Rooftops & Alleyways
Rooftops and Alleyways
By: Sassy Sue

So, I was out with a group of close friends, and there was this guy that I thought was pretty hot. He was close to my boyfriend, I had only met him once and yet that once was enough for me to give up my V-card. It was a hot summer night; I was wearing a black thong and a pair of fishnet stockings under a pair of very short cut-off jeans. My young tits held in place with a tight, cropped top t-shirt. My nipples were visible against the soft peach cotton. The cheeks of my ass showed and my crotch was barely covered by strings of shredded denim and my thong.

We were on the roof of the apartment building, hot Latin music filling the night air, as some of the girls were bumping and grinding to the beat of the music. Others, away from the larger group, were lurking in the shadows with their boyfriends and letting them cop a feel or giving them a hand job or maybe even a little head.

I sat there next to my boyfriend who had been trying, unsuccessfully, to get into my pants. Sadly, he was spending more time with his forty and his homies leaving me and my raging hormones to simmer on the edge of the roof. There he was, a man, an older man, a shot caller in the crew. He had dark brown skin, a few tattoos, on his arms, his black hair slicked back. His dark eyes taking in the scenery, he has a squared jaw line and a scraggly goatee on his chin with a jagged scar on his left cheek. Wearing tight fitting jeans and he displayed a bulge along his left thigh which captivated my interest. He wore a black tank top fitting his muscular frame and he had a sullen demeanor. For some inexplicable reason I felt drawn to this bad boy. I had just met him once before and he had not said two words to me, yet I was ready to surrender my body to him and he had not even acknowledged me. My nipples were hard, I brushed my hand over them and I shivered and thought what it would be like to be with such a man.

He sauntered over and now the guy who I have only met once before was a bit all over me. He talked with me for a few minutes and then, like he owned me, he was taking liberties that I did not consent to, but I was enjoying the attention. Hugging me, kissing me whispering in my ear how he was going to ravage my ass. His hand was touching the bottom of my bare breast and then cupping it in the palm of his hand. He slipped his hand under my crop top and I shivered from his skin on my naked tit. He would rub my inner thigh, brushing my crotch with his wandering fingers. Rodolfo is sticking his hand between my legs, his finger touching my swollen lips making me groan and wet my thong.

Again he whispers, "Come with me puta."

He takes my hand pulls me into the dark shadows cast by the entrance to the roof, my back against the wall and his lips on mine and his tongue in my mouth. I respond, slipping my hand onto his pants once or twice and I dared to slip my hand into his pants. I could feel his erection, it was hot, throbbing and the head of his cock was wet with his juices. It was my first cock I had ever touched and it made me wet. Nobody really noticed what was going on nor cared. I was just another puta looking to get laid.

It was getting pretty late, around the time for me to leave. I said goodbye to everybody and it was then Rodolfo decided he would walk me to my building. He took a cigarette from a guy before we left and we made our way to the stairwell. He went down the steps a bit ahead of me so as I walked I hit his smoke face first. I'm not a smoker but it didn't bother me and I knew that it was not a cigarette he was smoking. We arrived at the bottom of the stairs, here it is closed off, all cement walls, and there is a closet size opening that had no door. This led to a flight of stairs that took you to the apartments up above us. He looked at me and asked if the door to go out opened from the outside (this being his first time there). I assured him it didn't and that's where it all began. Rodolfo, still smoking his cigarette, took me and pushed me against one of the cement walls. He started kissing me, hard, and biting my lips. His one hand made its way around the back of my upper thigh as his other raised the cigarette to his lips; he took the last puff and threw it to the side. As he groped and squeezed at my ass he also bit my neck. I let out a loud moan (that or it was the echo of my many groans). He roughly moved his hand from my back to my crotch.

He said, in his soft, rough voice "spread your legs my little puta," I did what he said.

He stuck his one hand up my shorts; he ripped my fishnets, and moved my thong to the side and jammed his thick middle finger into my virgin pussy. He kissed me hard while playing with my clit, and then slowly moved his mouth to my neck. As he began to bite at the other side of my neck he quickly stuck his finger into my pussy again. I went from standing flat foot to my tip toes, gasping for air. I have never been fingered by a man; he kept going in and out, circling my vagina with his two fingers. He hit my g-spot over and over again. I was moaning as if he was actually fucking me and squirming on his finger. It felt so good. We then began to hear what sounded like footsteps. They became louder and louder.

We made eye contact for a second and he released his hold, we had to get out of there. He quickly slid his fingers out and we ran. We moved to the side of the door and started walking to make it look like nothing was going on. I was still so turned on. We made our way to the bus stop. When we got there he again pushed me against a wall and started dirty talking me. About what he was gonna to do to me, and that I would beg for more of his dick. That got me really hot, but this time the most I could do was kiss him and bite at his lip piercings due to the fact we were on a street corner. He got me off by just whispering to me, not an orgasm in the true sense of the word, but enough for me to notice the explosion in my snatch. Nothing has gotten me off like that ever. We walked the few blocks and his hand was shoved down the back of my shorts squeezing my ass cheek with each step I took. Soon we arrived at my building. I gave him a kiss reaming his mouth with my tongue. I was saying goodnight but Rodolfo had other ideas.

Rodolfo grabbed my wrist as I started up the stoop and jerked me into the alleyway pressing me against the brick wall. His mouth is sucking on my neck and his hands shoving my crop top up exposing my tits. His mouth quickly left my neck and I could feel the heat on my neck from his sucking on it. Rodolfo snatching my boob he covering my erect nipple with his mouth began gnawing on the tender flesh sending a jolt of pain through my core. His other hand unbuttoning the snap on my shorts, shoving them down and then finishes ripping my fishnet stockings open. He grabs my thong jerking it down and now my pussy is exposed to him.

He rubs my mound, smiles, looks me in my eyes, "My little puta you really want some cock and shows me his fingers which have my juices clinging to his fingers.

I knew I was wet but I but never realized that I had soaked myself and then Rodolfo drew his dripping fingers across my face and lips leaving a trial of pussy nectar.

"Lick puta, taste your cunt bitch."

My tongue skated over my lips and I could taste the bittersweet tang of my pussy for the first time. I thought that it was revolting to taste my pussy juice but I found it to exhilarating and my heart was pounding; my pussy puckering. Rodolfo calloused fingers are were roughly spreading my legs and stroking my inner thighs next to my virgin pussy.

"Take it out puta, take my cock out, and put it in your mouth maldito chupa vergas (you fucking cocksucker," Rodolfo rasped!

"Sí , señor," I moaned and my fingers nervously fumbled with his belt and zipper before his hard cock was freed from his underwear.

It was not the first cock I have seen but it was the first cock that ever touched my lips. It had a salty taste and was thick like a monster burrito and opening my mouth; Rodolfo pushed my head towards his thick prick and I began to suck it like the nervous teenager I am. He slows my bobbing head, making me take long, deep drafts of his hard penis, which was getting harder. I was gagging a bit, he pulled his dick out a little, let me regain my composure and then thrust again. This continued until I no longer gagged and was sucking him fervently. His crotch reeked with a musky, sweaty aroma and his thick pubic hair bristled like steel wool on my face.
His cock is throbbing and I feel it pulsating on my tongue as his cock slides on my tongue. His juices and my saliva are dribbling out of the corners of my mouth with each stroke of Rodolfo's slimy prick. Suddenly I felt a vacancy in my mouth and his prick is rubbing on my little landing strip smearing his pre-cum on my mound.

He grabbed my right leg, raising it off the ground forcing me to grab the edge of the dumpster to maintain my balance. Rodolfo pressing the head of his cock between my labia and begins to penetrate my cunt but his prick met some resistance. I held my breath and then Rodolfo propelled his hips forward, I shrieked loudly, and then I could feel his throbbing cock filling my vagina. The brick wall is biting my naked ass as he is pounding my cunt hard, and I can sense liquid driveling down the inside of my thighs. My pussy is clasping his cock, embracing the swollen rod that fills me with pleasure. My pussy is squeezing his chunky prick as it slides in and out of my slippery wet love hole. It is stretching my pussy, I think he will tear my pussy before he is done fucking me. I love the searing pain in my virgin cunt as he drives deep into me; Rodolfo was right, I could hear myself begging him to fuck me harder. I rode his spear, feeling it move in me made me groan, hearing him grunting made me thrust harder. My head cocked backed and my tits recoiling freely with each violent stroke he gave me.

OMG, I am being fucked in the alley standing on one leg with my tits bouncing and holding onto a dumpster. Suddenly Rodolfo buries his bone into my cunt, he pins me to the brick wall and raises my leg higher and I can feel him feeling my pussy with his seed. Two, three or more intense hot spurts of cum and then he pulls out of my pussy and shoots a load of thick gelatinous cum on my belly. Then suddenly a siren pierces the night as a cop car screams past my building and I jump.

"My little puta you fuck good bitch."

I pulled the remnants of my torn clothes up and my crop top down to cover my boobs and headed for the stoop. I could feel the stickiness of our body fluids. Rodolfo pulled his jeans up, fastened his belt, and zipped his pants.

"Mama, you sure cum a lot, I thought you were going to drown my cock."

"I was so into you banging me I didn't realized that I orgasmed," I lied; I knew each time he made my cunt explode with wet passion.

I came right after Rodolfo penetrated my cunt, and again a few strokes later and once more after he pumped me full of his cum. If he had not pulled out of my pussy, I would have cum again but now I will go to bed and masturbate and I headed up the stairs and my bad boy Rodolfo stole off into the shadows of the night with my virginity on his cock.

In the sanctuary of my bathroom, I turned the ambient light on and looked at myself in the mirror, I was a mess. My mascara smeared from wiping the sweat from eyes and my lip gloss almost gone, most of which I figured is on Rodolfo's exquisite prick. I wanted him to cum in my mouth, maybe next time. My crop top is riding just above my dark areolas with my wilting nipples completely visible. My tits ache and there is a hickey on the side of my tit and one on my neck left by Rodolfo marking his bitch. Looking down my fishnet stockings were in tatters, ripped by the crotch and were barely hanging off my hips.

I unsnapped my shorts, the crotch soaked with what I assumed to be a concoction of pussy juice and our cum from fucking. My black thong was stained, a dried white crust from the rooftop fingering and a myriad of wet spots leftover from the alleyway. Easing the soiled and damaged garments down my legs, I shove them under my bed to deal with in the morning. I stand, legs spread, it is not a pretty picture. A web of congealed cum spans my labia intermittently, I reek of sex and spent cum. I touch my pussy, the opening is tender, my slit is flushed and evidence of getting cock is everywhere. My clit pounds, it is very sore and tender to the touch. I feel my pussy looking for rips or tears but I am intact. There are some yellow spots forming above my pubic bone and they will be a lovely shade of purple and yellow by morning. I recall Rodolfo slamming hard on my pubic bone with his; I hope that fucker Rodolfo has a fricking bruise on his pubic bone. On my inner thighs there are rivulets of cum, cream color with a tinge of pink. The pink must be the blood from his initial penetration of my cunt and I wipe the remainder of my virginity away with a warm wet wash cloth.

Gingerly I walk to my bed, lie down and pull the sheet over my sex ravaged body. I am too tired to clean up tonight, besides I am going to add to my mess. I spread my legs, insert my finger into my tender coño (pussy or cunt) and fall asleep dreaming of Rodolfo fucking his puta again.

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