Rogue ....more fun
Knock...knock ....knock,.......

Door opens, dressed in very nice uniform white

Blouse and either black dress pants or dark blue.

She says she only has a few minutes, she's

getting ready for work. I walk over to her by the

Counter, kiss her, she says I just got out of the

Shower, I started unbuttoning her blouse, lots of

Buttons as we walk into her bedroom, I remove her

Blouse and her bra, nibble on her nipples and

.....well,....her.....I pull her pants off and

Her thong....then remove my clothes....

I like my hardness up with her trimmed pussy

Slowly rubbing my shaft up and down her warm wet


Moving my hands to her breasts, cupping them,

thumb and forefinger pinching her nipples....

She wraps her legs around me and I slide inside

Her,...I tell her she feels so very

Warm, so wet, so fucking good....she says..I just

Go out of the shower... That's amazing, I say...

I start thrusting into her,...her tits bouncing

And swaying. I pullout, tell her to roll into

Her stomach....she says, I have a better idea....

She gets up and pushes me into the bed, my legs

over the edge, she mounts me, sinks down on my

hard cock, again I say, your so very warm, wet

And omfg amazing....she says I just got out of

the shower,....she riding me, what a site she is

Just fucking amazing....oh tell her she feels so

Amazingly warm inside,....she says, I just got

Out of the shower....

I said yeah but wow....never felt that before...

We she's riding me I start to tell her I'm

Cumming .....we're so into the feeling that she

Says what,....I say I'm cumming, she lifts off me

And I'm spurting and some dripping from her

Pussy...I say I'm sorry, I tried to warn you...

But damn that was hot...she said yeah it was....

I just got out of the shower.......

I would have love to have been able to shower

With her.
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