Room Service
It's Friday, and I decide to call you from work to ask that you shower and be ready to go out for the evening when I get home from work. You replied and asked but, honey where are we going and what shall I wear? I replied and said it's a surprise darling just wear something casual. I already had all the plans ready I was so excited. I got off work and came home I took my son to his granny's house to spend the weekend. I took a shower and grabbed a few bags that I packed the day before. We got in our truck and I started driving on our adventure. You asked me again honey where are we going? I replied just sit back and relax I havea lovely evening planned for us. As I'm driving down the street I reached over and began to stroke your cock, you were getting very aroused I drove a while longer stroking your cock. I see a dirt road that looks like an old logging road with a dead end sign. I turned onto the road and parked I leaned over an start kissing your cock and slowly licking your balls I take your ball into my mouth sucking on them gently then I wrap my tongue around the head of your cock licking with fast swirls around the head then I plunge my lips over your cock taking it all in, I suck your cock until you explode in my mouth, I swallow all your cum and asked you to get dressed, we have to be some wher. You said but, honey I want to make love. I replied baby just remember my name because you will be screaming it later. I smiled and started driving again. I had only wanted to tease you a bit by parking in the old dirt road giving you head. When we started out again on our road trip you turned on some music and began to check out the scenic drive. I finally came upon our destination point for our evening we have just arrived at The Homestead Inn a beautiful cottage in the mountains. This cottage had six floors, and indoor swimming pool, a jaccuzi, a game room and a bar room with a huge dance floor. Each room had a fireplace and double doors that lead out on a terrace over looking the beautiful mountains. I called early to arrange for us to have separate rooms. I went to the serive desk and checked us in when I received our keys I lead you to your room and I said honey this is your room and I'm going to be in a room just down the hall if you need something just call my room. I gave you my room number and you had a very shocking look on your face. I told you to settle in that everything was going to be just fine. I gave you a kiss and left to go settle into my room. When I arrived in my room I got dressed up on a short leather mini skirt, with low cut button up blouse, fishnet stockings, high heel shoes. I had a apron and I put it on, it had two deep pockets in the front. I gegan to fill my pockets with edible passion fruit body oil, hand cuffs, a blind fold, and my seven inch strapon and a bottle of astro glide gel. I then go in the kitchen and prepare some fresh strawbirries and aplace them on an elegant serving tray with a bole of warm white chocolate. I then get two champagne glasses and a bottlle of champagne ready. You call my room and asked honey could youcome to my room now? I replied yed, baby I'm on my way. I get to your room and knock on your door. You anser the door wearing a nice tight pair of jeans and a polo shirt. As you opend the door I said room service you looked at me amazed from the glare in your eyes, you said please honey come in. I entered your room and sat the tray of champagne and strawberries down on a table. I began to kiss you with a very passionate kiss and told you baby were are gonna do things my way tonight. You replied yes, baby your in charge do as you please. I poured us a glass of champagne our hands became entwined as we sipped the champagne from each other's glass. I took a strawberry and reached for one dipping it in the warm chocolate and placed it to your lips, you took a bite and gave me a bite. You then took a strawberry and dipped it into the warm chocolate and began to slowly glide it down between my breast and started licking the chocolate from my breast. Ikicked off my shoes and said darling I have to go to your restroom I will be right back. You said don't be long. I said I will make it quick darling. I closed the bathroom door. I reached into my apron and found my strapon and put it on. I left the bathroom and approched you saying honey why don't we lay down and get a bit more comfortable so as you lay back on the bed I begin kissing you as I remove all your clothes I start rubbing you down with body oil. Massaging your sexy body all over. I reach in my apron for my blind fold and handcuffs and said honey relax I want you to enjoy this night and make it a night to remember. I began to blindfold you then I put the handcuffs on you. I started kissing you and I whisper in your ear baby get up on your knees for me. I began kissing down our back and started caressing the cheeks of your ass I begin to lick our ass and start tongue fucking your ass as I am stroking your cock with my hands. I take the astro glide gel and lube my strapon and slowly apply some to your tight ass. I began to rub my strapon up and down your ass you let out a small mmmm baby I like that I replied saying oh honey I want to take that tight ass of yours and make it all mine. You were getting very aroused and replied oh yes, please take my ass baby. I began to slowly slide my strapon in that tight ass and you let out a quite little moan mmm baby take me. I began to slide my strapon in and out of your ass a bit harder and faster and I'm stroking your cock in my hands, I began to slap your ass and I get faster and harder pounding your ass now ou began screaming oh baby don't stop fuck my tight ass baby fuck me harder. I grab the back of your hair pulling you clser as I was still pounding your ass I I whisper in your ear I want to fill your ass with my cum, as I was stroking your cock you let out a scream and erupted. I started pounding your ass harder and you were screaming oh baby, oh baby. I said here it comes baby I'm about to fill your ass with all my cum. I pulled my strapon out of your ass wiping it clean and I had you to face me still on your knees I said now suck my baby suck me hardyou began sucking me as I was running my fingers through your hair. You pushed me back slowly on the bed kissing me passionately you removed my strapon and began to remove my skirt and slowly unbuttoned my blouse and removed the rest of my clothing. You began caressing my breasts. And sucking on them slowly spreading the lips of my pussy oepen you begin to rub my clit while suckign on my breasts. My pussy became very wet I was getting aroused you tilted my head toward you and whispered in my ear get your knees baby now it's my turn. I got on my knees and you began licking my wet pussy as you were licking my clit you inserted your fist in my pussy I began screaming oh ys, harder baby. You whispered in my ear again and said no, I want to put my big cock deep inside your pussy you slid that big cock in my tight pussy and started grinding and thrusting really hard in my pussy I began moaing mmm don't stop baby don't stop. You lubed up my ass with the astro glide gel and said now I want to take your sweet ass baby. I want to fuck your ass and fill it with cum. You slowly entered my ass with your big cock I let out a scream of oh baby that feels so good, you began pounding my ass, I was caressing my breasts while you were pounding my ass. You shot a load of cum in my ass and my pussy squirted as I leet out a bif scream OMG baby that was so good. We lay down on the bed beside each other and hugged up sharing a very passionate kiss. I got up and put on my clothes and said I'm going back to my room thank you for an amazing evening. I lefet saying remember if you need more room sevicc you have my number just give me a call. I returned to my room and the phone rang you called and said honey I believe you left something behind you left me here all alone. You asked if I would come to your room you said you would love to have some more room service. I replied baby I'm on my way. Submitted by:

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