Let me tell you about Roscoe. He's an Irish Sports stallion who I have had since he was a colt. Now he's retired from Grand Prix showing and is my prized stud. I ride him a couple of times a week and put on a show occasionally just to show him off and get a few customers who want some of his genes in their mares. He's a good looking horse and still can show like a champion.

I got a request from a woman up in Pennsylvania who wants Roscoe to impregnate her mare. I called her to set up time when her mare was in estrus, telling her that there are accommodations here on my farm for people who travel a distance so they don't have to turn around on the same day to head back home after Roscoe does his thing. I have an apartment built onto the side of the barn that is more than luxurious.

The day arrived and Gail showed up early afternoon in a beautiful rig and a lovely mare very much in heat. Gail was costumed in typical equestrian togs, white blouse, tight stretch jodhpurs and black boots. To say she was attractive would be putting it mildly. She was tall, almost no waist, her blouse was nicely stretched over two gorgeous breasts and had hips that invited eyes to lock onto that target of every man's dick.

But, we were in this for Robin and Roscoe to fuck. I helped Gail getting her horse, Robin, out of the trailer and into the covered arena where she would be bred. I tossed her some hay and she had water, so she was content. Gail and I discussed the contract provisions, I showed her the apartment where she would be staying and the dinner provisions for after we finished the breeding.

It was time for me to go get Roscoe. Hopped into the ATV with my tack and off I went. A couple of minutes later, Roscoe and I were just outside the arena. Off came the saddle and bridle and Roscoe smelled his fuck buddy and wanted in big time. As I opened the door, he nearly broke it off the hinges.

We entered the arena and he immediately started sniffing Robin's butt as I went to the stands where Gail was. Roscoe didn't take long to grow a hardon, and an impressive one it is. It looks over two feet long and meant to fill a pussy to the max.

I get excited every time I witness Roscoe's breedings. Just can't help it. Roscoe mounted his mare and popped his dick deep in her then started to thrust. I had to disappear from Gail's sight because I had to "adjust". I struggled to get my dick from being pointed down to a comfortable "up" because my jeans were tight and I had on tight boxer briefs, a tucked-in shirt and tee under that. I had to undo my belt and unbutton my fly then work myself up under my shirts so the head of my dick wouldn't be showing above my waistline.

Right in the middle of my adjustment, Gail came looking for me. She found me and said, "Can the owner receive the same services that her mare gets?" I told her that would be more than a pleasure and buttoned just the top button on my jeans, scurried to the first aid kit where I keep a couple condoms, ran back, tossed a couple of saddle pads on a stack of alfalfa, took her hand and headed to our playpen.

This was one hot encounter. She started unbuttoning her blouse, pulling it out of her jodhpurs and throwing it aside, revealing a well-filled white lace bra that seemed to disappear almost instantly. In the meantime, I pulled off my boots, socks and then shirts. The jeans were one-button easy.

I went to help her with her boots by facing away from her, grabbing her boot with both hands while her other foot pushed on my ass. Off they came! She peeled of her tight pants and pushed down white panties. She was gorgeous! Full, firm breasts, tight abs, legs that go on forever and a tight, shaven pussy.

She ripped off my briefs and turned to lie face down on the saddle blankets with her feet on the floor. "I'll have what she's having." she rasped. I responded, taking dick in hand, pushing it down to horizontal and wetting it by rubbing it between her swollen labia then finding her entrance and pushing hard into her. Damn, that felt good! I grabbed her pony tail and pulled on it to thrust deeper into her. Lots of groans, ‘mores', and ‘fucks' as we climbed our orgasmic scale. Soon, we were screaming as we both came and lay spent on the haystack.

There were two horses who had finished fucking well before us looking over the wall at us and probably wondering if humans enjoy it as much as horses do. I begrudgingly pulled out and helped Gail to the apartment where a shower was awaiting us.

I had to dress and take Roscoe back to his paddock and the mare to pasture. It was time for the chef (me) to prepare dinner with steaks, baked potato, corn-on-the-cob, Pinot noir wine and dessert. Candle light set the stage for a not so hurried encore of the afternoon. But this time, just the humans.
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