Abby made it home to her apartment. She grabbed her purchases and headed inside. She was thinking of the parking lot. The feeling in her lower stomach was making her pussy wet. God, she loved the thrusts Shane had given her.

It was going to be great having him in her again. Sidney was really going to like him. She and Sid have been keeping each other company for the passed few months. Sex was one of the things they enjoyed together. And the fact that any thing was in, was so freeing to her. They would try everything that they saw, hear or were turned on by.

Addy put her things away and got a glass of iced tea. Sitting at the table with her tea she got a cookie from the jar. Her phone buzzed, it was Sid. " Hi Sid, wait till I tell you what happened at the store. You don't have plans tonight do you? Good, cause you have to meet the guy that fucked me in the parking lot. Yes, I'm serious. Well kind of in the backseat, we were standing with the door open of his truck. From behind. And he is thick and long. You will love him. No, I didn't tell him about you, yet. But he will meet you tonight. Wear something hot, I'm sure we will both have a great time. Okay, later babe."

After the tea and cookie, she headed for the bathroom. A nice cold shower would keep her from putting her fingers in her pussy. She was still horny as hell. She began stripping off her clothes as she walked. She know better than to deny herself a release, she touched her breast and the nipple did what it always did when her lust rose. Her body know the drill. She had been highly sexual even when she was young. Her favorite game had always been doctor. She never cared with role her played, she enjoyed being touched and being the one doing the touching.

The water was like the hands of the little boys and girls she played with. Touching her in all the soft private spots that got her hot. Running from her head down her hair over her firm round heavy breasts. It caressed her nipples, which were still hard. Her hands did everything she loved. Touched her just the way she loved. Gilding over her breasts and down her stomach to the hot sex that was waiting to be molested.

Her fingers find their mark. The swollen clit pushing out of the smooth lips, she spread open
rubbing it hard and rough. The warm liquid covering her fingers. God she loved to be aroused. To be hot and teased. The scent of her arousal made her hotter. Just like now. Pushing her fingers in deep and strong. Her body loving every second of her attention.

She was so involved she didn't notice Sid was coming in with her. Sid began by taking her nipples and pinching them. The reaction from Addy was making the arousal grow. She leaned her body against Sid and cum hard. It was good to have that feeling of skin against her body. To have someone else caressing her breasts, ass and pussy was what she loved. And Sid knew how to work her.

Sid's fingers had Addy wanting more in no time. Sid was working her clit. Addy arched her back and moaned. She felt as if she hadn't cum just a moment ago. She just kept thinking God Sid is good. Sid's other hand worked her left nipple, pulling and squeezing. Addy was dripping wet from the massaging she was getting. Her head resting on Sid's shoulder. Pushing her breasts out forward. The second release was so much stronger. Sid held tight and cum along with Addy. Nothing like having a friend help you out. They kissed and grabbed some towels.

"Well you were really working your pussy", Sid said drying off. "Didn't you just get fucked?"
"Yeah, but you know me. And you did seem to mind joining in." "Your such a slut." Sid said walking passed Addy and smacking her naked ass. "Don't get me started again. We have a date to get to." "Yes you told me." "Trust me he is worth it. Can't bet a man with a great ass." "Damn Addy, did he at least give you his number before you fucked him." The chuckle that came from Addy told Sid she didnt want the number first.

"Okay I'm following your lead." Sid told her. "You are not going to be sorry. I love his name too." "You are so easy" Sid laughed. Dressing in the smallest mini she owned was how Addy readied herself for more fun. Punching her address into her phone, she sent the text to Shane.

Sid was in the kitchen making the meal for tonight. With all that was going to happen tonight food would be needed. Addy made sure that there was beer and soda in the fridge. She was never one for cooking. It would only be snack foods and junk if Sid wasn't around.

Steak tips and potatoes. Sid was making some kind of veggies to add to the meal. The aroma of the food was filling the kitchen. In a short time Shane would be enjoying everything that Addy and Sid were offering. " I hope he like steak." Addy said. "What man doesn't like steak."

Addy was almost useless in a kitchen. But she could work a tabletop. And she used what she had to get what she wanted. Her hips were made for sex. She had been wild as a child, her older cousin had taught her to use sex early. She looked as Addy does now. Men wanted her and she always had new things. That got Addy's attention. Addy had been handling men ever since her breasts grow in.

"Okay everything is ready for your guest." Sid told her."I'll be back." "Be sure to. I want you two to meet" Sid laughed "You just want to get fucked" Sid kissed Addy and left.

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