My cell vibrated, and it was a text from Roxanne. ‘meet me at 2 pm at Clancy's end of the aisle of cereals-say nothing to me-look at me only if I am alone' That was an awful clandestine text, but hot in a way if you want to let your imagination take over. I decided to wear yoga pants and a top that never covered the bottom half of me. The stock boy always enjoyed that outfit, so I always wore it when shopping at Clancy's. I looked in the mirror, and everything was perfect. My ass is perfectly outlined, and my camel toe showed if you looked hard. I bent over to the mirror, and enough breast was showing to make him happy. I was anxious to see Roxanne. It had been awhile with her old man, the dictator, keeping her from having fun. She even had to drop out of the art class which probably didn't make Alice happy. I didn't know if Elaine and Alice were a thing since Elaine got engaged to Bob.

I walked into the store, grabbed a cart, and made my way through the store as I had time before the cereal aisle at 2. Of course my friend, Ken followed me around. I don't know why I call him a boy, as he graduated two years before Elaine from high school. Whenever he was behind me, I made sure to swing my behind for his benefit. The fun part was to turn around real fast and watch his eyes go right to the camel toe. I always enjoyed the look on his face. Then, of course, the bend in his direction for a low shelf item, which when returning to the upright position, which I did very slowly, the effect was predominant in his jeans. If he ever had the balls to ask me to fuck me, I indeed would have to tease him unmercifully.

As two PM approached I made my way to the cereal aisle. Out of the corner of my eye, I could see Roxanne coming towards me. As she passed, she handed me a note and just kept going. I watched her, and I loved the look. Short shorts with the cheeks of her ass showing, but then as she got to the end of the aisle, she lowered the shorts. That had to be for my benefit. At the end of the aisle, the dictator appeared. I kept my head down, and they both disappeared into the next aisle. I found Ken stacking in one of the aisles. I leaned against him, pressing my tit against his arm and asked him to take my cart as I had an emergency call. By the look on his face, I knew he could feel my tit against his arm. He just kept stuttering with me saying thanks and heading out the store. After the outline ass, the camel toe, and the good look at my boobs, the final straw was the pressed tit against his arm; I was sure he would give his play toy a good work out.

I got home, poured a glass of wine, and opened my note and read:

‘My dearest Carol,
I took a significant risk sending you that text. He checks everything I do. I wanted to see you, and I hope you got to see my cheeks walking away from you.
Honey, I want your body so bad. I knew that seeing you would make me excited. I wore a pad to collect my juice. (He does check everything!)
I think I have a way to be together. I only hope you will not be grossed out. He wants to take me to an adult movie. He thinks it will liven me up. Maybe we could meet in the ladies room and at least share some time together. I know it can't be long, but I crave your touch, and I want to touch you just as bad as the day I saw you nude in art class.
Please agree. Have a MALE friend call with a wrong number hang up, and I will know you want to be with me. When I get the chance, I will have a note delivered to your house in your mailbox, about the place, day and time. (Yes I know that is illegal, so shoot me!)
I am looking forward to your touch and the caresses we will share.

I felt terrible for Roxanne that she would have to go through all that bullshit to have her desires. A very hot woman who wanted more than a cock in her cunt. I do have cravings for her and I decided I would do what she wanted. I knew who exactly I would use to make the calls for me. I may have to give up more than an occasional bump on my ass, or a tit on the arm, but I was willing to do that for time with Roxanne. ‘Ken, you are about to get your wish' I knew if I played my cards right, my man Ken would do anything I wanted. A short skirt, no panties, and a pull over the top with no bra, just might do the trick. I looked in the mirror and with sandal heels, a lot of legs and with nipples poking against that pullover, I was ready, and I left for Clancey's.

I found Ken working away on aisle 3. I pushed my cart up to him and caught him by surprise. He saw my face, then my chest, and then my bare legs which he had never see before. Between the protruding nipples and the bare legs showing well in a mini skirt, I am not sure what won him over first. I got close to him, and I said as I sweetly could.

"Hi, Ken."

"Hi eh,"

"Oh hon, just call me Carol."

"I know, Carol, I looked up your credit card receipt."

I leaned closer to him and asked, "When is your break? Could you have enough time for a cup of coffee?" "Oh, don't worry about that I am pretty free to do what I want," he replied.

"Oh good, I know a little coffee shop where we can go. We can take my car."

His eyes glistened at the thought of being alone with me in a car. I knew the coffee shop I want to take him, as they had high stools to sit by a counter. "Can you leave right now?" I asked. "Sure can," he mumbled. I let him get in the car first and then slid in making my skirt ride up as I did, but it did not go high enough for him to see anything. He is mystified by all that bare leg, and was on constant alert for braking movements and bumps in the road, as my boobs bounced along. I got in the car, looking back in at him, he was adjusting as best he could with the hard on that was pushing his pants out. I was hoping he would get out of the car first to help me out and then it would have been easy to flash him. I was counting on a stool being free at the counter. Luck would have it, there was. He was standing at the counter, and when he turned to me I put my behind on the stool, lifting my leg just enough, and with the riding high of the skirt, I showed him what it looks like without those yoga pants. I didn't think you could get your eyes that wide open, but he sure did.

We ordered coffee and talk about silly things, and then I asked him, "Ken, could you do me a favor?" he hesitated, so I continued, "If you do I will owe you one. Anything you would like." I was getting myself in pretty deep as I was hoping I could get away with just jacking him off, or worse case a quick blow job. He just grinned and said, "OK!" We paid the bill and went to the car. This time he opened the door for me, and I gave him another show. He got into the car, and I said, "Ken, you are so sweet to make these calls for me." He just looked at me and took his hand, put it under my skirt and cradled my cunt with his hand. He even slipped his middle finger into my pussy. My man Ken was getting rambunctious. I looked down, and he had his cock out, and oh what a cock it was. I usually didn't find them that big on a white man. I really didn't know if I could get that in my mouth. Fucking me with that thing was the only choice. I said, "Ken when you get all the calls done, you can come over to my place and put that into me." I squeezed his cock, and it was massive. He seemed pleased. I drove back to Clancey's and dropped him off. I kept thinking about the size of him as I drove home, and I wanted to feel that in my cunt. I was probably going shop for groceries more often.

When I got home all I could think of is that this is a lot of trouble for a few feels in an adult movie house ladies restroom. The note did arrive in my mailbox, and it did not give me much time as it was for this evening. My pullover and mini skirt would be adequate, although I thought high heels would be more fun look. I arrived and bought my ticket, getting a few looks of admiration to the crew standing around smoking. The theater was dark as hell, and finding my way to a seat was almost impossible. I finally made it and watched a lovely young lady getting fucked by three guys on the screen. I checked my watch, and I suppose to go there at precisely 10:05. It was time. At least I could see better and found the ladies room and made my way into a stall and waited for Roxanne.

At 10:15 somebody entered, as I could hear the heels clicking on the tile floor. A small voice called out, "Carol?" I opened the door and there she was looking so damn sexy she made my heart skip. That surge of blood made its way to my mound. She said, "Come with me." She led me to a janitor's closet. We went in, and she locked the door. She wasted no time saying, "Oh Carol, Oh Carol, Oh Carol!" as she had my pull over up to my neck, while she kissed me. Her hand was cold as she put her hand up my skirt and fingered my lips and clit. She was possessed, she was going to get all she could in the short time we had. I wasn't going to pass up my opportunity either. She was pantieless and with no bra, her breasts were easy to find. I always liked the way her tits sat on her chest, and I wasted no time sucking her big nipples. She kissed me again and the squatted down, lifted my skirt and ate my pussy. She suddenly broke from me and said, "We are on the right, fifth row, seats near the wall. I promised to blow him, but I want you to watch because I will think it is your clit!" She was gone. I redid my make up and place myself to watch the live show.

His head was rolled back as Roxanne sucked his cock as the screen flicker illuminated them. I enjoyed watching her give head, and I wished it was on me. A man sat down beside me and put his arm around me letting his hand draped over my shoulder, and he rubbed the top of my breasts. He took my hand and placed it on the front of his pants which was ready for action. He said, "Honey, would you like to do that to me?" Obviously more than one of us was watching Roxanne do her thing. I calmly said, "If you don't get your hand off my tits, I will smash your balls with the hand that is on your cock!" He got up and went somewhere else, in which I did not give a fuck. Roxanne husband came and competed with the movie sound. Some head turned, but not many. I guess they were use to that sort of thing. The show was over, so I made my way out of the theater.

I got back home, somewhat disappointed with all that work and the best I got was felt up by Roxanne and some old dude. It just came over me why not go shopping at Clancey's. Ken, saw me first and I was horny and liked the attention he gave me. He looked at the same outfit I had for coffee, and asked, "Still no panties?" I nodded, and he took my hand, and we went through double doors to a stock room. He had build t a little love nest, and we proceeded to use it. He was always shy around me, but he got over that quick. He fucked me on an air mattress. That big cock was in and out of me so many times. I did have a terrific orgasm. I told Ken I had to go. He was disappointed but not as much as me while I held that monster and asked him, "Would he mind if I shopped again tomorrow?" He just grinned. On my way out the door, Clancey, his father winked at me, and I wondered if the old man and his son would consider a tag team match...
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