"Hello Jay," she says in that soft seductive tone. "I hope you had a nice rest. Oh! When I dissolved that sedative in your glass of wine, I also included a double dose of Viagra, so you should be quickly aroused".

She pauses, and gently repositions her negligee revealing a glimpse of her bare pussy while still concealing her breasts.

"You know, we have been at this for almost a year now - me teasing you while you were in chastity, and fucking other well-hung men while you were helplessly forced to watch. Oh, and how you enjoyed cleaning the cum from my pussy after every fuck. And each time, the price for our little shows went up and up.

Then there are those weekly generous transfers to my bank account and the BMW that you bought for me last month. I truly appreciated everything, but as I told you from the start, all good things come to an end eventually. It seems that your bank account is nearly depleted and you know the agreement we had when we took out that life insurance policy on you back then. We agreed that when you could no longer provide for me in the living, you will do it from the beyond. I have been so cruel to you during this time - hardly ever letting you cum. And when you were allowed to cum, I usually ruined your orgasm. But I promised you that one day you would be allowed to achieve the most satisfying orgasm of your life. Is that today, Jay?"

She stands revealing her beautiful petite natural breasts causing him to struggle to free himself from the restraints. While he was passed out, she secured a strap across his midsection further restricting his movement. It is of no use. He realizes that he is bound and totally at her mercy, or lack of it. Despite his fear, his cock is now throbbing at full erection. As he begins to loudly protest, she reaches in her bag and pulls out a ball gag, forcing it into his mouth.

"Jay, you need to calm down. This hotel room has thin walls. Anyway, there's nothing you can do. It has already been decided. We agreed that when you ran out of money, I would collect on the life insurance policy. I have it all planned. Before you pass, you will cum, but not in my pussy. You see, we need this to look like an accident. That is why I have the porn videos loaded up on your laptop. When they find your body here in the room, it will just be a case of another overworked horny middle-aged businessman dying of a heart attack while masturbating. They will find your cum spilled all over your body and the bed, lotion on your hand, and it will be crystal clear. You were just jerking off to porn and your poor heart just gave out. It really is the best thing Jay. You have squandered your life savings on me and you are now broke, but your wife has no idea. At least, now she will get her life insurance proceeds and I will get mine. It's too bad that your legacy will be tainted with the shame of our secret arrangement revealed."

She pauses and fondles her long dark hair and breasts.

"But you see, it's not my problem. Your cock has controlled your life and ultimately led to your demise."

She looks at him and contemplates what she just said. He struggles and tries to speak and scream out but unable to make more than a muffled sound due to the ball gag.

"Today is the last day of your life, Jay." But I will keep my promise. You will cum like you never have before and the last thing you see before you die will be my face and breasts. But first, I am getting so turned on by this. My pussy is so wet. "

She gets on the bed straddling his face and forces her soaked pussy against his mouth.

"Make me cum Jay, one last time."

Obediently and unable to resist one last chance to worship the pussy that has consumed his life, he darts his tongue in and out around her clit, and quickly brings her to that wet squirting orgasm that she has released on him so many times. Once she is totally satisfied, she slides down his nude immobilized body and fondles his erect cock just in front of her pussy but without any penetration. He desperately tries not to cum because he knows what will happen afterwards. He sees the plastic bag on the nightstand and shudders with fear. Meanwhile, his cock is still hard and throbbing.

She senses that he is close to cumming and reaches for the plastic bag and fits it loosely over his head being careful to allow him to still breathe. She holds the drawstrings of the bag with her left hand and his cock in her right hand. She begins stroking him gently and then faster.

"Oh God," He screams. "I'm cumming!"

Just as he begins to shoot his load, she lets go of his cock, ruining his orgasm. She watches ropes of cum spewing from his cock depriving him of any pleasure. Flashing an evil smile, she reveals her petite natural breasts as she removes the bag from his head.

"There there, Jay" She says. "I wouldn't kill you. But now you know that you are just going to have to work harder to give me what I want, or..."

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