Shane Mason was finally back in the states, his tour this time ran longer than anyone expected. But then it wouldn't be special ops. any other way. The whole SEAL team was always ready to do what was needed, proud to take any risk to make our country safe. Being back state side was always bitter sweet for him, he had no family to come back home too. His ex was married to a banker and home every night with her and the kids. That is what she said she wanted, safe secure job for her husband, someone here to watch her kids grow.

That is the reason he wanted another tour, put all that far behind him, he would never be ready to leave the SEALS, it is all he knew. Mandatory R and R that is what his orders said, hell how did they know what he needed. He was damn good at what he did, what the hell did they have him here for just sitting on his ass. He looked around his apartment, there was not a thing here to eat, the rest of his supplies where just as low.

A good hot shower would help him relax, it always was a way to take him to more pleasurable memories, not to mention getting his mind on what had to be done next. Shane turn on the shower to let the water warm, he looked in the mirror as he undressed, he was built for his job, lean muscular, pure skill and power. His ink showed nothing but loyalty and honor, the team all had the same tat on the right pec. He touched the tattoo, which brought up all the times it was just he and his brothers out in the field. They shared everything, their bond was strong from what they did and had to do.

Under the spray of water he muscles relaxed, he grabbed the dial, soaped up suds dripping off his chest, down his stomach, making his dick soapy and slick. As he cleaned himself he began to rub, his cock growing in length and width. The stroking grew faster, the hardness of the strokes had precum flowing from the thick mushroom head. He thought back to when his buddy had his monstrous dick down his throat. He could feel his lips on his dick still, strong and soft, so much pressure
he almost came so many times. Harder, faster, his hand was cover with precum , he still stroked hard, the water running down his body and the poyent memory driving him to explode. The cum shot across the shower, thick hot and everywhere.

He rinsed off, got dressed in a navy blue t shirt, worn out blue jeans, an old pair of boots from years back. Very casual, but still he felt ready for the next mission. This was going to be a long downtime period with all his brothers with their families, no one for him to share time with. He missed them, the connections, being needed in the unit is what he was used to feeling. Now he was just looking to get this down time over fast.

He lived off base, so he headed to the local one stop shop store. He parked his truck, in a lot that was half full, good he thought He did not want to be stuck behind a mother and a baskets full of kids and snack cakes, with his few supplies and food for a single man's apartment. He got a basket and headed in side to grab his few things and head back home. And then what the hell was he going to do, he would have to figure it out some other time. He loaded up his supplies, than walked over to the grocery section.

Frozen food section was were he was going to find what he needed,cooking not a high priority in his line of work, thank god they were making much better frozen dinners. Boston Market entrees, TGI Fridays, IHOP, restaurant quality food, he had been away for a while. He took a few of each, at least enough for two weeks, he was not one for shopping. Coffee, OJ, bread and some sugar, that should cover him for a while.

As he was walking down to the checkout, he saw a woman with her back to him, her thick wavy hair down to her shoulders. She had an amazing hourglass figure well worth the look, wide strong hips, thick thighs, an ass worth holding on to, round and firm. She was wearing a short flared skirt and tightly fitting t-shirt, comfortable and a bit sexy. Passing her by without a word, told him he just wanted the image to stay in his mind. When he reached the front he looked for the shortest line, set his items up on the checkout counter. The woman in front of him only had a few more items to be bagged, he would be on his way soon.

He didn't notice when she walked up behind him. Her basket was almost full, she was in no real hurry so she took her time sorting her items. When she looked up she was in shocked to see a man in a tight fitting navy blue t shirt, his hair a bit shaggy,a light five a clock shadow on his strikingly rugged face. She caught herself staring and looked away. He must be in protection she thought, he just had this confident air about him. Her mind wandering to erotic thoughts starring this provocative man, He and her best friend would be a night to remember. She had to find out more about him, watching over the magazine she was pretending to read, she noticed he wasn't wearing a ring. Great, why not take a chance and see if he was interested, in her first, then adding her friend shouldn't be a big deal.

"Excuse me, can I please have that pack of mints in front of you?" she asked waiting to see his expression. "Yeah, sure here you go," he replied, turning around to hand the pack to a woman behind him. As he turned he saw her, the hourglass figure he enjoyed as he walked by. "Here you go", he said looking at her heavy DD breasts. "Thanks, I'm Adasila, my friends call me Addy, nice to meet you." "Shane, same here.""Do you live around here, I haven't seen you here before.""Been out of town for a while." Addy wasn't thinking about where he has been, she knew where she wanted him now. She sucked in her full bottom lip, dreaming of wrapping her lips around his surly huge erection.

Shane liked the way she sucked on her lip." Any plans for later?" He asked her. " I'm off today, what do you have in mind?" Addy replied. "I'll be other here, we can talk about it on the way out," he told her. Addy payed for her items and walked toward Shane. He watched her hips sway, as she came forward. He wanted be behind her as he held those hips and pounded her. "How about we go and get to know each other," Shane asked her when she stopped in front of him. Addy smiled,"sounds like a plan."

They walk out of the store. "I'm parked right here," she said. "I'm farther back", pointing to the area where his truck is parked. "I would love to see your truck,' Addy said. "Give me a second to put these things in my trunk" She loaded up her things and locked her car. Shane watched as she bent over to place the bags in the trunk, he could feel the blood fulling his penis. He wanted her. "Okay, where is your truck?""Right this way."
They walked one row over, heading to a Silver Chevolet Silverdo Quad-Cab.

He popped the locks and opened the back passenger door. "Wow, this is hot," Addy said. She was leaning into the cab, her skirt rising high enough to show her firm ass. Shane moved forward pressing his erection into her. She pushed back into him feeling all he had to offer. He grabbed her hips enjoying how she was grinding into him. "Damn I want you," she heard him say. "So, take it." she teased. Shane took the invitation.
He unzipped his fly and reached between her legs to move her panties over. His finger slide into her pussy. Addy gasped. "Baby you don't wear panties?" he asked moving his finger in and out.

"I do when I need too," she told him. He took out his fingers and replaced them with is extremely hard dick. "Oh God," Addy cried.
He loved hearing her call out. The feeling of a wet hot core sucking his cock was one he had missed. She moved with him making it descend deeper into her welcoming pussy. " That's what I need, a really good fuck. Give it to me." Addy begged him. Shane was lost in the fucking, it had been a while since his cock was in a pussy. Damn he loved it.

He was not near ready to cum, but they were in a parking lot fucking like dogs. He increased the pace, putting his mind on nothing else except fulling her with his cum.
A few more thrusts and that is just what he did and did he enjoy that. It was rushing out as he thrust in again. "Baby you feel so good in me," Addy explained finally standing up. She turn and looked at him with a sweet smile," you have got to meet my friend. How about tonight you can come for dinner and some dessert?" Shane finished securing himself, then he looked at her. "Sure, sounds like fun."

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