Romance on Old Cape Cod
They often drove down to the Cape just for a ride and to do some shoppng at some of the outlet centers. But this time they were going for a weekend.

It was off season and the rates were low so he had suggested they go for a winter weekened get away.

She had packed a bag for both of them, not needing much for just a weekend, she just took a small suitcase. Oddly he had also packed a bag and slung it into the trunk beside hers.

"Whats in the bag ? she asked.

"Just some stuff I thought we might need," he said.

She just shrugged in response and climbed into the jeep.

They picked up the highway and settled in for the two hour ride. He was in an exceptionally good mood, stopped for coffee and even brought her back a doughnut which he seldom did. Except for his exceptional mood , the ride down was uneventful and they arived at the hotel around three o'clock.

They checked in and he surprised her again by reserving a suite for them rather than just a single room.

"A suite?????" What did you do hit the lottery or something??"

"NO I just felt like splurging," he said.

She eyed him suspiciously but followed him to the suite.

After opening the door for her she stepped inside and was speechless. Her feet sunk into the plush carpeting, she looked around noticing the sitting area with a fireplace,the balcony that overlooked the ocean, and a beautiful jacuzzi tub.

"Ok, whats up???she asked suspiciously

"First the doughnut now this suite, whats next?a new car???"

He just smiled and said "Let's take a walk on that beach before the sun sets."

She agreed and grabbed her jacket following him out the sliding door and down to the sandy beach.

It was a late winter afternoon with the warm sun on their backs. They must have walked a couple of miles before they sat on an old driftwood log that had washed up on the shore.

He took her hand and kissed it lightly tucking it into his arm as they sat side by side on the log.

He sat starring out at the ocean, squinting at the setting sun.

She looked up at him smiling at what she saw, the man she ahd been married to for so long,the man that she knew so well.

"What's up?" she said for the second time that day.

"Not a thing, nothing at all. I'm just taking my best girl for a walk thats all."

She smiled up at him. "If you say so I guess I have to believe you."

They walked back holding hands and reached their room just as the last of the winter sun was setting.

When they got back he suggested that they get ready for dinner. He took out the bag he had packed and handed her a box tied with a silk ribbon.

I'd like it if you would wear it" he said as he watched her open it. Inside lay a beautiful little black dress, complete with matching lingeire and hose. Again, she was speechless.

Out of his bag he took her best black heels that he had remembered to pack. She sat for a minute in stunned silence as he removed his suit , shirt and tie from the bag as well.

"What is going on ???" she asked. "Trust me hon , just go with it. Just go shower and get ready for dinner, " he said grinning from ear to ear.

She did as he instructed, showering and dressing carefully in the beautiful dress he had chosen for her. She did her hair carefully and stepped into the dress.

It fit like a glove and she knew he had had help to pick it out. Her husband was many wonderful things but a shopper for womens clothes he was not!

She came out of the bathroom and there he sat in his suit and tie looking quite handsome she had to admit.

"You look absolutely stunning" he said and smiled into her eyes.

"Follow me" he said and took her by the hand. They walked toward the center of the hotel towards the restaurant and bar area. He stopped outside the door to the dining room, took her by the arm and opened the door.

Inside, her family and closest friends stood and applauded as they walked up the isle together. They stopped in front of a minister holding open his book. Her husband got down on one knee.

"I know I should have done this first but if you will say yes , I'd be the happiest man alive...................I love you darlin ........................ for always."

She couldn't speak, she couldn't see through her tears but she did manage to nod her head.

The minister had them repeat their vows once again and her husband slipped a beautiful diamond eternity ring onto her finger.

"This ones a little better than the first one you had," he said with a grin.
They kissed then, deeply , and she just looked into his shining eyes.

The rest of the night became a blur with family and friends congratulating them, with wonderful food and drinks and with their final good nights as the evening wound down.

She finally had him alone, just the two of them. They sat in front of the fire talking well into the night. Talking about years gone past about kids and dogs and vacations. She would remember this night more than any other she was sure and she wanted to make him remember as well.

She stood and turned so that he could unzip her dress and let it fall to the floor.
"I knew there was something more to that outfit than the dress," he said. She sat on him straddling him and their lips met. Passion eurpted as his hands reached out to her. She kissed his mouth with such passion that he slid down on the couch and caught his breath.
His hands ran down her torso as he touched her nylon hose and her lace thong with such wanting in his soul. "Lets move this to the bedroom," he said, I need more space." They walked into the bedroom and she lay on the king size bed just watching as he quickly undressed. She sat up and he came to her with a quickness that startled her. His hands grasping at her black lace bra as his fingers found her nipples. Running his tongue over them flicking them lightly with his thumbs.

His mouth seemed to devour rather than just kiss and she felt his passion rising. She took his cock into her mouth and his head went to her center where he did delightful things with his tongue. Her licking and sucking was bringing him up too fast and he rolled off her and kissed her mouth once again. His cock found her center and he enterd her with one swift stroke. He exploded then and her mind went over the edge as he hung onto her with both hands grasping her hips. His thrusts became quick and fast and then he slowed as he gasped for air. They lay in each others arms for a few minutes.

" That was unfairly fast he said, give me a few minutes and we'll try it again." She lay still as her breathing began to slow.

"Thats ok, " she said "I need some recovery time too!"

She rolled to her side and looked at his face. The face she had seen beside her for all these years. She looked at the new ring on her finger and smiled.

"This ring may be better than the old one, but the guy who gave it to me couldn't be any better."

He hugged her close and his heart felt two sizes too big for his chest.
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