Rogue , out of her shell
Knock,...knock,...looking around

hearing voices, other sounds, look

down see a squirrel and rabbit

looking at each other....hear

footsteps,...the door opens, blonde

Hair, 5'7", 145lbs. Maybe says she

Has a tummy she's working on...told

Her, I don't see it but you have a

Shirt on...please come in she says

I do, shut the door behind me,

(yes... I was very hard already)

She ask me if I would like coffee,

As she turns I kiss her....we start

Removing each others clothes...we

Were kissing,...omfg her lips are so

amazing, feel so soft, sucking them

in my mouth then our tongues dance,

We both head towards the couch.

She pushes me to sit straddles me

Still kissing, my hands all over her

Amazing body,she's rubbing her slit

Up and down my shaft her hand on my

Face,....looking in each others eyes

I'm inside her,...not sure how it

Happened, yes I know how it

happened...but usually one of us

Has to guide...I just slid in...

Did I say omfg, she was soft, warm

Silky, smooth, and oh so very nice..

Side note,..( how could you not want

To be inside this feeling all the

Time, this is totally amazing).

That's both heads talking back there.

My tip is inside, she gasps. Looks

Like she's in lots of pain

I grab her hips stop the downward

Decent...are you ok, does it hurt,

Do you need to stop.?

Oh no don't stop, feels so good,

Just sit and


After about 30 dots( minutes) I

Told her to hold on, ....what??? I

Picked us both up, walked to the

Door to her deck opened the door

(Small deck) sat in her chair out

There, what are we doing? What if

Someone sees us? It was maybe 35 -

40 degrees out, but we were warm

She rode me for about 10 minute and

We heard voices....walking just

Below us,...they left she got off me

We went inside to her bedroom...she

Has a nice bed...

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