Roadside Rescue
I'm driving down the highway in this beat up piece of junk I call "my" car. The air conditioning went out about 30 miles back and the clunking sound from under the hood has me a little worried. I only have 20 miles or so to go. It's hot. I mean hot, steamy, and humid hot. Even the air blowing in through my windows is hot.

I have my sundress pulled up around my waist just barely covering my inner thighs. Sweat is running down my chest onto my tummy. It was too hot this morning for any more than my dress. Another 10 miles down the road, the engine light comes on and the clunking noise is louder than ever and there's steam from the engine. I hope it's just overheating. I pull off the road, shut off the car and turn on the flashers.

What do I do now? I try my cell phone, great no signal. There's a small town about five miles down the road where I can use a phone to call my sister. I decide my only choice is to start walking. I grab my tennis shoes from the back seat and put them on. At least I thought to bring those, or I'd be hoofing it in sandals.

I've walked about a mile down the road deep in my own thoughts when I hear a car pull up beside me. I look in and to my surprise see a beautiful smile, and without a doubt the most gorgeous green eyes I have ever seen staring at me. Quickly I notice the rest of him is very easy on the eyes as well. With everything that has happened I'm a little shocked at my instant reaction and the tingle that works its way through my body. I shyly smile back. I can feel my face getting hot, I'm blushing at the thoughts I'm having.

He ask if that's my car broke down he passed a little way back. All I seem capable of is a nod yes. He flashes that beautiful smile again as he offers to give me a ride back to it to see if it's cooled off. If needed, he will take me to a phone.

When we get back to the car it will not start so he suggests we push it a little further off the road so if by chance someone does come by, it would be out of the way. There's a level spot just off the road on the other side of some bushes. I steer and he pushes the car.

Thanking him for helping me move the car I get out and go to the front of the car and bend over to look underneath to see if liquid was still pouring from the engine. I forget he is behind me and I have no underwear on. I hear him coming up behind me. You are very welcome!

Suddenly I feel hands on my hips and I am being pulled back against him as he whispers in my ear thank you for the view. Blushing I realize I have given this stranger the bird's eye view. His hands slip down my thighs, under my sundress, across my belly and over my mound I am frozen. "I wanted you as soon as I saw you walking on the side of the road, he says." His hand slips down between my thighs, his fingers slipping between my lips as he kisses the back of my neck. I don't know what to do. I'm shocked, embarrassed and turned on all at the same time. To late he realizes that my body wants him too.

"Ooohhhh," I moan.

Leaning back against the car, he pulls me with him. He still has his hand around my waist and moves the other in front making me moan with pleasure. He puts two fingers back inside me and rubs his thumb around my clit. His left hand travels to roughly release my breasts from my dress. He is rubbing my nipple between his fingers as he slips his fingers into my pussy he starts fucking me with his hand.

"Oh god," I gasp.

He bites down gently on my shoulder sending chills up my spine. I tremble under his touch. He stops and opens the car door and lays me down across the seat pulling up my dress and pushing my knees up he wasted no time lashing my clit with his tongue while he again fingers me. His tongue circles around and around and I begin to buck in rhythm with his fingers. It feels so wonderful. I gasp for air and grab at his head to hold him closer. He starts sucking on my clit and fucking me faster and faster with his fingers.

My body begins to tremble from head to toe. "Oh god, I'm coming." "Oh yes, Oh yes. Don't stop." My hips buck faster with his fingers thrashing in and out of me and he latches on to my clit with his mouth, he slows down to allow me to completely enjoy my orgasm, his fingers still inside me, moving slower, feeling my muscles contract around them.

All I can think about now is how does he taste. Having caught my breath I gently push his head away smiling; I motion for him to back up. His fingers slide out of me and into his mouth as he backs out of the car. Looking at him with lust filled eyes, I tell him, I want to taste him. I motion for him to lie across the seat while I take care of him. He drops his shorts and his already rock hard cock is standing at attention. Looking at him the thought races through my mind, what a beautiful delicious looking cock he has. I lick my lips as he lays back on the car seat. I push his legs apart licking his inner thighs, his balls, pulling each one gently into my mouth. I move up and lick the entire length of his shaft. As I reach the head, I lick the precum, tasting, wanting.

Oh, he tastes good. I'm looking forward to this. I take his shaft in my mouth and engulf as much as I can. I can't take it all, but I try. I slowly let it slide in and out of my lips while I gently cup his balls. I start moving a little quicker as his breathing gets more labored and his moans louder. He reaches up and holds my head as he slowly fucks my mouth. I feel the length of him slide down my throat. Oh God, I love this. My juices are flowing again.

He starts to move his hips faster and I back off a little. I want to control the motion. He let's go of my head and just grabs a handful of my hair to hold on to. I start again slowly and he begs for me to go faster. I do, but just a little. Flicking my tongue on the head of his cock as it goes in and out of my mouth. I swirl my tongue around the head, tasting and wanting more. He is still holding my hair. I slide my hand up and stroke the shaft as my mouth goes up and down faster. My other hand is still playing with his balls, gently pulling on the hair and pulling them down. He is about to come and I am sucking as fast as I can. He pushes my head down and as I grip his cock tighter with my mouth, he cums and cums. It's warm and it tastes sooooo good. I eagerly swallow every bit. Still gently sucking, wanting more, and teasing the head. Feeling his body tremble as my tongue slips across his now too sensitive head. I slowly keep sucking to make sure he stays hard.

He sits up and gets out of the car. I figure it's over for now. Once he is out, he pulls me close and kisses me passionately. He turns me around pressing me against the car impatiently. In one second he has my dress lifted and he is ramming his dick inside me with one push. He holds me close for just a moment.

He then rams it in me and pulls out - rams in me again. My knees are weak. He reaches around and rubs my clit as he is slamming his rod deep inside me. He thrusts faster and faster and rubs my clit harder. We are both ready to cum. He is yelling for me to fuck him. We are in perfect rhythm slamming against one another. I reach up and pull on my nipples as his fingers circle my clit. He grabs my hips and thrusts even faster, harder. We both climax together and stay where we are for a while our bodies exhausted from the sex and the heat.

He finds his shorts and I pull my dress down, catching our breath, we enjoy a nice 'thank you very much' kiss. I try the car once again and it still doesn't start. He asks if I want to wait awhile or go for the phone. I wonder what will happen next if we stay. I know my sister will be worried so I opt for the phone. We arrive at the station and he stays with me until my sister arrives. My sister comments on what a nice guy he is and how fortunate I was that he happened along. Smiling at each other we say our goodbyes. That was the last I saw of him.

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