Roped and Tied (part 1)
We got off the Harley after a nice long lower body a little sore, my long black hair is a bunch of knots as I didn't tie it, my pussy very wett from the constant vibration of the motorcycle beneath me.

We walk into the house, this new Indian friend of mine, Micmac to be exact and as I walk up the stairs I am aware that he is eyeing my ass. We walk past a bedroom, men sitting there talking, smoking pot and laughing. He introduces me and they smile at me and look me over appreciatively. We go to his room and I ask if I should lock his door.He says yes, unless you want your fantasy to come true.I think hmmmmm...I close the door but leave it unlocked...There are 2 others in the other room.

We sit on the bed and he lights the candles, puts on some soft music and looks at me, the kind of look that gets you in your belly. I know he wants me and I feel that throbbing in my pussy,the want. He leans in close and brushes his lips against my neck, smelling my hair, moving his mouth to mine and kisses me. Soft tongue at first and then plunges his tongue into my wanting mouth, tasting me, sucking my tongue. Making me hotter for him. He is making my head light and giddy...making my clit hard and my pussy throb, my full breasts ache with the need to be touched.

He reaches for my blouse and slowly undoes my buttons and reaches his hand in to unhook my pretty blue and black lace bra. He places both of his hands on my breast squeezing softly and rubbing my hard nipples between his fingers. He moves his lips down my throat, to my breast and sucks on a firm nipple...

He pushes me down on the bed and opens the button of my blue jeans, placing soft kisses as he goes...making me moan. He slips a hand into my panties, his fingers rubbing my hard throbbing clit feeling my wetness, my heat for him. He sits up and pulls my jeans off leaving my black lace panties on. He tells me to stay and not move...I do as I am told, my curiosity mounting as he leaves the room for a few moments...I cannot help my straying hands and I pinch my hard nipple and place a few fingers on my sweet spot trying to calm the throbbing there.

He walks back in the room, his tall slim body and long beautiful hair very intimidating and sexy, but what is he holding? Hmmmmm a rope? and a bandana? I think so. He tells me to sit up and he removes my blouse and is kissing my neck and shoulders as he does so. He leaves my pretty bra on and pushes me gently back down as he kisses my hot mouth again and again, leaving me breathless.

He moves his mouth over my body licking softly, placing hot kisses and finds his way to my mound inhaling deeply, telling me how delicious I smell. He pulls my panties down a little and licks my throbbing clit sucking softly, licking again and again...slips a finger in, then another as I feel my climax mounting...I need to cum so badly, want him to lick me and not stop until I do, he sucks my lips and pushes his fingers harder and faster, tasting, sucking, licking me until i finally cannot take this a moment longer. I think I am going to die here if I don't come. But not yet. He will not allow it yet. He straddles my writhing body and I feel the hard tip of him rubbing my clit and then entering me slow at first. In one swift glide he is in me, full shaft and hitting me hard. Over and over he is fucking me, pumping into me, taking me and knowing he has me now. He tells me that he wants to feel me cum all over his cock and that I can cum now. I do so obediently. I explode all over his cock, washing him with me over and over as he is fucking me harder and harder, hitting that spot and making this cum last even longer. I feel him explode inside me, am hot with his cum as we mix together. He pulls out of me and once again lowers his head to lap me up and lick me clean.

He looks at me with those blue eyes, his hair falling softly about his shoulders and tells me to close my eyes. I obey. He tells me to put my hands above my head and I do so...I feel my hands being tied to the bed posts with a soft rope, I feel my head being lifted up as he ties the bandana around me gently.I think to myself, oh dear, I am in trouble. He ties my legs to the bed and I once again feel that heat at my core. I am a little afraid yet wanting him to do this to me. I now hear more foot steps and a low moan from the back of another throat standing behind him. It is one of the others from the other room. I hadn't noticed that he never closed the door when he came back in with the be continued

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