Shep and Shelly

Who would have thought I was a sleazy pervert when it came to my German Shepherd and my sexuality. Suzy Slut, that's me and I am damn proud to be the "bitch in heat" when it comes to my Shep. Why should I have to put up with a bunch of hard dicks when I have Shep. He is everything a woman would ever want. He eats me during my periods fucks me any time I want and is my body guard. Shep bit a guy's cock one night when I did not want to get laid. The guy tried to rape me but he won't rape anyone the rest of his life. Shep loves to lick me silly and I have no objection to him doing that to me.

My sexual lust for doggies started when I let my young Brittney terrier lick me at the age of 8 yrs old. It happened by accident but I was so turned on I taught him to obey me when it came to him wanting to lick me. I use to jack Jake off (my Brittney) the way I saw my brother's girl friend jack him off. He loved it so much when I did that to him he would literally do back flips after our got his cookies off. He was just like a young teenage boy wanting his girl friend to jack him off all the time. One thing about Jake he was always ready to please me with his tongue and I must say he was one beautiful muff diving dog. He knew who is Mommy was. We had 6 years of beautiful sex with each other.

After Jake died I got Shep for my 14th birthday present. He was such a playful pup and I started training him to be my sex partner the first day I got him. I began to play with his little penis that first day and even coaxed him into licking my young virgin cunt. As any virgin male he took to my sexual advances like a horny teenage hard dick.

My desire for having sex was growing by leaps and bounds. I hadn't had sexual intercourse with a boy yet or lost my virginity but Shep was going to be my cherry popping Knight in shining armor. After he popped my cherry he was just like any guy he strutted around just like he had just laid his virgin girl friend for the first time. Did I bleed and have pain when he jammed his cock in my cunt, you bet I did but I didn't have to put up with some emotional dummy in the back of an old Chevy. The damage Shep did to my young cunt the night he popped my cherry was not real devastating at all. I will tell you his cock is bigger than the average human male cock when it knots and it gave me more pleasure than any man could give me. Shep acted like he was hurt when he saw all the blood seeping from my ruptured hymen. The pain was deep but not physically debilitating as if a young guy would try to slam me stupid with his immature fucking experience. Deep down I think Shep knew he had given me my womanhood and I must admit it was wonderful. Shep acted like a proud stud one taste of pussy and they are hung out to dry for life all they want from that day on is a piece of ass.

The night Shep stole my virginity we had a special date. I bought him a new collar and took him out in public and showed every one how handsome he was. I wore heels and a rose corsage on my wrist to make it look like a formal date. I think he knew something was about to happen in his life. Would you believe I planned our special event when my parents were out for the evening just like any young lady would do if she was going to surrender her virginity to her beau?

Shep did not ask me one stupid question or act like an idiot when he popped my cherry. He was a real gentleman and very forceful but gentle in his own way. Let me tell you after that night we fucked like any young couple would. I spoiled his cock beyond belief or should I say he spoiled my wanton cunt. We would fuck at least once a day if we could. We almost got caught more than once but my Shep knew when some one was coming and he would dismount and lay down by my bed as if nothing was going on. How he learned to release his "knot" when he was inside me is beyond my comprehension. I think he knew we would both get into trouble if my parents caught us fucking.

I had a hard time hiding my wetness especially right after he had dumped a load of cum in my cunt. I learned real quickly what it meant to be "knotted" when a dog fucks you. You can bet I did my research about the "knot." When Shep was ready to cum in me his cock became knotted and that knot did not go away for at least 15 minutes after he dumped his load in me. Talk about a cock filling a cunt full of cum, whew. Most of you do not know that a dog produces 5 to 6 times more cum than a human male when they ejaculate during intercourse.

My instinct tells me Shep has the ability to shoot more cum in my CUNT OR MOUTH than he does when he mounts his little bitch girl friends in heat. I had the privilege of seeing him breed a young bitch in heat that got out of someone's backyard. It did not seem to me he shot a lot of his male seed into that small dog. All I know he unloads a gallon of his nut nectar into my little girl when he cums. One thing about Shep, he never has a problem performing when I want to fuck. I bet you did not know a dog can fuck all day long because they do not need a recoup time as do human males. The reason you ask? They do not have to replenish their sperm to perform because that happens when he "knots" and shoves he cock in his fuck mate. Nature takes real good care of her male dogs as you know they can fuck a thousand bitches in heat a day. Oh you dogs!

You have no idea how wonderful Shep felt especially when he shoots his hot wad in my young cunt. Once his giant knot became untangled after our fuck fest he would lick me clean before anyone came in the room. He was one smart doggie. One of my favorite times with Shep is when I would lay on my tummy in the family room without any panties on and Shep would push my legs apart with his wet nose and lick my cunt and asshole until I was screaming with an unbelievable orgasm. In return I would suck his cock until he came in my mouth. You should feel the knot he makes before he comes in my mouth. He loves for me to play with his balls when I suck him off. He is just like any ordinary guy "play with my balls." He gets so turned on when I suck him off and I don't blame him I am a damn good cock sucker. He gets so wired when I suck him he doesn't realize I am finger fucking my cunt and I can get myself off just before he cums. It is one sensual orgasm when we cum together.

The most amazing sexual event that happened between Shep and me was Shep accidentally ass fucked me. It wasn't his fault it was actually mind. I had been partying, lets say drinking to much, with a group of friends but I did not have the hots for any of the guys at the party because all I could think about was Shep and what we were going to do when I got home. I did not tell anyone my parents were out of town for the weekend and I was home alone with my lover boy. I was 17 almost 18 when this happen and this was going to be a great night with my "lover boy." Seeing as how I was a little tipsy I was in a hurry to have Shep mount me up so when I am that way I always use KY jelly to lube me up real good so it's easier for Shep to slip his cock in my cunt. I slipped and lubed my ass and cunt too with the jelly seeing I was in a hurry to fuck. I was ready for any and all cocks and the only one I wanted was Shep's.

My position for Shep to mount me was leaning over the big hassock exposing my cute ass so he could put his paws over my shoulders and fuck me in the preverbal doggie style. He had never missed his mark but if he did I would shove it in for him and he would take it from there. This time I got a big gigantic surprise. His big massive cock slipped into to my ass and I almost passed out when he jammed it deep into my rectum. Oh fuck I screamed softly but I did not scream so loud that I scared Shep. I was not sure if he knew his cock was in my ass but he was doing his best to service me and yes he did a wonderful job of ass fucking me. His cock hurt like hell as he kept humping me and when his knot began to swell inside my ass I knew I was in for one unbelievable ass fucking. I tried to relax and let him have his way with my ass. And believe me he did. Once his cock was fully blown he turned and placed his ass up against mind as he usually does so nature can take its course. I had never had a hot enema that felt this good as Shep shot his load in my ass. Oh God I moaned but I could care less knowing I was pleasing my Shep and he was giving me something I would never experience again but trust me I did once Shep was done fucking my ass. It was wonderful and I was definitely hung up on Shep fucking my ass and over the next few years I let me fuck my ass several times. He is one great lover. The ultimate thrill was Shep licking his cum out of my ass and if you don't think that feels wonderful you do do heads have another think coming.

My time in high school was coming to an end and I was headed off to college across the state. It was to far for me to compute over the weekends so I could visit my big boy. I told my Dad Shep was going to college with me no matter what so he had better find me a place that would take pets or he might as well forget about me going to college if he did not buy me a small house and he could use it as a tax right off and resale it after I graduated from school. As any Dad that had a 4 point student would do he found me a small home a few blocks from campus and bought it for me and Shep.

We advertised for a roommate and I ended up having a roommate that we charged rent too that almost made the house payment. We had about 50 applicants that wanted to live with me. Shelly Slut was the one we choose and I am glad I had her for a roomie. I introduced myself as Suzy Slut and then I call her "Shelly Slut" but she is really a fox and her name really is Shelly. We laughed and said "that us two sluts of a kind." Shelly and Shep hit it off real well too. I knew they would since I saw him sniffing her crotch and ass and wouldn't you know it she did not shove his nose away from her hidden little jewels. I know my Shep he has good taste in women just ask him. He loves my taste.

It wasn't long after we got to know each other when she asked me if Shep sniffed and licked me between my legs. I blushed and hesitated and that is when Shelly told me about her big Lab, Levi, and his habits. I told her Shep has a real big bad habit and that was me. Shelly said she thought so by the way I acted around him. She came right out and asked if she could borrow him one of these nights when I was out. I hesitated and asked if she was into doggie loving (bestiality) and she finally shook her head in the affirmative and I smiled and said "poor Shep is in for one hell of a higher education." We really got to laughing and I got my first initiation into bi sexual love. Shelly kissed me on my lips and in return I did not with draw from her advance. I held her for a moment and then kissed her back. I told her it was the first time a woman had kissed me and it was my first time to kiss a woman. We kissed again and said we have so much to look forward too. Shelly looked deep into my eyes and asked me if I thought Shep would be jealous if he caught us making love. I whispered softly so he could not hear us "fuck him," he's a big boy he'll get over it. Shelly giggled and said she would love to fuck him. Suzy, I know he is a real stud knowing you are his lover. From that moment on we shared Shep and shared our bodies with each other.

A few minutes passed before I asked Shelly how long her Lab had been fucking her. She almost cried when I asked her but she said since she was 16. I again smiled and called her a"pup." Shep has been mounting me since I was 14 and he is wise to the ways of a woman. He knows all our moods from "riding the white pony" time of the month to PMS chit. Oh and by the way Shelly don't give me the old "piss and moan shit" PMS with aches and pains during your time of the month. It's one of my fun times in life especially with Shep being around. You'll find out you can not wait to have your period. He is a muff diving fool if you are in your period and he will mount you up in a New York minute if you put it in front of his nose. I noticed Suzy, he is a very aggressive boy and so is his nose. Oh Shelly he really gets turned on if you wear sexy panties during your period. He loves to lick and nip at your cunt through your panties especially the first two days of your period. He never bits but you will love those little nips and licks on your clit. Don't ask me why he just loves his lady during her menstrual period. Shelly told me her Lab was the same way when she is in her period. It's a male instinct when they get a whiff of a female in the rut. Better yet, how about the male bears in Yellowstone Park attacking humans. 98% of them are woman and they are in their periods. I hope we don't have our periods at the same time. I am always on time around the 1st of the month. Good Suzy mine is around the middle of the month. Ok we won't drive Shep crazy with whom he wants to muff dive. Shelly Baby I hope we are not in the throes of passionate love and one of us happen to be "riding the white pony." Shep just might try to rape both of us at the same time. Fine with me I'll take his tongue. Bitch, you are greedy slut. Yes I am, Miss Sleazy Slut.

Shelly called me over to her and kissed me again and asked if I had a steady sticking and I smiled and said no and I have never had a guy lay me either not even finger fuck me Shelly. Yahoo you little slut I am in heaven I'll take care of my newly found slut. Shelly what's up with you? I am guessing Shep popped your cherry didn't he. Well yes and since you know that you will find out why I could care less about fucking a guy. I'll get around to fucking one soon enough. I don't want them fucking up my world I have an education to get. So do I Suzy so I think we will get along quite well. Oh I do have a boy I have fucked for a couple of years but he is off to MIT and I won't see him until the holidays if he comes home. I might need to find me an easy lay or fuck buddy out here. I'll find one we can share and we will make him our hump and dump male whore, I promise. Before the night was over Shelly and I shared in my first bi sexual affair. It was beyond my wildest dreams. What was the most amazing thing was I could still taste Shep's spunk in her cunt even though she had taken a shower after she and Shep had their fuck fest together. She is one beautiful lady and lover. Shelly is going to make a great teacher if she doesn't fuck her students, male or females. I love her horniness and aggression.

Suzy I know you trained Shep and he is a spoiled pup so I hope you help me make love to him. I will Shelly I can tell he wants in your panties already. I suggest we lay on the floor tonight and watch a good old fashion porn flick so our juices will flow and your new lover will get a whiff of your wet snatch. I can sure do that Suzy. From that point own let's see what he does. He should be up for a new piece of ass after getting a whiff of your little cunt aroma. You should see him when he gets a whiff of a bitch in heat. He acts like a 16 yrs of stud wanting anything in a skirt or out of a skirt he can fuck. I take it you will wear panties and I will wear none is that correct. You got it Shelly. Do you have an old t shirt you like to wear and old socks? Yes I do, good, let him get use to your calling card. He loves old shirts when you are in heat and you want him. I usually take the socks I wear and put them on his paws for protection. He loves the attention he gets when you put those smelly socks on his paws. I'll wear a new blouse and new cotton panties which will let him know I am not in heat.

Shelly played with Shep for an hour while I got a snack ready for us to eat and then watch out skin flick. I always have a flick around when it comes to me having sexual needs. I noticed Shelly played with Shep's cock a couple of times and he took right to her affections. We changed into our planned clothing and put the movie on as we plopped down on the floor. Shelly made sure the blinds were closed and doors locked. Shelly leaned over and kissed me causing Shep to become a little aroused. Why someone was kissing his lady was something new to him. He crept over to me and began to lick my face and Shelly's too but not in an aggressive manner.

We both petted him but Shelly made her move as she gently played with his balls and the sheath under his belly. You could almost see the look in his face as he looked at me asking for permission to fuck Shelly. I petted him and whispered she is a good girl and she wants to play with you. I know he understood me because he ran around behind Shelly pushing her legs apart and began licking the inside of her thighs like he does me when I am in heat. He never looked over at me as his tongue went right the meat of things and I mean the meat. Shelly has a dish water colored snatch patch and Shep wanted to taste all her juices. I watched as Shelly spread her legs wider giving Shep full access to her young wanton cunt. His slobbering tongue annihilated her pussy lips and ass. Before I knew it Shelly was whimpering and I knew it was time for me to get some KY for them. I jumped up ran into the bath and got the secret tube lube and head back out to the big room. Before I could bet back Shep had licked her cunt into an earth shaking climax. I watched Shelly quiver and shake as I would do and I knew how her cunt felt at this time. Over and over I heard her whisper oh God oh God you are wonderful Shep but he kept up his relentless assault on her pussy. Shep definitely knows his name and he knew he had given her great pleasure with his tongue.

After her sexual high calmed I told Shelly I would love to prep her for Shep's invasion of her cunt. It might make him more comfortable knowing I was helping him to lay his new little lady. She agreed and I instructed her to lean over the hassock I brought from home. Shelly and I acted like we had known each other for years and we had been making love to this big boy for years too. As she laid her cute little ass over the hassock I committed how pretty her cunt was and she acknowledged my compliment with a moan of approval. I smeared her cunt and ass with a ton of KY and then told Shelly to reach back and take hold of Shep and pulled him up on her back. Shelly had already put her socks on Shep's feet for protection. He mounted her and missed his mark a couple of times. That is when I took his cock and placed it in between her gaping cunt lips. One thrust and Shep had buried his cock deep into her wanton pussy. Let the show begin I told myself but in fact I was a little jealous seeing my Shep fucking my new friend but may be she might lay me when all is said and done. Before I could turn around Shep had knotted inside her and was shoving his butt up against her ass. He was in his stature stance and waiting for his giant explosion. Then I heard my doggie whimper signaling the eruption of hot male seed blasting into her cunt. My God he had flooded her with gallons of his cum. It was all over the place once he relaxed and his knot was released from her cunt. I kissed Shelly on the cheeks of her ass and told her that was absolutely beautiful. Shelly was silent as her body began to calm but I knew she had not been fulfilled by Shep. Why I did what I did is beyond me but I know the emptiness when I don't get my cookies off after Shep fucks me. I slipped my hand under her crotch and finger fucked her until her climax ripped through her beautiful body. Once she came down off her sexual bliss she grabbed me and Shep and held us tight. She and I cried for happiness and our big boy licked our tears from our faces.

From that day on Shelly Shep and I were like a family. Shelly was the master dyke and I was her subservient bitch and of course Shep was our kid. Shelly found us a new fuck buddy as she said she would and we shared him quite often like every day. What a stud Sam was and he was not about to divulge his heaven on earth to anyone. Sam had two beautiful women to fuck and there was no way he was going to fuck that up. We supported him and he serviced us with our sexual needs as did Shep. Two gorgeous men in our adobe but Sam was not allow to live with us only Shep.

Shelly took me home for Thanksgiving and she introduced me to Levi her mount up Lab and yes he could. He was not as big as Shep but his cock and knot were bigger than his. He was rougher than Shep and it was rather exciting to have a different kind of canine cock and knot in my cunt. I loved his sexual aggression on my little girl. I loved his monster knot and his thicker cum in my cunt. Levi and I fuck a couple of times more while I was visiting Shelly and no one knew about until Shelly told me some 10 yrs later. She loved seeing Levi blowing my tubes out but the real scene was seeing Levi fucking my ass. I told her I love to have my ass fucked by Shep and I had to see if Levi was as much fun as Shep. I had to admit he was a better ass fucker than Shep. She agreed since she had tried both of them in her ass. You slut how dare you. So, who cares, my lady.

I will tell you Shelly and Sam taught me about real sex and how much fun sex is with a man and a woman. Shelly is the most sensual woman I have ever known she taught me how to love a man and love my self. The real thrill of our family life was the night Shelly and I did a ménage a trios with Sam. It was his first and our first and let me tell you we had many more of those special nights together. I understand now why women can have sexual encounters with each other but I can not understand men ass fucking and sucking each other off. Those beautiful cocks belong in a woman's cunt and ass not in a man's ass or mouth, fuck it's gross.

We both married after a couple of years out of college and yes our doggies live with us until they died. Shelly and I reduced our doggie times but we still got together and had our bi bitch times together. Shep lived to be 14 and Levi lasted until he was 13. We never did replace our lovers. No we are talking about our cheating husbands we kicked them out and got divorced from them when we were 30. We did get us two more dogs and we raise them together. We now live in the hills above the city and let me tell you we can look out over the city lights at night while we are being doggie fucked. We taught our boys to share as you would little kids. Shep Jr and Levi Jr are great lovers and are all for "bitch swapping." What else do two beautiful women need when they have lovers that never talk back and can fuck all day and all night long? Ta-daaaaaaaaaaaaa !!!!!

PS. You should have seen our alimony settlements, dykes, dicks and licks is our motto and yes our boys get to have a strange piece of ass on the side, even if it's on the side of a road. They love those wild road warriors especially those run away Poodles and Yorkies. They love a little piece of tight ass now and then, "little" being the operative word, tee hee!!!!

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