Rogue (not her real name) and I met

in a college math class,early 2017.

It was probably 2 or 3 weeks in, the

"genius" teaching the class was a

piece of work. Waste of tuition I

heard from atleast 10 others.

I decided to get some help, after

class tutoring, went booked

recurring Monday sessions.

Walking away went down the wrong

hall, turned and here comes Rogue

straight at me...hey, she says. I

want to talk to you! Pretty lady. Ok,

what's up? I need the time slot you

booked for tutoring...well how

about we share it? You take the 1st

15 and ill take the last? So we

both had to be there for 30 minutes.

The next week, gave her my number to

meet for coffee.

We met 2 or 3 times for coffee, the

Last time I kissed her.

She was in the process of moving out

of her sisters apartment, to her

own place. Two weeks later she

invited me over for coffee.

We drank coffee, she gave me a tour

Of her new place, when we hit the

deck, 2nd story I kissed her she

told me I'm not ready for intimacy

Yet, I told her we wont do anything

You dont want to do,...she looked

Amazing and I told her so. We kissed

Again, I bit her lip, my hands were

Roaming, started removing clothing,

Kissing, nibbling, sucking,


Rogue, do you want me to stop? No...

Breasts bare, took my time. Oh

Yeah nice firm, nipples hard....I

was in heaven,...well ok Vancouver

heaven...she put her hand on the

front of my pants, felt me, yes I

Was hard, ....

It was like a race...we couldn't get

Our clothing off fast enough...

We were naked, she looked up at me,

Covering her nipples and pussy with

her hands and arms...trying to hide

What she said her ex said she needed

To get rid of...

I replied,....your ex is a fucking

Idiot, you look great. ( yes I

Wanted to fuck her, but no I wasn't

just saying it to get in her pants)

She has,...yes has a very nice body)

We kept going, I asked if she

Wanted me to use a condom, she said

Yes, for now,...I told her I

wouldn't cum in her unless she said


That day we had sex for the next 3

4 hours... we enjoyed each others

bodies, realized that condoms can

Only take so much thrusting....

She is will always have a special

Place in my heart.....

More to cum if you like?

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