace increases and we're back in the saddle going for the checkered flag, again.

Nikki is truly a fucking maniac. In fact, she's the queen of all fucking maniacs. I don't want to stop fucking her, I can't stop fucking her, I know she's loving it, I'm loving it, I just caught my second wind, we're in an altered state of mesmerized insanity.

As our orgasms build we're reduced to murmuring like begging semi conscious starving puppies. As we regain strength from every orgasm Nikki feeds our passion buy scooping her fingers into her pussy lips then around my shaft, collecting cum and sharing as we kiss and suck each others tongue while licking her fingers.

Rod has tried telling me of how much more intense orgasms can be by experiencing prolonged sustained penetration. I never understood what he meant until now. I'm so far past the soreness phase and into that semi numb arousal phase that I truly don't want him to stop fucking me until we're both completely exhausted and that's going to be a long time from now.

"Do it Rod, I'm right here with you, fuck me as hard as your cock can bare 'cause my pussy is about to explode with wondrous joyful bliss."

Rod's fucking me like he's in the last mile of a marathon after running several four minute miles. We're in complete silence, so focused on every pounding thrust, each one feeling like a separate orgasm all it's own. I truly don't know what to do except let Rod take complete control. I'm adding a little force to the movement of the water bed but it's just in keeping with the awesome sensation of being fucked into oblivion without any possibility of recovery. Neither one of us is seeking recovery we're just seeking that intensity that keeps us wanting more. More is where it's at and where it's at is where we're headed. I start twisting my hips and throwing my legs into scissor kick jabs. Our bodies move in counter clock wise motion adding sensations that are unbelievable. I love feeling his shaft as he thrusts, so I wrap my lips tight against his shaft. As he withdraws his foreskin pulls forward. Just before he thrusts again I pull back hard giving him a sensation he's never felt before.

"OMG, Nikki, keep doing what you're doing, I feel a gusher welling up...YES, again, again, again!!!"

Rod starts hurling his body into mine with absolutely no regard for control, I love it. His body quivers into spasms, I know he's just had one of the most amazing orgasms of his entire life. "Come on Rod, fuck my pussy into mush. I can feel your swollen cock getting tighter, going deeper, my pussy feels so comfortably huge, you feel so awesomely wonderful, let me take over so you can rest and enjoy this cowgirls riding style."

I've never been so turned on by anyone remotely resembling the likes of Nikki. She loves to be fucked the way I've always dreamed about fucking someone. Her endurance is admirable and now she's going for gold.

We take advantage of one of the bursting waves to catapult us into a rotating spiral hanging on to each other and landing perfectly intact. Nikki doesn't miss a beat. I start massaging her breasts and twisting her nipples between my thumbs and index fingers. She comes unglued and starts fucking me in all directions. Seems like she learned this technique well and is doing it better than me. She takes hold of my balls as if they were reins and begins rotating completely around first one way then the next. My cock twists one way then the other. I feel cum issue from my crown but it's not orgasmic cum. This is a new sensation for me even though I know there's still another orgasm building momentum. I reach around my shaft and press her pussy lips against it squeezing all the moisture from her cum along its length. Her pounding attack is ferociously smooth and steady. The head of my cock has gone semi numb but the shaft is wide awake.

"Hey Rod, hold the base of your cock tight and steady I want to spin around."

Without realizing what she's asking for I merely follow her lead. I stuff the pillows under the small of my back and embrace her request. As the waves build she spins one way then waits for the next rise and spins the other way. We're both so entranced by this improvisational maneuver that we're unaware of an unsuspected orgasm.

The rush of adrenaline combined with such a powerful technique sets us up for a slow build up to the most powerful orgasm Nikki's ever imagined possible let alone experienced. Her body goes wild with uncontrolled thrashing, her arms balance her upper body gyrations. She raises up to the edge of my crown then slams her body full force into my groin. I just have enough time to hold my cock steady letting go once she's on her downward plunge. Her moans , grunts and spasmodic exhalations reveal an orgasm that took her by surprise. That makes two of us.

Nikki rolls off my cock in a head over shoulder roll and immediately attacks my cock forcing it in her mouth and deep down her throat. I attack her pussy with a feverish quest for her liquid ambrosia.

We let the water bed settle while we feast on each others treasures from heaven. As we relax in our favorite position fondling each others genitalia, Nikki belts out a surprise invitation...

"Hey Rod, I hope you don't mind but I asked Suzie to stay with us for a while."

"You mean the girl you've been training at the ice cream store?"

"Yeah, her boy friend kicked her out."

"What an idiot. Hope you don't mind me saying this but Suzie is really some hot foxy sex queen."

"Don't you think I know it. Oh, and Rod, I've been telling her about us and she wants to be part of a threesome."

"Wow! Her boyfriend really is an idiot. He let this gal go? Why?"

"She was frustrated all the time because all he knows how to do is throw her down, fuck her for five minutes, shoots his wad then leaves."

"That's not a boyfriend, that's a complete inconsiderate fool."

"She was staying with him because she has no money to get a place of her own yet."

"Well, tell her she's welcome here for as long as she wishes to stay."

"Oh, and Rod, she craves sex as much as I do!!!"

"Oh My god, there really is a Hot Rod Heaven"

P.S. Rod and I want to thank you for reading this story. We had to go through the experience again in order to try and remember the sequence of events. We had planned on writing the story as the events took place taking breaks between orgasms. However, we both lost control and just went for it.

Oh, yeah, about that fantasy of bottling cum. We're going to be conducting an experiment. My fantasy is making ice cubes so we can suck on them throughout the day. I swear, the more cum I swallow, the more I want. Do you possibly think eating or drinking cum makes you hornier? Sure hope so. I only know how it excites my body...and Rod, well, he's an extremist. Mention cum and he immediately salivates.

Just wait 'til Suzie enters the picture. I may not be enough for Rod since right now I'm pretty well spent. He's massaging my pussy and stroking himself. If he wants to fuck me again I'll let him 'cause I love his cock so much he can fuck me when ever he wishes. I'll just lay back and enjoy the ride... for know...
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