By: Sassy Sue

Cold metal snakes around my wrists. First my left wrist, then my right wrist and then he ratchets the cold steel cuffs tight on my wrists. He leaves my legs until last, spreading them wide before a hard smack lands across my exposed pussy. I jerk, not in pain but in surprise. Usually he leaves the touching until after he has the restraints secure, until the bonds he places me in prevent me from reacting. A twitch here and there is all I am permitted. During this time, I am his, to do with as he pleases. Should he want to spank me until I am unable to sit for a week, then he will do so, and my only response will be thank you, if I am permitted to speak.

Tonight he seems eager, and another slap lands across my ass cheeks this time. A moan bubbles out from my lips, and I feel him freeze behind me. As he chains my ankles, the chain no longer slides against my skin; he slaps it in place with a hint of force. He must have heard my moan. The thought of punishment sends a chilling shiver down my spine.

He remains silent while he is finishing with the restraints. Rarely does he speak to me unless it is to give me permission to make a sound. I know the rules, and I abide by them. I know how to end this if it gets too much, but those words would only cross my lips if I could not take it anymore.

We have a mutual agreement in the silence; a contact that has never been spoken, but we have a meeting of the minds, I want this and he wants it as well. I have a need within me for rigid structure; to be given rules, restrictions, and boundaries for which there are consequences if violated. His need is to interpret those rules, to impose those rules and dispense those punishments as required by the rules when I violate the rules.
A hard hand comes down on my ass again. Now I jump in pain as a jolt slices through me. This is my punishment for disobeying and breaking the silence. Once again, the hard hand connects, and I fear I will squirm in my seat for the next week.

Nevertheless, as the assault continues, I feel my wetness growing between my legs. No matter how hard the chains bite into my skin or his hand marks my flesh, I am always wet. Being unable to squirm or avoid him leaves me panting for breath as quietly as possible.

Ten strikes and he pauses, I pray that ten is all I earned for my insubordination.

The hot, blunt head of his penis slides against my flesh. He enters me in one long stroke, and I fight to remain silent as his girth stretches me. Some nights I endure an hour of his torments before he enters me and I shake so much the chains tinkle. Others, like tonight, he enters me quickly and takes his pleasure.

His weight presses me onto the hard, cold stainless steel surface to which I am chained. My breasts ache with the pressure of lying on them. He begins slowly at first, teasing me with his rigid length of his cock, and allowing me to become accustomed to him inside me. Suddenly he begins. Without warning he almost completely withdraws, and slams back into me. My whole body shakes, my lips mashed together in a line.

My orgasm is already building, tightening my stomach into a knot, and threatening to pull a whimper from my throat. He slides a hand between the table and me. I strain at the chains that wrap my wrists and ankles, hoping the pain it brings will help me stay silent.

His fingers find my pussy, and begin pinching my clit over and over. Every nerve in my body is screaming. My hands are burning from clenching so tightly. My lips feel as though they will snap off if I don't release them soon. My orgasm is closer still with every pinch of his fingers and every pounding thrust of his cock.

My whole body jerks as it hits me. Chains and heavy breathing are the only sounds as I ride out my orgasm as silently as possible. It is still coursing through me, jerking my limbs, when he roars above me and comes deep inside me.

We lay panting for a long moment before he slides the chains from my body.

"What do you say to me?" he whispers as he rubs my sore wrists.

"I love you," I answer with a soft smile. I am ready for the next time.
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