Room Service with a Smile part 2
**** I decided to continue my story enjoy****

Jeremy gets up and goes into the bathroom to run the bath. He comes back out and asks me "I was just wondering if you'd be open to having my friend John join us?" I smile thinking "wonder how he knew that has been a fantasy of mine for a long time." I look up into his eyes and say, "Yes that would be fun." He smiles and says, "Alright I'll call him up and he can be her in 20 mins." He calls his friend as soon as he hangs up he looks at me and I know that it is on.

We go to the bathroom and take a quick teasing bath. We can't keep our hands off each other and we keep exchanging passionates kisses as we touch each other making sure that we clean every crevice. We finish and get out drying off quickly. He puts his boxers on and I put my negligee back on. We lounge on the bed sipping champagne and nibbling the strawberries.

Five minutes later there's a knock on the door. Jeremy gets up and goes to answer the door. I clean up a bit and strike a sexy come hither pose. They walk in and he introduces his friend. Jeremy says, "This is John my friend, this is Elaine." I say, "Hello nice to meet you." Looking him up and down. He's 6' 7" has dark brown hair and the most gorgeous deep chocolate brown eyes. He has a yummy swimmer type body that he is showing off with a skin tight black T-shirt and tight black jeans. I can't help but lick my lips. He smiles at me and says, "Nice to meet you to."

I start the music again Jeremy lays back down on the bed next to me and runs his hands up and down the length of my body kissing my neck. We watch as John strips out of his clothes, my eyes are bugging at his gorgeous physic. God he is so hot. He takes everything off, but his tight black bikin underwear.

He walks to the bed and lays down on the other side of me. I smile at him. He gently puts his hand on my face and leans in giving me a soft sensual kiss. It starts to deepen as my hands roam his body. Jeremy's hands start to get more aggressive, he plays with my butt. John takes his other hand and starts to play with my breasts. I moan as they both start to get into it. The next thing I know my negligee is off and on the floor.

They have me lay down on the bed. They kiss each other and help each other out of their underwear. I watch as they make out as one of my hands starts to play with my clit and pussy. The other plays with my tits. As I watch them kiss and fondle each other's cocks. This goes on for a bit. Then they both get back on the bed. Jeremy comes up by my head and offers me his cock to suck. John gets between my legs and starts to eat me out. Jeremy plays with my tits as we all start moaning.

I deep throat Jeremy as John gets me closer to my orgasm. I suck Jeremy harder as John puts his fingers in my pussy and works on my clit with his tongue. I scream around Jeremy's cock as I cum hard in John's mouth. John waits till I finish then he crawls up to me and kisses me passionately I can taste myself on his tongue. They have me get on all fours, so John can take me from behind.

John puts his cock in my pussy and start to fuck me. Jeremy stands behind John and starts to fuck his ass. Jeremy sets the pace as we start off with long slow deep thrusts. We are moaning and panting. Jeremy picks up the pace and soon you can her the sound of the two cocks slapping against skin. The pace gets faster as we all race to the finish we all cum hard together. We all scream and collapse on the bed sweaty and panting.

It takes a few minutes for us to get our collected breath back. "That was great thank you guys, I've always wanted to do that." I say. They both say, "Your welcome." We all kiss and just lightly touch everywhere our hands can reach. Enjoying each others bodies.

We eventually go the the bathroom and take a sensual shower together. Our hands are every where as kiss and clean each other off. We get out and dry off and walk back to the bed room. We all get into the bed under the covers. I'm in the middle and we adjust to where we are all comfortable and fall into a deep and very satisfied sleep.

**Let me know if i should continue to a part 3 or just leave the story and start a new one***
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