Fair Rose of all seasons;
Long enamored of you,
The sun searches the daytime
Then searches anew,
Vainly hoping to snare you
In his gossamer light.
The stars in their towers
All relish the sight
Of your dark eyes gleaming
And the glint of your smile.
Forsaking the heavens,
They sail for a while
Close to a heart - all knowing,
Close to a soul of flame,
As the breezes caress you
And the seas speak your name.
But who knows your sadness
And the thorn of your eye,
Your laughter, your passion
And your heartrending sigh,
Or how your petals of velvet
Glisten with dew,
When pleasure and fury,
Are surging in you?
Who lusts for your kisses,
And thirsts for your touch?
Who keeps all your secrets
And needs you so much?
I ask you enchantress
As I fall to the ground;
Wounded and wanton;
By love for you downed.
The sun is my ally,
The stars are my kin
The breezes all hear me
The seas share my sin;
We want you, we fear you,
Without you we die,
But of all who desire you
None loves you like I.
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