Roadside Serviced
Carole set off in her car at 6am, an early start, but she had a long way to go - and a sex party at the other end. A friend of hers had won the use of a country cottage for a week and had organised a series of erotic parties. She had missed a couple already and was determined to get there as quickly as possible.

She thought it would be a good idea to drive down in her sexy black leather bustier and matching mini skirt, ready for action. Her pussy was tingling wildly, and she rubbed it every time she stopped at a traffic light. Once Carole got onto the motorway, she was even randier, pulling her bustier down and flashing her boobs for the truckers.

They rewarded her with a honk of their horns and by the time she turned off the motorway, her pussy was soaking and ready for a good seeing to. She had travelled a few miles down a quiet country road when the engine overheated and the car died on her. Carole called her breakdown company and as she was a woman on her own they promised to have a truck with you within half an hour.

She was still feeling extremely horny and sat in the passenger's seat, burying her fingers deep inside her pussy. Being so engrossed in pleasuring herself, Carole failed to notice that the breakdown truck had arrived. Just as an orgasm began to engulf Carole's body, the mechanic tapped on her window. She was too far gone to stop and had to finish. Legs apart, with three fingers deep inside her pussy, Carole used her other hand to arouse her clit. she soon came to a violent climax.

Tidying herself up, Carole steps out of the car. The bulge in the mechanic's trousers looked very inviting. Telling him that something had overheated, he replied, " I know," with a shy smile spreading across his face as he placed a hand on Carole's leather clad bum. Shoving against his hand, Carole feels his hand finding its way to her wet pussy. Three of his fingers find their way into her wet mound. The juices from her pussy were streaming down her legs, it felt like she was urinating.

With his other hand the mechanic pulled Carole's bustier down and started caressing her ample tits.Then as he clamped a mouth over one of her nipples, Carole came violently, legs buckling!

She unzips his trousers and took his throbbing cock out. It was massive - one of those that Carole loved. Thick, long and veiny. Crouching down, Carole took that moster in her mouth. She sucked it till he was as hard as the spanners in his truck.

She stood up, leant against the car bonnet and told him to fuck her- hard! He put his hands round her waist to steady himself and started to thrust hard and fast, lifting Carole off the car. It didn't take long for Carole to start cumming again, and this made him go faster! It wasn't long before he announced that he was going to cum. Carole wrapped her legs tightly round his back as he pumped his seed deep into her womb. Ther is so much that it dribbled out and down her legs.

After he fixes her car, Carole thanks him by giving him a blow job and taking ALL his spunk down her throat. When she finally gets to the cottage, Carole tells her friend what happened. He spreads Carole's legs to see if she is telling the truth.

Seeing cum still trickling out, he gets to his knees and starts to lick Carole to orgasm.

She may have missed a day of orgasmic delight at the cottage, but had a GREAT time at the side of the road.
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