Romantic Get's Strange Request Part II
"You get more bees with honey. Always be respectful and treat a woman how she wants to be treated." Then he started thinking, "I get so much pleasure out of giving a woman the attention and love she wants." They all tell me the same thing, "When I decide to get married it will be to a guy like you." But, I'm not married to any of them and none of them married a guy like me. The bell was going off in his head women don't want a guys that's always in control, sometimes they want him to be out of control taking what he wants. I've got to call her. . .

Steve now had to get the courage up to call her. When he got home from work, he broke his routine, grabbed a bottle of wine to work up the courage. What if this is a ploy so she can file a rape charge against me? His mind keeps wondering as the bottle slowly empties. It's 9pm he's pretty lit, he hasn't done anything from his routine. His shirt is wrinkled, he's drunk because he hasn't eaten. The words came out of his mouth, "Fuck it, I want this." He picked up the phone and called Sue. The phone rang, it rang again, and again. Then there was an answer, "Hello this is Sue, I'm not here so leave a message, if you're lucky I'll call back." BEEP "Yes, this is Steve we met at breakfast, I need you to call me as soon as you get this message."

Steve turned on the tv, finishing off the final glass of wine from the bottle. His hair looks worse than when he wakes up in the morning, his shirt wrinkled, he looks at his shoes seeing scuff and thinks "Fuck it." He falls asleep with the tv on laying on the couch with his feet on the coffee table. This was not the Steve he developed through his life that was was in control, prim and proper, everything was always perfect about his appearance, his house, and his life.

Steve was having a dream of a tiger chancing a deer attacking it and devouring it. Then the phone rang, he began to wake up, his mind began to process "What am I doing on this couch?" He struggled to find the phone, when he answered he looked at the clock 3am, "Hello." The voice said, "Is this Steve? Are you okay?" He responded, "Sue, its' 3am." Her voice bagan to quiver a little, "I'm sorry I shouldn't have called this late but it sounded like something was wrong when you called." Steve laughed, "No, you just had my mind racing all day and drank a bottle of wine to get the courage to call you."

"Well, master what can I do to please you?" Sue's voice became extremely submissive. Steve said in a more dominant voice, "Where have you been?" She timidly replied, "I've been bad, I went out on a work night and saw a band. I blew the lead singer. I know I don't deserve your attention." Steve jumped into the role without even thinking, "Did you swallow his cum you little slut?" "Yes, all of it," Sue coyly replied. "I want you to put on your sluttiest outfit and meet me at the Red Roof Inn at highway 55 and Lindbergh, you've got 30 minutes to get there. Go to the front desk and tell the clerk 'Mr. Masterson said he left something here for me,' don't be late.

Steve went to the hotel 5 minutes from his house gave the clerk the message which read, "If you are late, there are consequences!" He gave the clerk $20 and told the clerk to make her wait until 2:45am then give her the message and a key to my room. The clerk smirked and said, "Yes, Mr. Masterson." Steve liked this new way of controlling a situation but questioned could he carry it through with it.

It was now 2:30am she'd be there in 15 minutes. Steve pulled the covers of the bed throwing them across the room, took off all his clothes except his tight boxers his shirt thrown over the tv, his pants thrown over a chair, one shoe kicked off over they the bathroom and the other by the close, his socks laying on the floor. He was getting in the mood to fuck Sue with reckless abandon.

He heard her walking up to the door and put her key in. As the door opened, he grabbed her shut the door, bent her over the chair lifted her dress and ripped her panties, shoving his already hard cock deep into Sue. She said, "Yes, fuck my slut pussy." Steve's hand rang down on her ass with a crack as he continued ramming her deeply with his cock. He noticed her ass turn white immediately after the smack on her ass then a pink/red hand print appeared. He grabbed a handful of her blond hair as if it was the reins of a horse he was riding. Sue began bucking wildly her pussy was soaking with her juices as Steve continued to ride her pulling on the reins and slapping her on the ass to keep up the pace. He began pulling all the way out and slamming his cock deep with each thrust. Sue's body began to shake as she approached her finish line.

Steve pulled his body up against her feeling she was about there, is slowly stopped bend over her back and whispered, "Slut you are not going to cum, this is for me. Now show me how you sucked that cock tonight." Sue rolled off the chair turn as she got to her knees and began to lick Steve's pulsing cock. Steve grabbed her hair and said, "No teasing, fuck my cock with your mouth and throat," as he took her mouth with the same fury he attacked her pussy moments before. Sue relaxed as Steve got a rhythm going. She could feel the head of his cock hit the back of her tonsils and slide down her throat. Steve said, "Slut you've got a great pussy mouth, I love fucking it." Sue began masterbating rubbing her clit as two of her fingers plunged deep into her wet hole. Steve said, "Hey slut, you better save some of that juice to lube your ass because that's were I'm going next."

Sue began rubbing her juice on her ass and using her fingers to her ass ready. Steve pulled his penis from you throat and mouth, as she began to rise he pushed her on her back on to the bed. He grabbed the sheets and wrapped her hands tight pulling them over her head. With his other hand his rubbed the head of his penis against her asshole. She felt herself trying to relax but she hadn't had that big of cock in her ass. The head of his penis met some resistance and then slid in. Steve slowly kept pushing as his cock moved in. Sue felt like she was having cucumber plunged in her ass. She felt his cock hit a depth she had never had. Steve looked her in the eye saying "You want me to fuck your ass hard?" Sue respond, "Fuck my slutty ass, you own this ass fuck it any way you want, just fuck it."

The anal assault began to pick up its pace, Steve looked at her aching for more. "Play with your pussy and suck on your tits, show me how slutty you are," as his was thrusting in cock all the way in and pulling it all out but the head of his penis. He felt her body begin to tremble and he stopped stating, "You are not to cum yet slut, suck your ass off my cock and if you do it right I might let you cum." She quickly dropped to her knees sucking the bittersweet taste off his cock grabbing his ass to force it down her throat. She attacked it and began to feel his balls tighten, Steve grabbed the back of her head holding his cock deep yet thrust further down her throat. He moaned, "Swallow that cum you slut," as Sue swallowed the first spurts of cum he released. Steve pulled back slightly then slammed his cock deeper as his cock release even more cum. Sue struggled to keep it all in her mouth as Steve pulled back again then shoved his cock deep as his was releasing. Some of his seed was forced with nowhere to go with his final lust, his cum dripping off of her chin.

He picked her up threw her on the bed and dove between her legs attacking her wet pussy with his fingers as his tongue assualted her clit. She was squirming because the sensation was overpowering but Steve held on tightly and she couldn't get away. She grabbed is head, arched her back, her eyese rolling back in her head she began to let out moans and then screams of pleasure. Steve kept going as her orgasm just kept extending and building. She was trying to pry him off of her, it was so much pleasure. So intense, she felt like a tiger was in between her legs wondering if he was going to devour her or stop.

Steve continued as Sue's body was trying to get away but still showing responses of nerves flinching from her intense orgasm and then she went limp. Steve stopped, almost panicing. He crawled up her body her eyes closed and them a deep breath and her eyes opened. "What the fuck just happened," she said. He said, "I think you passed out from your orgasm." "Wow, you were like a caged tiger that hadn't been fed, that was amazing," Sue said. "How are you still single if you can please a woman so intensely that she passes out?" Steve laughed, "No one ever opened the cage."
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