Rocking your mans worlds
Take your man's hand and lead him to the bed. Push him down so he is laying on his back. Lean over him as you lift his shirt off, leaving a hot trail of kisses across his chest and down his stomach. Slowly unzip his jeans and slide them over his knees and throw them to the side. His cock should be standing at attention probably even poking through his boxers. Pull just the top of the boxers down enough so his rod is freed and pokes you in the face. I guarantee he will kick off the boxers to give you all the freedom you need. Ever so slowly lean toward his now throbbing member. He can feel your hot breath anxiously awaiting your mouth to envelop his hardness. Let your bottom lip graze gently the tip and lick lavishly from the ridge of the helmet to the top. Run your tongue along the slit and watch him squirm. Wrap your lips around the crown and pull in your cheeks in a slight sucking motion. Take your left hand and cup his balls, lightly kneading. Using your right hand grasp the base of the shaft and slide up and down the length using a small twisting motion. Let your tongue continue to lap at his crown as if you are eating the most delicious lollipop. Start matching your mouth rhythm to your hand rhythm, as your hand goes down let your mouth follow it down. When you move back up dont be surprised if he has precum greeting your tongue. Don't forget to try different angles, take him in your mouth with your back to him so the underside ridge (the sweet spot) is on the roof of your mouth, but also move so you are between his legs and the sweet spot is toward your tongue. Holding him tight with your hand, trace the ridge underside from the crown to his pubic bone. Don't be afraid when you get too close to his balls, lick them gently, lightly sucking one into your mouth, your tongue flicking it. Your hand should be stroking his shaft , being sure to rub the helmet with your thumb with each stroke. You have his complete attention now, both in cock and mind. Stroke him like his cock is the most precious thing in the world to you, and all you care about is making him feel good. Lower your lips to his hip bone and lightly suck. Kissing your way back toward his stiff rod. If you maintain a slow sensual pace he will be aching for you but savorying every minute. Make him take the time to enjoy it. Make him feel the pleasure in his toes, maybe even making them curl. Don't rush like you are trying to get it over with as fast as possible. Kiss his cock like you would rather be here doing this than anything else. Very , very lightly nibble and suck along the bottom side of his juicy cock from the nut to the tip. Continue massaging and tracing circles with your thumb. Hands, fingers , lips, his mind is floating with passion not knowing how many hands are touching him and holding his breath for the next kiss. Your mouth is hot leaving a tingling trail where ever you touch him. Leave his THROBBING member with precum dripping down the side now and kiss his stomach again slowly. Slowly inching your way up to his chest. Kiss his collar bone and the side of his neck. Lightly kiss his jaw and then start working your way back to why you are really here, with this man , naked. Slide his cock inch by glorious inch into your mouth taking it as far as you can. If you are lucky (well it depends on how you look at it) you will be able to touch your lips to his skin, burying his cock in your throat. Using both hands, cup and play gently with his balls, all the while sliding your mouth up and down his length . Soon his hips will staking small little thrusts trying to meet each thrust of your mouth. Leave one hand fondling the balls, and the other hand to rub and caress the crown of this cock you want so much. Use your tongue to lap at him, knowing he can feel every fiber of his being tingling, pleasure coursing through his body.

You will feel his sack tighten and he will sharply intake a breath. STOP! Don't move, let the explosion abate. Now, if this is the first time you have done this, he may not be too happy with you, but if you train him right in the art of head he will soon come to enjoy this tantalizing game. Notice his breathing which will bragged at first, when it starts to slow and he seems under control, start licking top to bottom not missing a spot. Let your hands caress and rub with careless disregard. Your pussy is soaked and your hips are writhing. No one has even touched you and you are close to cumming. Swallow his cock and hum. The slight vibrations making that knot in his stomach tighten further. His hand is probably in your hair now, grabbing handfuls as he feels the pleasure rising again. Now this could go on for an hour or more, it will all depend on how willing he is to be driven mad, how sore your jaw gets and how talented you are at stopping the climax at just the right time. This takes practice and you have to learn the cues of the guy you are with. Listen to his breathing, watch his hips, feel his stomach muscles, notice him close his eyes and set his jaw. Try to get him as close as you can without letting him take that plunge. Some will given in to your madness which gets more and more difficult the longer you go. Some will start begging for release. Always continue one more time after they beg. You are in control. Normally you would suck harder, stroke faster to bring him to that explosion of pleasure however, you have kept him at edge for so long be sure to lick slowly, stroke lightly, drive him to ecstasy with passion, building slowly. Let him experience the sensation keep climbing and climbing. Soon his hips will start bucking, his hand in your hair will clench tightly, his stomach is taut as all his muscles are contracting through out his body, remember he doesn't know if you will let him cum this time or not. It is important that you keep him guessing when you will finally let him cum. Listen to his guttural sounds as he feels the pleasure bubbling over, sending him over the edge. Bury him in the back of your throat and suck down every last drop, while hearing his gasps for breath and shaking of his body. Enjoy every minute of it, you just rocked his world!

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