Risk Reward
Mental stimulation is as exciting as physical stimulation....the thought of you, getting excited as you please me...knowing that I was as excited as you were... Thinking of what you might be doing?

Touching yourself thru your clothes.....or possibly naked, or half dressed...mmmmmmmmmmm :) Do you like to be caressed ? I love to touch, tenderly, gently, caringly..also like to be forceful, pulling hair, biting, feel my fingers on your skin, soft, smell your perfume, to feel your hair....

We work in the same office. I have a private office and ask you to come in to help with a project. You stand in front of me as I sit in a chair. You are fully clothed in a smart styled business suit. I look up into your eyes and see you are uncomfortable.

I slowly reach up and begin to unbutton the first button of your white blouse. You look away as I proceed to unbutton the next 2 buttons. I feel and see your chest expand and hear you slowly breathe out. I think you are beginning to relax now. I have your shirt undone and then notice to my excitement that you are not wearing a bra. as I open your shirt to reveal your pert nipples which i twist gently between my fingers. You lock your eyes onto mine. I smile, you smile back.

My hands and fingers touching you, many places, stroking your cheek, your shoulder, the outline of your breast, your tummy, reaching for your thighs, your ass...under that mini skirt..looking at you as I man handle you....firmly, yet gently as you deserve. I stand up and undo my shirt. You hear me breathing deeply, heavily, as you excite me. Taking your face in my hands, and letting our faces grow closer.....until our lips are ALMOST touching....feeling your breath, the heat escaping your mouth turns me can't wait any longer. You undo your skirt and as in drops to the ground I ask you to lay on my desk.

Your long legs are spread as I bury my face in your sweet pussy---my tongue plays with your clit--licking then sucking it---biting it a little until you scream...

Cum for me ...I want you to cum thinking of me babe---ohhh my

......Be ready for me--Im not going away.....just a call away!!!!
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