Role Reversal
I have always wondered what a woman feels when she has a dick inside her. I love to ask my partner to tell me, but I never get a complete answer. She ends up either changing the subject by asking me to do something different or screaming when she starts to cum. My curiosity remained.

I often thought about those feelings and wondered how to learn more about how it felt to be fucked. I wanted to feel those feelings, but needed a woman to be the one, not a guy. My FWB is submissive and didn't seem too excited about swapping roles with me, so I had to find someone willing and eager to be my "first".

Plus, I needed to get prepared. First off it was off to my favorite toy store to chat with Tara there about getting my ass to accommodate a dick and what to use when it got fucked. She smiled knowingly and recommended a couple of butt plugs for me to stretch my sphincter and I asked about a strap-on my partner could use. She started to show me her collection but I was pretty disappointed with them when she came up with an idea.

She told me that she has a kit to make a casting of my dick that can be used with a harness-a good one-and she saw the grin on my face, so she took my hand and we went into the back room. She told me to drop my shorts and boxer briefs and think of fucking her as I stroked my dick alive. She helped out with a short cock suck that was damned near all that I needed. Meanwhile, she mixed whatever it was and got out the case that held my hardon and the warm liquid until it hardened into a mound. Once firm, I had to wait until I became soft and she pulled the mass off me.

She said it'll be a day or so before I can get ass fucked. She gave me a warm washcloth to clean myself off and went out to the store to deal with a customer. I cleaned up, pulled my shorts on and went into the store. The looks I got were worth the trip. Tara now has a reputation.

Now, to find someone to use my dildo on me...

V9 is a good place to start. I got into a chat with some who are locals One finally agreed to meet me to see if I were not kinky and had enough sex appeal to make this venture fun.

We met in Old Town, not far from Tara's toy store. Over lunch, we reminisced about our fun in V9 and talked about my curiosity.. We had a lot of laughs and she told me she was turned on by the idea. After lunch, I took her to Tara's.

Tara was most welcoming and complimented my lover-to-be on her becoming my fucker. She went into the back and came out with "me". My to-be lover gasped. "Have I been missing this?" We all laughed. Tara told her that the real thing is still hooked to me and should be available for her use after my ass is tended to. We continued to have fun over the revelation and we agreed that the strap-on will be used right after we leave the store.

We walked swiftly to her condo, not far off. She fumbled with her keys, laughed and told me that she was soaking wet. I said, "Look at me!" I was not so subtly stretching my stretch jeans. That did it! The keys fit, the door unlocked and we were in!

Thank god I used my hot water bottle and washed out my anus this morning. I was both squeaky clean and stretched thanks to the big butt plug I wore last night. She stopped me in the middle of the hall and had her hand on my chest as she kissed me, her tongue searching for mine and finding a playful partner. Her hand went down and grabbed my growing dick through my jeans and the kiss became more erotic as both of us moaned in need.

"Give me my prick.", she said. I handed her the package wrapped in black and she pulled me into her bedroom. She opened the bag, pulled out the dildo, sucked it and tossed it on the bed. She stripped naked almost frantically and I responded accordingly. She looked down and remarked how much I looked like the dildo.

"Think it'll fit? It looks pretty big." I told her we will make it fit. She worked the straps, stepped into them and pulled it up into place. "Mmmm, this piece of leather touches my clit just right", she murmured. "This is going to be fun." She opened her nightstand drawer and pulled out a bottle of lube. "Get on all fours." I did and cool oils oozed down my ass crack as she massaged me. I didn't thing she would, but my steel hard cock got a good dose of oil and lots of stroking.

"Here goes!" She positioned herself behind me, spanked my ass, rimmed me then dildo-slapped me repeatedly before she found my rosebud with the dildo's head and started to push. I felt pressure, but my ass didn't open. I had to relax a little and calm my fears before I felt my sphincter ease open, painfully at first, but pleasurably a little later on. She held my hips and pushed. More of the cock entered me and a combination of pain and pleasure wafted over my whole being. Soon, there was nothing else got my attention other than the hot, filling feeling I felt in my ass. Then she pushed deeper and my prostate experienced it's first cock and that started a hot electric circuit to come alive in me. FUCK! This is one hell of an orgasm! My dick pulsed, my insides scrambled and the usual twisting feeling I get when I cum became almost painful. I unloaded my cum in a burst. Thank goodness she had a towel or two under us.

I collapsed face down. She pulled out and moved to my side to see if I was all right. "I'm kinda jealous. I don't think I have ever had an orgasm that strong." All I could do was sigh. I rolled onto my side and kissed her.

"You were fantastic," I whispered

She replied, "I didn't realize how hard you work when you fuck. No wonder some guys roll over and fall asleep after they've cum."

"Not me."
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